Raboy’s Zombie Apocalypse

ID: 30203

Dive into the most realistic and vanilla-friendly Zombie Apocalypse Add-on for Minecraft Bedrock! This immersive addition introduces a plethora of new mechanics to the vanilla game, transforming the landscape and ambiance into a post-apocalyptic environment. Brace yourself for an experience where hordes of zombies freely roam the land, enhancing the challenge and realism of the game. Get ready to truly immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of a Minecraft world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse.

Embark on the ultimate zombie survival experience designed for Minecraft Bedrock and MCPE players! Plunge into a world dominated by the undead, where your survival skills will be pushed to the limit. Immerse yourself in this intense and thrilling zombie apocalypse, navigating through challenges and testing your ability to survive in the face of relentless hordes of zombies. It’s time to prove your mettle in this gripping and immersive adventure.

WARNING! Be sure to enable the following experiment togglesor this add-on won’t work.

Lefted 2 Die Beta 1.0.0

ID: 30194

Think you can conquer anything in Minecraft? Think again. With this addon, caution, preparation, and acute awareness become paramount. The Smoker, The Hunter, The Witch, and other formidable entities may be lurking in the shadows.

Inspired by the game Left 4 Dead 2, this addon brings a heightened level of challenge to your Minecraft world. All sounds utilized in this addon are the property of Left 4 Dead 2. Left 2 Mine introduces a variety of new zombies that defy the conventional burn-at-day mechanism, making your world more treacherous. It incorporates new mechanics such as getting trapped by infected, provoking zombie aggression, or triggering hordes, elevating the overall difficulty of the game.



The Commons are the standard zombies that naturally spawn in your Minecraft world, appearing at a frequency akin to regular zombies. Presently, there are five different skins for these common zombies. They possess 10 health points (equivalent to 5 hearts) and inflict 3 points of damage, consistent with typical zombie behavior. What sets them apart is their walking speed, matching that of the player. While these zombies are susceptible to fire and can be easily dispatched in such a manner, their overall behavior remains the same.


Swat Zombie

The Swat Zombie, while less common in spawn frequency compared to the standard Commons, exhibits distinct behavior. With a substantial health pool of 25 (equivalent to 12.5 hearts) and dealing 3 points of damage like a typical zombie, what sets this undead entity apart is its lack of knockback. Unlike other zombies, attempting to push the Swat Zombie is futile, as it remains impervious to knockback effects. This unique characteristic adds an additional layer of challenge when encountering this less frequent but more resilient zombie variant.

ELE Zombie 

These zombies are the most problematic ones, because he will break blocks, he can break:

Wood planks (any type)

Doors (any type)

Beds (any color)

Glass (any type)

Wool (any color)

These zombies share the same health as a typical zombie, boasting 20 health points (equivalent to 10 hearts) and inflicting 3 points of damage. It’s imperative to exercise caution and avoid allowing them near your house. Consider constructing a elevated structure to mitigate potential issues with these zombies, ensuring a safer environment for your in-game abode.

Zombie Expansion Addon The Radiator’s Radiation

ID: 30188

This addon introduces an abundance of new zombie types to your Minecraft world, adding an element of danger and adventure. It simulates a viral outbreak in your world, transforming it into an apocalyptic setting. Now, survival becomes crucial as you navigate through this zombie-infested environment. While there are protective structures available, their efficacy is limited, requiring constant vigilance to endure the challenges posed by the zombie world.

There is a variety of zombies which includes:

Corrupted Zombie:

Working for secret forces these soldiers turned into extreme flesh eating monsters. They are fast and strong.


The larger zombies featured in this addon have a unique ability: upon striking you, they induce nausea. While they may not be able to breach your base, escape becomes increasingly challenging. Upon their demise, a lingering effect is triggered—nearby zombies and players are subjected to poisoning for a specific duration. This adds an additional layer of complexity and strategy to encounters with these formidable foes.

Undead Stranger:

Zombie Miner:

These zombies look scary and they use a pickaxe as weapon to slay you.


Zombies Disguise:

By wearing this you can look like a zombie. But this is just for style. They will still know you are not a walker.