2 zombie villages near the bandit camp sid

ID: 22243

2 Zombie Villages & Outpost Near Spawn screenshot 1Have you ever felt surrounded by all sorts of enemies and without the ability to survive? This time we want to invite you to use the seed -1242936555 2 zombie villages next to the robber camp for Minecraft, which offers to go to the vastness of the map with the possibility of visiting villages overflowing with zombies.

2 Zombie Villages & Outpost Near Spawn screenshot 2

You have to think about how to deal with them. You just need to take advantage of all available directions and just try to achieve a favorable result. By the way, in addition to zombies, you still have to visit the camp of robbers, who will probably not mind taking possession of your property.

2 Zombie Villages & Outpost Near Spawn screenshot 3

Sid number: -1242936555

Mod Vijaya Sword

ID: 22098

Vijay Sword is a Minecraft mod for Android that will add a sword with unlimited power and great potential for the player to the game. We can say that the player with this sword will become a god, since even the name of the sword contains a reference to the ancient Greek gods. High damage characteristics will allow you to kill almost all mobs with one hit. Perfect for boss battles. For a more unique and interesting battle, you can install mods for additional mobs and bosses.

Sword Facts:
1. Sword crafting consists of one ifrit stick, a block of diamonds, and an emerald block. Despite the difficult craft, the player will be able to inflict 70 points of damage when struck with a sword.

2. The sword has a negative characteristic. Sword durability – 20 units. The sword will only take 20 hits, so it should only be used in special situations.

JourneyCraft / Morecraft Mod

ID: 22093

JourneyCraft / Morecraft is a Minecraft mod for Android that brings global changes to the game. You can see some of the innovations that were borrowed from “Terraria”. The total number of innovations is 60+ items, among which there are weapons, materials and tools, as well as several new bosses for battles. First of all, new ores are interesting, from which it will be possible to create all other items.

Ingots and valuable resources
It is from them that all new objects, tools and much more will be created.

Essence of the shadow. Defeat the Queen boss and get a new resource.

Demonite. To create, you need to take one essence of shadow and a gold ingot.

Demonite Ingot. Demonite Ingot is created by smelting Demonite.

Crimson essence. To get it, you need to defeat the Crimson Spirit.

Crimean ore. Add 1 gold ingot to craft to obtain.

Ingot of Crimson Essence. Smelt Crimean ore.

Molten waste. Crafting consists of 2 obsidian blocks, 1 diamond and 2 iron ingots.

An ingot of molten waste. Remelt the previous block.

Consecrated Ingot. If you defeat the Iron Skeleton, you can get this ingot.

Chaos stone. Drops when the Ice Boss is defeated.

Broken Hero Shard. The Golem Guardian drops an item on death.

Shard of inferno. The Inferno Sentinel allows you to obtain this valuable resource.

Holy tablet. The last and most powerful boss “Cultist” drops this item.

Iron dagger. Damage – 4 units. High speed of blows.

Diamond dagger. Damage – 5 units. High speed of blows.

Bloody dagger. 10 units of damage, regeneration, double speed.

Wooden blade. 3 damage units. Improved jump.

Iron blade. 4 damage units. Improved jump and increased speed.

Diamond blade. 6 damage units. Improved jump and increased speed.

Wooden braid. 5 damage, slowness.

Stone spit. 6 damage, double slowness.

Iron scythe. 7 damage, double slowness.

Diamond braid. 8 damage, double slowness.

Cactus sword. 6 damage units.

Bone sword. 6 damage units.

Bane’s sword. 15 damage.

Bloody sword. 17 damage units + regeneration.

Fire sword. 26 damage + fire resistance.

Night sword. 35 damage + double jump, night vision, damage resistance and speed.

Simple Excalibur. 42 points of damage + regeneration, resistance and double speed.

Chaos sword. 50 damage + double health, double jump, damage resistance and triple speed.

Excalibur. 57 damage, fire resistance, double health, regeneration and triple speed.

Night edge. 63 damage, 4x improved jump, night vision, damage resistance, slow.

Inferno Blade. 69 damage, invisibility, fire resistance, damage resistance, increased speed.

Terra sword. 200 damage + almost all buffs.

Sword of the “Bloody Slime King”. 14 damage + double speed, fall slowdown.

Jungle Blade. 21 damage, regeneration and slowness.

Ice dagger. 53 damage, increased health, invisibility, increased jump, slow fall.

War hammer. 85 units, strong resistance to damage, slowness 3, strength 4.

Slime King. A huge slug. 150 units of health. Spawns in lowland biomes.

The spider queen. A huge multi-colored spider that appears in the savannah. 200 units of health.

Big bee. Drops valuable items. Spawns in the jungle with 250 health points.

Red Enderman. Fast teleportation, 150 health units, spawn in the desert.

Mechanical skeleton. 400 health, spawn in the desert, inflicts the “Poison” effect.

Frosty robber. Spawns in ice biomes with 1000 health.

Guardian of the golems. Infernal boss with 1200 health points.

Inferno boss. 1500 health, ocean spawn.

Lost golem. Spawns in the mushroom biome and Hell. 2000 health. The most powerful boss in the game.

Mod 100 furniture blocks

ID: 22083

If you want to build a beautiful and modern house, then you just need the furniture that this mod will add in the Minecraft game, thanks to it you will have more than 100 types of furniture. This modification will allow you to equip any home, and due to the fact that there is a huge amount of different furniture and equipment in fashion, each one can be used new. This add-on has a huge amount of furniture and equipment that you can interact with.

Living room

  • Armchair (and its color variations)
  • Curtain (and its color variations)
  • TV stand
  • TV (Functional, uses the “Control” item to work with the TV)
  • Sofa (and its color variations)


  • Bathroom mirror
  • Shower
  • Bathroom sink
  • Toilet
  • Toilet paper
  • Bath


  • Dining table (has a connection system)
  • Bar stool (you can sit down)
  • Chairs (and color variations, can you sit down)
  • Kitchen cabinet (Functional)
  • Microwave (Functional)
  • Coffee machine (Functional)
  • Kitchen hob (Functional)
  • Cookware (Functional)
  • Refrigerator (Functional)
  • Pan
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen stand
  • Stove (Functional)
  • Trash bin in the kitchen


  • Monitor (Running)
  • Column JBL (Work)
  • Gaming computer
  • Gaming chair (you can sit down)
  • PS5 (Interactive)
  • PS2
  • Xbox X series
  • Xbox classic
  • Notebook
  • Phone support (there is interaction, use “LOLPhone” to interact with this unit)

In addition to furniture in this mod, there are also new merchants who will be happy to sell you any product for dollars that you have to craft. You can find the recipe for crafting money below, all merchants out of fashion accept them. At the moment, there are 5 merchants in the modification.

This modification is quite extensive, so we strongly recommend that you watch the video from the author before using it.

Complex MLG Map

ID: 22078

If you want to develop your survival skills in the Minecraft game to the maximum and get new skills that will come in handy when passing through then download the Difficult MLG map. This is a very difficult and interesting map, where your task will be to jump from a great height onto a block and land using ladders and buckets of water so as not to take damage. All players know that if you fall from a great height, the character will receive damage, but thanks to game mechanics, this can be avoided, for example, by installing ladders or a block of water in time.

In words, it seems that everything is very simple, but people have been learning this for a long time and far from everything they can master these complex techniques. Here it is not enough just to install a ladder or a block with water, you must accurately calculate the trajectory so that you do not land on the block itself, but a little assembly and install the ladder in time. In the case of using a bucket of water, the opposite is true, you need to calculate everything so as to fall as close to the center of the block as possible.

If you do not quite understand what you need to do on this map, then be sure to watch the video from the author who perfectly mastered this technique and can fall from any height without taking damage and without using mods and enchantments.

Sword Art Online Mod

ID: 22068

The Minecraft PE weaponry is regularly updated – the Sword Art Online Swords mod adds 3 new materials and 4 swords at once. Below you can find out how to craft them.


Sword Art Online Swords mcpe 1

Molten obsidian

Sword Art Online Swords mcpe 2


Sword Art Online Swords mcpe 3

Excalibur – 40.5 damage per hit

Sword Art Online Swords mcpe 4

Toklovatel – 40 damage

Sword Art Online Swords mcpe 5

1 iron ingot is enough, the screenshot shows an error

Sword Art Online Swords mcpe 6

Dark Repulser – 40 damage

Sword Art Online Swords mcpe 7

Mod: Swords with Potion Effects

ID: 22063

The Tipped Swords mod will add swords to the game that will apply effects to mobs similar to those used in potions. If you previously lacked the usual swords and magic in the game, then you will really like the mod for swords with potions effects. In this can, more than 40 different swords will be available to all Minecraft PE players, each of which will be able to impose its own unique debuff.

Mod: Swords with Potion Effects [Weapon]

Previously, only arrows with tips were available to the players of the Minecraft world, which could be lubricated with this or that potion and shoot them at a distance. But thanks to the Tipped Swords mod, such an opportunity has appeared for close combat.

Mod Lightsabers and Spears

ID: 22058

The Simple Lightsabers mod for Minecraft PE will add 8 lightsabers and mines from the Star Wars universe to the game, as well as several artifacts that will empower you. Now every fan of the Star Wars universe can get a lightsaber and become a real Jedi and take the side of the light, or go over to the side of darkness and become a Sith Lord. Artifacts will also be present in the mod, which will give you the opportunity to interact with force and will allow you to move faster, regenerate and jump high.

Spears and swords will do different amounts of damage, a lightsaber will do 10 damage per hit, and a lightsaber will do slightly more than 12 damage.

To craft all the items from the mod, you will need power energy, which can be obtained by killing mobs, namely zombies and cows. After each killed mob, you will drop 1 unit of force energy.


  • Blue – Damage 10 pts.
  • Green – Damage 10 pts.
  • Red – Damage 10 pts.
  • Purple – Damage 10 pts.
  • Yellow – Damage 10 pts.
  • White – Damage 10 pts.
  • Dark Sword – Damage 15 pts.
  • Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber – Damage 15

Recipes for crafting swords

Mod Lightsabers and Spears [1.14]

Light spears

  • Blue Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • Green Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • Red Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • Purple Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • Yellow Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • White Spear – Damage 12 pts.

Power items

  • Force Heal – Allows you to heal
  • Force Sprint – Allows you to run fast
  • Force Leap – Grants the ability to jump high

Recipes for crafting mines and power items

Mod Create new swords

ID: 22053

The MoSwords Craft mod for Minecraft PE will add to the game new, powerful swords that you have to craft from materials that are in fashion and those that can be found in the game world. Thanks to this mod, you will have such a weapon, with which you can rightfully be called the most powerful creature in the game, in front of which even the most powerful opponents will look ridiculous. Also, this modification will add new ores that you need to mine in order to create powerful swords.

In the next updates, the author of the modification promised to add new bosses, which can only be defeated with swords from the mod, as well as new swords, items and ores. All this will allow you to get more cool weapons to fight evil spirits.

Molten sword

This sword will be created from molten ingots, has a very interesting look and will glow red. Deals moderate damage to mobs and is considered a balanced weapon.

Mod Create new swords [1.14 and 1.13]


  • Damage: 25
  • Durability: 2100
  • Effects: None

Ender’s Sword

It is the perfect weapon to fight the Ender Dragon and is created from Ender Pearls. It will also inflict not bad damage on ordinary mobs, but it was created exclusively for fighting a dragon.


  • Damage: 35
  • Durability: 2700
  • Effects: None

Sword of Withering

This weapon was created to fight the wither boss and will inflict 50 damage to him for each hit, but they can also be fought with other mobs, to which he will inflict the same 50 damage.


  • Damage: 50
  • Durability: 3500
  • Effects: None

Diamond of the Sear

The Diamond of Withering is an item that will be required to create the Sword of Wither, and in future updates, for other items to be kart.

Obsidian Bar

Obsidian ingot is obsidian melted at a high temperature, it is required to create new items that are already in the MoSwords Craft mod for Minecraft PE, but also those that will only appear in the future.

Obsidian stick

Obsidian Stick – Crafted from four obsidian ingots and is required to create an Obsidian Sword, the recipe for which you can find below.

Obsidian Sword

This is the most powerful weapon at the moment, which will inflict 80 damage per hit on all your enemies, and will also have increased durability, which will allow you not to constantly spend resources on crafting new swords.


  • Damage: 80
  • Durability: 500
  • Effects: None

Molten ingot

You can get it from molten magma, which is in the nether world.

Adamantium sword

This sword is crafted from the toughest material you can imagine. You can find adamantium in several places in the game, namely in the Nether world or in the dimension of the End.


  • Damage: 60
  • Durability: 5100
  • Effects: None

Adamantium Ax

This is an incredibly powerful weapon that is designed to be used against bosses. It has incredible durability and incredible damage that will kill many mobs with one hit.


  • Damage: 116
  • Durability: 6000
  • Effects: None

Obsidian Ax

Another fairly powerful weapon, which is not much inferior in damage and is quite superior in strength. The Obsidian Ax is also great for battling strong opponents.


  • Damage: 100
  • Durability: 8500
  • Effects: None

Molten ax

A less durable and less powerful ax than the previous two, but still a formidable weapon that will definitely come in handy in battles.


  • Damage: 95
  • Durability: 5500
  • Effects: None


Crystals are needed to create new, more powerful and cool weapons. You can find them in the dungeons, in the underground fortress and as a bonus, you can find them in the city of the End.

Blue crystal sword

A fairly balanced weapon that can be crafted from blue crystals. It has pretty good characteristics and will definitely help you in battles.


  • Damage: 60
  • Durability: 5100
  • Effects: None

Dark Crystal Sword

A more effective and durable weapon than the past. It has improved characteristics, deals more damage and is more durable.


  • Damage: 70
  • Durability: 5800
  • Effects: None

Green crystal sword

A weapon with not very outstanding characteristics, which deals only 65 points of damage to enemies, which is not very impressive.


  • Damage: 65
  • Durability: 5500
  • Effects: None

Pink crystal sword

It can also be called a lady’s sword, and not only because it has a pink color, but because it is quite light and comfortable, but has not very high characteristics.


  • Damage: 64
  • Durability: 5000
  • Effects: None

Red crystal sword

Just like the previous sword, it does not have a lot of weight, which is why its characteristics are also not high. But it has a very rich red color.


  • Damage: 67
  • Durability: 5800
  • Effects: None

Blue crystal sickle

The blue crystal sickle has very good characteristics and is capable of dealing 110 damage in one hit, which is a lot.


  • Damage: 110
  • Durability: 8100
  • Effects: None

Dark crystal sickle

One of the most powerful melee weapons in the MoSwords Craft mod for Minecraft and allows you to deliver crushing blows to opponents.


  • Damage: 145
  • Durability: 8800
  • Effects: None

Green crystal sickle

A pretty good weapon, just like the past, but with slightly weaker stats and damage.


  • Damage: 100
  • Durability: 8100
  • Effects: None

Pink crystal sickle

A sickle with a bright saturated shade of pink, which has good durability and quite acceptable damage.


  • Damage: 105
  • Durability: 8100
  • Effects: None

Red crystal sickle

It is crafted from red crystals, allows you to deal very impressive damage and has a serious safety margin, so it will rarely break.


  • Damage: 125
  • Durability: 8800
  • Effects: None

Items from mod

To get items from this mod, you just need to enter the following command into the chat – / GIVE @p of:

Mod Monstrous Sword!

ID: 22048

MonsterSword! – a mod for Minecraft on Android that adds two new swords to the game. Interestingly, these swords can be created using a drop from two mobs – a zombie and a creeper. The sword is quite rare, since the drop of items needed to create is rare and is only 1 percent. There is also a third sword that can be crafted with the Eye of Ender and obsidian. Sword damage is 12 for the zombie sword, 6 for the creeper sword, and 24 damage for the ender sword.

How to craft swords?
1. Creepers and zombies will now drop a new item on death, which is the basis of the sword. You need to accumulate a certain number of units of loot – 36.
2. Then you can create a sword in the workbench.

Interesting facts:
1. Ender sword can only be crafted. To do this, you need standard items from the game.

2. Up to 2 units of creeper parts and zombie parts can be dropped, depending on the killed mob.