Squid game in Minecraft

ID: 22750

Briefly about fashion

Mod Minecraft squid game contains only one card. But she will also give new sensations from the Minecraft game. It will feature characters from The Squid Game – a robot doll, overseers and survivors. There will also be a tree on which the doll rests. 

The squid game server allows gamers to create their own games with surviving characters, and the doll will shoot fiery projectiles at the players. Therefore, to make the squid game minecraft map passable, stock up on armor and weapons.

Walkthrough recommendations

Map game squid minecraft is difficult to pass, but do not use cheats or creative mode. Play from a third person perspective. Follow the instructions of the doll: move when she speaks and stop at the appropriate signal. 

So the squid game server will help you try on the role of one of the main characters of the acclaimed Korean TV series in the well-known world of Minecraft.

Squid Game Rampage – Mod for Squid Game

ID: 22732

Mod Squid Game Rampage will add heroes from the famous TV series ” Squid Game ” to the game. In particular, the killer doll from the first game, guards and game participants will appear. The creator of the modification has prepared a lot of content for the players.

Guards dressed in pink suits will attack characters in green uniforms. The task is to hide in a safe place, but not everyone will succeed. By the way, the doll also attacks the surviving players and throws fireballs at them.

To spawn characters from the Squid Game mod, you must use Creative Mode. As a bonus, the developer added a huge tree.

Download the Squid Game Rampage mod is recommended for those who want to diversify the gameplay, add spice and action to it. You have to really try hard to survive.

Backpacks & Toolbelts V2.0 (Large Backpacks + Bug Fixes)

ID: 22719

Are you tired of constantly running out of inventory space? Always needing to put stuff away and move things? With this mod you will get backpacks & toolbelts added to your minecraft experience. Read More Below!


Please make sure to enable the following settings for the world(s) which you apply this addon.

Sewing Table

The sewing table is used for crafting backpacks inside of it you will require it because you cant craft the backpacks in a normal crafting table! Here is the recipe!


The backpacks have 27 slots. These are craftable using the sewing table and can be equipped in your chest slot. To open the backpack simply look straight down and interact this will open the backpack showing your storage. The backpacks also come in a variety of colors and can be upgraded to large backpacks containing 54 total slots! Here are the crafting recipes!

Large Backpacks

The large backpacks have 54 slots. These are craftable using the sewing table and can be equipped in your chest slot. To open the backpack simply look straight down and interact this will open the 1st storage pouch but in order to open the 2nd storage pouch you look up and interact! The backpacks also come in a variety of colors. Here are the crafting recipes!

Large Backpack Preview

Look down and interact to open the 1st storage pouch or Look up and interact to open the 2nd storage pouch


The toolbelts have 5 slots. These are now craftable using the crafting table and can be equipped in your leggings slot. To open the toolbelt simply look straight down and interact this will open the toolbelt showing your storage. Here is the crafting recipe!

Bug Fixes!

With this update i  have added a new tier of backpacks but more importantly i have fixed some bugs! Here are the bugs i have fixed!

Explosions Causing Backpacks to Drop The Items Inside

Before any explosion would easily break the backpack exposing all the items in a mess on the ground not anymore!

Now you can build up easier!

Before building up was a hassle but not anymore because i have changed and adjusted the backpack storages making them smaller but still easily accessible!

Squid Game Rampage Addon

ID: 22683

Squid Game Rampage addon is a fun to play addon which will add the Squid Game killer doll, Red Guards and the survivors to your game. This is a very fun to play Minecraft Addon and you can use it in your Minecraft map for more adventure and fun 

This Minecraft Addon will add The Robot doll form Squid Game The Red Guards and the Lone Survivors in the Game

-the giant robot doll will attack the green wearing survivors and shoot fire balls

-Red soldiers too will attack green uniform survivors and they will run away from their enemies to safety

-there is a spawn tree form the squid game series too which I added and is spawn able as well

 You are free to use it in your Minecraft world if credited

Portal 2 Mod (Android)

ID: 22656

Portal 2 Mod (previously Portal Gun)adds many of the features as found in the popular first-person puzzle-platform Portal games. The gameplay elements include features like the PortalGuns to place portals, a GravityGun which can be used for both blocks and mobs and lots of other nifty tools.


The PortalGun Wood & Stone is used to place the portals. Two portals can be placed and used to walk through to get teleported from one point to another. It can be used 100 times.

  • Portal Gun Wood & Stone (3655) – 6 double stone brick slab + 2 oak wood

The PortalGuns can be used to pick up blocks from the ground and move them to be placed somewhere else. There are four types of such guns:

  • Portal Gun (3651) (bullet speed: 40 block/second, 1000 usage times) – 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond
  • Portal Gun Gold (3652) (bullet speed: 30 block/second, 500 usage times) – 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond
  • Portal Gun Iron (3653) (bullet speed: 20 block/second, 250 usage times) – 8 iron ingots
  • Portal Gun Lava (3654) (bullet speed: 20 block/second, 200 usage times) – 4 iron ingots + 1 flint & steel

The GravityGun can be used to pick up mobs and blocks from the ground and then bring them to the place where you want them placed. You can also choose to shoot them away. A bit more cruel, but fun!

  • Gravity Gun (3656) – 4 redstones + 4 iron ingots


Turrets are can be placed down and act as guards which protect from all intruders (even yourself). To manage the turret tap on it with the Turret Options item.

  • Turrets Options (3657)
  • Turret (3658)
  • Defective Turret (3666)

Portal Music

There are three discs added which all can be used to play music from Portal 2 using a jukebox.

If you feel more for some electronic music then try out the Portal Radio.

  • Jukebox (84)
  • Still Alive Disc (3662)
  • Want You Gone Disc (3663)
  • Cara Mia Addio Disc (3664)
  • Portal Radio (3661) – 5 iron ingots + 1 redstone


Jumper blocks can be placed on the ground and whenever you walk on top of a jumper you will be rocketed up into the air.

Gel Blocks

There are two types of gel blocks which will cause two different effects when walking or jumping on them.

If you jump on the Repulsion Gel Block it will cause you to automatically jump four more times (lower and lower) until ultimately stopping you from jumping.

  • Repulsion Gel Block (230) (blue block)
  • Propulsion Gel Block (231) (orange block)

All Item IDs, Crafting Recipes & Info

  • Portal Informations (3650) – 1 oak wood
  • Portal Gun (3651) – 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond
  • Portal Gun Gold (3652) – 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond
  • Portal Gun Iron (3653) – 8 iron ingots
  • Portal Gun Lava (3654) – 4 iron ingots + 1 flint & steel
  • Portal Gun Wood & Stone (3655) – 6 double stone brick slab + 2 oak wood
  • Gravity Gun (3656) – 4 redstones + 4 iron ingots
  • Long Fall Boot (3659) – 2 iron ingots + 2 redstones
  • Long Fall Boots (3660) (wear them and be protected from all fall damage) – 2 long fall boot
  • Turrets Options (3657)
  • Turret (3658)
  • Jukebox (84)
  • Still Alive Disc (3662)
  • Want You Gone Disc (3663)
  • Cara Mia Addio Disc (3664)
  • Jumper (3665)
  • Portal Radio (3661)
  • Repulsion Gel Block (230)
  • Propulsion Gel Block (231)
  • Cube (232) – doesn’t do anything
  • Companion Cube (233) – doesn’t do anything

Umäk : Retro Furniture

ID: 22639

After more than a year or so, Umäk is back. This time with better textures and models, better functionality, is actually obtainable in survival and just better optimized. And as for them being obtainable in survival, I decided to make them possible by not your typical custom crafting recipes. Instead, I decided to add a more “interesting” way of getting them (mainly just cuz I’m too lazy to think of crafting recipes – a 3×3 grid doesn’t give you much room for creativity).

• About Project

Most of the furniture in this pack were originally made as props for me to make a render in the 3D software, Blender, as I’ve been trying to learn Blender lately. Thought they actually looked quite good so why not add them into MCPE as a pack? As for whether this addon will be updated, that depends on the demand as I prefer making car projects/addons as I just, like cars. Though if ya’ll enjoy/actually like the concept of this pack then I’ll continue adding more stuff.

• Addon details

This pack contains a total of 45 pieces – (29 furniture, 15 accessories and 1 machine).

“Furniture” in this pack are basically all your couches, chairs, shelves and other stuff you think of when hearing “furniture”.

“Accessories” are items/static entities that can be placed on some furniture pieces like tables and shelves. Examples of accessories in this pack are TVs, PCs, game consoles and many others. All the accessories are listed below in this article

“Machine” is basically the piece/object you need to craft in order to get all the furniture and accessories if you are in survival. You can also use this as an alternative way of getting them in creative if you don’t wanna search for them in the Creative Menu. More about this below.

• Preview of furniture

Here are a few pictures of the furniture and accessories set together, followed by a list of all the furnitures and accessories.

Furniture [29 pieces]

Yes very creative with the names.

-Cabinet 1
-Cabinet 2
-Chair 1
-Chair 2
-Chair 3
-Coffeetable 1
-Coffeetable 2
-Coffeetable 3
-Couch 1
-Couch 2
-Couch 3
-Shelf 1
-Shelf 2
-Shelf 3
-Table 1
-TV Table Mini
-TV Table Beeg
-Vinyl Player
-Single Wallshelf
-Double Wallshelf
-Retro Cabinet
-Ceiling Lamp
-Display Shelf
-Office chair
-Ceiling Fan
-Lamp Table

Accessories [15 pieces]

-Atari Flashback 8 Console
-SEGA Genesis Console
-Super NES Console
-VHS Player
-Globe (Cube?) Model
-Table Lamp
-IBM 5150 PC
-WoodDuck Plush
-Smol Plant

• How to place accessories on furniture pieces

It’s pretty simple.

Step 1: Find the furniture piece that you want to put an accessory on. (Note that only some furniture can hold accessories and not all accessories can be placed on a certain piece of furniture – you can’t put a TV on a coffeetable; you can’t put a PC on a chair)

Step 2: Place the accessory on the ground, ideally infront of the furniture.

Step 3: Push the accessory towards the furniture piece and it should go on top of the furniture piece.

Here’s proof that it can be done with other certain furniture pieces. (More proof in the Youtube video below!)

• How to colour chairs

As of now, there are 2 chairs and 1 couch that can be coloured into all 16 Minecraft colours. These are the chairs and couch that can be coloured:

To colour themhold the Minecraft dye you want it to be coloured and right click/hold it. It’s basically like dyeing a sheep!

If this addon is well received, then I’ll add all 16 colours for all the other chairs/couches in the pack

• How to obtain them / How to get them in survival

Method 1 (Creative mode): Get their spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory. They are classified as spawn/mob eggs.

Method 2 (Survival/creative mode): As mentioned above, you can get them in survival. In order to do so, you need to get them using a “machine”.

Introducing UmäkMart! A revolutionary piece of technology that makes purchasing furniture and accessories easier than ever. In order to get your very own UmäkMart, you need to craft it first.

Here’s the crafting recipe:

Once, you’ve crafted it, right click/hold the keyboard to check out the catalog of furniture and accessories that you can buy.

BaiXiQuan City (HundredJoySpring City)

ID: 22612

In the west direction, there are mountains, and there is a project called Window Mountain, which I will describe later.

The buildings are in different heights and colors. Some are big, others are small. But most of the builings are not higher than 6 storeys. The buildings have different usages.

The roads are narrow, 2m to be exact, and 4m including the green spaces.

There are also several forests in the downtown area, making the city more beautiful.

The city has 4 areas: The island on the mouth of the river, the area near the port, the center area of the city and the south area. If Window Mountain is included, there are 5 areas.

 A port and a village included in the urban area. The port is near the river and has tower cranes. The village is on the island of river mouth and it has been involved and well integrated into the style of the whole city. Because the ship route is obstructed by the village, I also create a canal to ensure that the port works.

A  4-windmill tower is in the center area, surrounded by a group of small houses.

 In the south area, there are new-styled houses arranged in regular, it’s a new try. The houses are divided into groups, and each group has its own green space. There is also a natural rift valley in this area, and I reserve the valley, making it a scenery spot.

The south area also has some parks.

Window Mountain is a project inside the west mountain builded from 2019.11 to 2020.3. When the project ended, there are many paved paths and rooms inside the mountain, like a huge maze. The Window Mountain has many entries, and there are many interesting things in this mountain. Every room inside the mountain is equipped well with interior. When looking at it from the distance, it appears very  spectacular, seeming that there are many windows appearing on the mountain’s surface, so called Window Mountain. It is just like changing a mountain to a big city. I think that it is the most important scenery spot.

Mine York City

ID: 22607

Остров Нижнего мира и остров Ляпис теперь представляют собой единый остров и составляют собственный район, называемый Нижним миром.

Теперь существует новый район под названием Kings, который основан на Queens.

Восстановлен Нижний мир (район), особенно район, ранее известный как Ляпис-Айленд. Предыдущие здания больше не существуют, кроме школы.

Мост заборных ворот, соединяющий бывший остров Ляпис и остров Эндер, был разрушен, чтобы построить новое шоссе, которое соединяет Нижний мир, Майнхеттен, остров Эндер, Нотч-Сити и Блокер через Мост Пустоты-Блокстоун.

Мост Nether-Blockstone был перестроен, теперь он основан на реальном мосте Bronx-Whitestone.

Мост JackFrost, соединяющий жилые кварталы Майнхеттена и Нотч-Сити, был реконструирован. Сейчас он основан на мосту Джорджа Вашингтона.

Новый мост, AntVenom-Narrows Bridge, теперь соединяет Blocker и Ender Island к югу от Minehattan, основанный на Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

Новый мост, мост Кингсборо, теперь соединяет Блокера и Королей, расположенный над туннелем (который раньше был дорогой в никуда). Этот мост основан на мосту Эда Коха Квинсборо.

Был построен новый туннель на шоссе, который простирается от Моста Пустоты-Блокстоун в Нижнем мире, пересекает Майнхеттен и в конечном итоге ведет к Королям.

Международный аэропорт JFR в Блокере был разрушен. На его месте находится новый аэропорт (который продолжает название JFR, которое теперь официально удлинилось до международного аэропорта Джека Ф. Редстоуна, конечно, вымышленного), который больше, более организован и поразительно похож на Терминал 4 в аэропорту JFK в Куинсе. Этот аэропорт был перемещен из Blocker в Kings. Новые автомагистрали облегчают транспортировку.

На месте бывшего аэропорта в Блокере построен новый центральный деловой район. Это существенно расширяет Downtown Blocker, делая его намного ближе к современному Downtown Brooklyn.

McDonald’s Center в центре Бруклина был закрыт в связи с подготовкой к ремонту, чтобы сделать его более доступным и реалистичным.

В Кингс был построен новый центральный деловой район, названный Малым островным городом. Это базируется на Лонг-Айленд-Сити в Квинсе.

Система метро MYC закрыта в связи с подготовкой к полной реконструкции. В Blocker для публичного просмотра доступны две станции и туннели с предложенными конструкциями.

Железнодорожный вокзал в Нотч-Сити был заменен новым транспортным центром.

Исторический район Кроуфорд на внешнем краю Нотч-Сити был создан в соответствии с историей Майн-Йорк; Таким образом, здесь представлены очень упрощенные структуры, напоминающие несколько первых версий Mine York.

Жилой комплекс Rochelle Gabriel Subsidated Housing Complex был построен к северу от Майн-Йорк, представляя собой три идентичных современных жилых дома.

Город Блокстоун строится к северу от Нижнего мира, где когда-то находился Парк развлечений Six Craft.

Парк развлечений Six Craft был перемещен в место ближе к Эндердельфии (не полностью).

Автомагистрали были снесены и перенесены в Blocker, чтобы позволить построить новые здания и районы.

Майнхэттен получил новый больничный комплекс; Пресвитерианская больница MineYork, связанная с Университетом Бергенстена и MYU (будет построена; предложения по расположению приветствуются! Бергенстен будет базироваться в Колумбии, а MYU – в Нью-Йоркском университете).

Шоссе, огибающее Майнхэттен, было перемещено под землю и продолжает действовать как туннель.

Daily Square (Таймс-сквер) была полностью реконструирована, чтобы выглядеть более современной и более похожей на реальную площадь. Он также связан с остальной частью Мидтауна Майнхеттена более плавно из-за того, что шоссе 1 отодвинуто под землю.

Обновленный горизонт Mine York с новой статуей Creeper of Minecraft слева. В обновлении 11.0.0 город стал выше.

Нижний мир, новый район Города Майн Йорка, созданный в результате слияния Ляпис-Айленда и Нижнего Острова.

Небоскребы в центре Майнхеттена, Майн-Йорк.

Будущее метро MYC; переработанный вход на станцию ​​в Blocker. Метро MYC закрыто для проведения полной реконструкции, но две станции в Blocker открыты для всеобщего обозрения, чтобы продемонстрировать предлагаемый дизайн.

Новый горизонт Блокера, крупнейшего района Майн-Йорка.

Горизонт Нотч-Сити, Майнхеттен, штат Мичиган, и Незер-Айленд, штат Мичиган, слева направо. Нотч-Сити – это собственный консолидированный город. Виден обновленный мост Джека Фроста, основанный на мосту Джорджа Вашингтона.

Brownstones in Blocker, основной продукт, который я давно хотел построить в MYC.

Горизонт Кингз, новый район, основанный на Куинсе. Здания (которые будут обставлены в следующем обновлении) на горизонте основаны на зданиях в Лонг-Айленд-Сити. В этот район перенесены теннисный стадион, павильон «Моносфера» и «Всемирная выставка».

Новый международный аэропорт имени Джека Ф. Редстоуна (JFR), который теперь расположен ближе к Терминалу 4 аэропорта имени Джона Кеннеди. Теперь он находится в Kings, а не в Blocker. Он еще не полностью меблирован, и главный поезд @JFR будет функционировать в следующем обновлении вместе с реконструкцией метро MYC и пригородной железной дороги MetroMYC (которая будет иметь сообщение с аэропортом от Центрального вокзала).

Grand Central был перепроектирован, реконструирован и перенесен на восточную сторону Майнхэттена, облегчая создание большего количества путей, большего количества соединений (включая настоящее соединение с метро MYC после завершения строительства метро) и большей надежности. Здание Metlife также возвращается в MYC.

На месте бывшего аэропорта JFR находится Downtown Blocker с новыми многоэтажными зданиями (самый высокий, расположенный на грядущей 9 DeKalb Avenue, является самым высоким в Майн-Йорке за пределами Майнхэттена). Новый мост AntVenom-Narrows Bridge соединяет Блокировщик с островом Эндер, новое соединение, которого раньше не существовало.

Новое шоссе, пересекающее Нижний мир. Это шоссе соединяет Нижний мир с Майнхэттеном, заменяя старый мост туннелем, и продолжается до Кингс, где встречается с аэропортом JFR.

Горизонт Малого Айленд-Сити, Кингс, с новым мостом Кингсборо (основанным на мосту Квинсборо) на переднем плане.

Антресоль станции в обновленной планировке метро MYC, созданной, чтобы быть более похожей на систему метро Нью-Йорка.

Платформы нового метро MYC. В настоящее время есть только две станции, и в следующем обновлении основное внимание будет уделено реконструированному метро.

Модернизированный мост Nether-Blockstone, основанный на мосте Bronx-Whitestone.

Spongebob movie card

ID: 22601

In Minecraft PE, playgrounds created specifically for the game of hide and seek are rare. SpongeBob The Movie was designed specifically for this.

Spongebob the movie mcpe 1
Spongebob the movie mcpe 2

Having immersed yourself in the world of Minecraft PE, you immediately find yourself in the theater, after which you can walk through it and find a way into the world where some of the characters of the popular cartoon live. However, you first need to choose a role. To do this, stand on the platform: those who received the diamond bibs should hide, and those who received the gold ones should seek.

Spongebob the movie mcpe 3

As you might have guessed, playing SpongeBob The Movie alone will be incredibly boring. Fortunately, we each have friends, so create your own small MCPE server and extinguish them. It is important that everyone plays for the first time, because if you know where everyone is hiding, interest will disappear.

Maud Village SpongeBob

ID: 22597

The Spongebob mod for Minecraft on Android will replace all the villagers with characters from the cartoon SpongeBob, now you can meet your favorite characters. At the moment, the modification adds six characters from cartoons, in the future this list will grow and in the near future, 2 new characters will appear. If you are a fan of this cartoon, then be sure to download and install this mod and it will give you a lot of positive emotions.

The only drawback of this mod is that all the villagers will speak in standard voices, which will somewhat destroy the illusion of immersion, but this will be corrected in the future.

How it works?

You can spawn the cartoon characters yourself using the villager spawn egg. Just take the necessary item in your hands, tap it and one of your favorite characters will appear in front of you.

Maud Village SpongeBob [1.13]

List of characters in fashion

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick
  • Squidward
  • Sandy
  • Plankton
  • Mr. Krabs

As we said in the next version, 2 new characters will be added, which will be the snail Gary and Miss Puff.