Anatopia City Map (Beta)

ID: 19385

Anatopia a city of skyscrapers and high rises and features the most famous building in the world 

Do keep in mind that it is still a beta and and there is progress being done 

Anatopia city

This city features a school a 2 hotels a mall that is under construction and many more like a parliment and the sears tower the one world trade center the shun hing square and taipei 101 

And these are the photos of some of the buildings in the city one thing to note that all the buildings in the city are mostly empty and this whole city was made in the span of 5 months 

Minecraft PE Runaway Mind Map – The Horror We Deserve

ID: 17871

“Running away from the mind” is a new level of horror. On this map, Herobrine captured you and entered your mind to terrorize you. Your goal on this map is to break out of your mind by finding secrets and hidden knowledge.

And will you find a way to escape and defeat Herobrin?

Find ways to escape

Explore the chests. It can save you

Look for stone walls with a golden spot to find hidden secrets and useful items

And remember, he always looks

And the map can be downloaded from us, by the button below 🙂