ESG Hide and Seek 3: The Swampland Mansion

ID: 19405

The ESG team got a time together and now brought the part 3 of our Hide and Seek series, and as of now our previous hide and seek maps are now broken due to it being outdated. So we bring you this map Enjoy! 🙂

Hide and Seek is a game where 1 player seeks all hiding players through out the map, once a hider is tagged by the seeker (by hitting them) the hider will now help the original seeker therefore making them also a seeker until all hiders are found. BUT when the hiders are not found within the given time they will turn up to be the winner of the game.

Here are some previews of the map’s play area.

The Joy of Creation: FNAF Multiplayer Hide and Seek Map – Version 1.0

ID: 19398

This map will guarantee everyone who plays it a thrill of excitement, adrenaline, and a heart racing experience. Play as a nightmare-thrilled animatronic and hunt down the children, or play as the child and hope they don’t find you. 

In this custom made FNAF map, minecraft will bring out a terror you never knew it had. Invite your friends and show them that minecraft can the most terrifying game in the world!