Mod for a new weapon Atomic bomb for Minecraft PE Oh, how do you want to arrange a real war in your favorite minecraft

That’s just something missing. And this is something – we have! 😉

This mod for minecraft ne adds a nuclear warhead to our favorite game!

Before the explosion

During the blast



Download the mod itself
Open the folder with the downloaded file
Click on the mod file. Soon, installation will begin in the game itself
Everything, the mod is installed. Enjoy the game 😉

Download Mod for a new weapon Atomic bomb for Minecraft PE you can click on the button below 🙂

SufiCraft Shader v0.3.6 (Bug Fixes)

This shader just a simple shader but it will make your minecraft better. There are some future in this shader to make it beautiful. You can use this shader to your world to make it better. 

This is the screenshot and the future of this shader. If you have some idea or there is a bug in the shader please comment on my youtube channel or comment on this mcpedl.



















Newlands Addon

Newlands Addon is an addon in WIP (Work in progress)

You need blocks for tech themed bases?Or perhaps medium and end game items?Well this is a good addon for you!

Summary of additions:

  • 3 blocks
  • 3 items
  • Next update:  4/06/2020

Crafting for the blocks:

Hazard Block –


4 Obsidian

Lab Block – 


9 Quartz Block

Light Emitter – 


8 Quartz Block

1 Glowstone

The crafts for the items:

Xzhorium Carrot –

8 Xzhorium Fragment

1 Carrot

Hazard Hammer – 

2 Sticks

3 Hazard Blocks

Umbrella –

2 Sticks

3 Phantom Membrane

New Biome:

Sweets Addon (1.14+)

This addon is made under 24 hours as a challenge.

Are you bored with Minecraft foods? 

And there is not much sweets in Minecraft?

If so, this addon will add 10 brand new sweets to the game!

Enable Experimental Gameplay 

There are donut, muffin, gummy, Stick ice cream, ice cream, chocolate bar, lolipop, candy, brownie and candy cane!

And if you eat too much sweets you will get dizzy.

Crafting recipe:



Ice cream:

Stick Ice Cream:


Candy Cane:



Chocolate bar:


Stegosaurus Add-On

Stegosaurus! Don’t talk to me about low brain-to-body weight ratio; who cares! If they could bring these back I think we’d all want one. Maybe two. Depends how many you could fit in your bedroom, I guess.

Beautiful creatures, are they not? The gentlemen warriors of the dinosaur world no doubt. Maybe small amounts of doubt. But hardly any at all.

Vital Statistics

  • They spawn in savanna (most common) and plains biomes
  • Adults are not tameable
  • Babies are tameable with chorus fruit (just like real life)
  • You can accelerate their growth with chorus flowers
  • One a tamed baby has grown up, they’re still tamed and you can breed them with chorus flowers, obviously
  • Can’t hurt with projectiles (tough armor), or magic (uh, tough armor..??), and no fall damage (…got nothin’).
  • Can heal them with most plants / plant based things (especially pumpkin pie)
  • Will attack endermen (yay), T-Rex, velociraptors, zombies

The Bumpoose Add-on!

All hail the great Bumpoose!

Wait, what’s a Bumpoose?

Well a bumpoose is a goose with a bump!

A Goosebump?

…No..a Bumpoose! 

This Bumpoose was actually made by accident! Hahaha…don’t get concerned.

A Bumpoose is a Goose with a Bump! You may wanna have this in your world, Not gonna lie, this goose was originally gonna be a normal goose inspired by the Untitled Goose. But as the render failed to stay in a way, the goose has a bumo in game.

The Bumpoose has the function of a chicken and you can tame it and etc.


1. If the Bumpoose walks up to you and explodes in Survival Mode, it might be some coding I left for when it was a Goose Before.


What are you waiting for, Get a Bumpoose In Your game!

Nether Spawn Addon

With the introduction of the 1,16 nether update the nether is now habitable but unfortunately there isn’t a way to start inside of the nether and work your way to the overworld for that extra challenge! My addon changes just that!

How does it work?

It’s very simple… YOU START IN THE NETHER! After applying the behavior pack to your world you will generate in a bedrock box with a portal automatically sending you to the nether for the extra challenge! When you get inside of the nether your spawnpoint will set and your portal will disappear to ensure you receive the full nether experience! There are 3 downsides to this addon:

  1. Without the help of NBT editors you will not receive achievements
  2. A small bedrock box will generate in the overworld (Cover it up or don’t, not that big of deal).
  3. Sometimes you spawn over a lave lake! Be careful! (A red nether brick platform will generate to make sure you don’t fall!)

A new useful feature that I added is that Nether Bonus Chests are able to be enabled or disabled! (They are enabled by default). After applying the pack you will see a small gear, press that and move the slider to enable and disable the nether bonus chest! Inside you will find:

  • Blackstone
  • Ender Pearls
  • Crimson and Warped Planks
  • Crimson and Warped Stems
  • Brown and Red mushrooms
  • Mushroom Stew
  • Pork Chops
  • Netherrack
  • Wooden Pickaxe and Axe

Drowned Villager – Mob Addon (BETA


As of v.1.0.3, if you would like to have the old Drowned Villager model instead of the updated one in your world, you can do so by activating the Old Model Patch resource pack that comes with the new files you downloaded. You must have the patch resource pack loaded on top of the new resource pack in order for it to properly replace the new model 🙂

How do Drowned Villagers spawn?

They will rarely spawn underwater over normal Drowned, 95% chance for Drowned and 5% chance for Drowned Villagers.

They will also spawn once a Zombie Villager has drowned, just like that of a normal Zombie drowning and becoming a Drowned. Professions and Levels do not carry over, therefore they are not able to be cured once drowned.

Do they behave differently to normal Drowned

No. Drowned Villagers act the exact same as normal Drowned. It is intended this way because Zombie Villagers act the same as Zombies just with the added ability for you to be able to cure them back to normal Villagers.

They do, however, rarely drop Emeralds instead of Gold Ingots (as of v1.0.3), obviously because they are, or rather were, Villagers.

Are there any other additions or changes made with this addon?

The only other things this addon modifies are the behavior files for Zombie Villagers and the spawn rules for Drowned:

  • I added new variables that are the same variables from Zombie behavior files, in order for Zombie Villagers to be able to turn to Drowned Villagers the same way Zombies turn to Drowned.
  • Drowned spawn rules where changed so that they could spawn with a chance of either being normal or being Drowned Villagers.


There was once a bustling Village here. Now it is a cracked, and mossy ruin. The old, zombified residents seem to still feel connected with it.

The surface dwellers are not so welcoming when it comes to meeting the old residents.

Drowned Villager against a Zombie Villager.

Drowned Villagers can glow just like normal Drowned.

(alpha) Profession: Monster. Skills: Good at being a nuisance to deep divers.

(alpha) Drowned Villagers can spawn with Tridents in their main hand.

(alpha) They also don’t like surface dwellers at night…

(alpha) Not this Villager’s greatest night.

(alpha) Zombie Villagers will begin to shake when they stay underwater for too long. This is how they change.

(alpha) Drowned Villagers can 

Ford Shelby GT500 Eleanor Addon

Давайте вернемся во время к более простым временам (и нет, не к 80-м годам) с этой классической поездкой! Может быть, не так быстро, как ваш средний современный автомобиль, но кому это нужно, когда у вас есть этот красивый старинный автомобиль?

Так что же дало ему имя «Элеонора»? Что ж, все это повлияло на фильм 2000 года «Унесенные за 60 секунд», который придал ему индивидуальный дизайн тому, что я сделал в этом дополнении!

Детали автомобиля
У этого автомобиля есть 4 места (2 места впереди и 2 места сзади), посредственная скорость и слот для контейнера. (Норма для моей машины в принципе)

Цвета и варианты

В настоящее время есть 2 варианта, первый вариант имеет 8 цветов, а второй – 1 цвет.

Вариант 1: дизайн по умолчанию

Минти Грин




Желтый с черными полосами

Черный с желтыми полосками


Белые и серые полосы

Вариант 2: Полицейская машина

Я делал это раньше для аддона Nissan Skyline R34, но это был полицейский автомобиль в японском стиле. Итак, теперь мы смотрим на более западный стиль.

SCP Submarine Add-on

You like SCP add-ons? This add-on is for you, it adds the iconic SCP Submarine to minecraft.

The SCP Submarine can be ride by 2 player! Really cool for roleplay!

How to spawn it.

Just enter the command : /summon boat

It will spawn the submarine.

The Submarine goes at 1 block per second.

Don’t forget to enable experimental mode !

Working on every version.

To enter it, just long press or right click on windows 10