Аддон Dynamic Trees

ID: 19747

Удивительные деревья с реалистичной анимацией !! При рубке они будут видны, как падают! Также кокосы, которые будут служить пищей!

Этот аддон добавляет 3 новых типа деревьев, но они динамические и с более реалистичной моделью.

  • Дуб
  • Берёза
  • Пальма

Кокосы? Вы получаете их, срубая пальму, они падают по 3 за каждую срезанную вами пальму.
Вы можете создать кокосовую воду, которая заполняет 100% шкалы голода.

Addon to the “Lottery” blocks for Minecraft PE – try your luck!

ID: 17960

You wanted to create your own lottery, but did not know how to do it without any complicated redstone mechanisms?

Now everything is much easier! This addon adds “lottery” blocks to the game!

How to get them?

Using the command / give @s drlucky: lucky_block
Creative Inventory

Block setup

Install the chest and place the necessary items there

Install the armor rack on the chest

3. Change her name to drlucky

4. Then install the “lottery” block and destroy it (in survival mode). Then you will drop items from the chest!

5. If you want the process to happen more unpredictably, install more chests this way (as shown in the screenshot)

And you can download the addon from the button below 🙂

Mechanical Blades Addon for Minecraft PE – futuristic weapons

ID: 17825

This addon adds 5 futuristic swords to your world. Each sword has its own advantage.

The red sword Mk1 will give you strength.

The blue sword Mk2 will add you resistance.

Purple Mk3 will give you speed

Blue Mk4 will give you regeneration and a surge of health.

And the light green Mk5 will give you strength, resistance and slowness.

The Battle Pack block will drop random swords or armor when it is destroyed, which makes this addon suitable for PvP worlds.

Getting this weapon

To add these items to your inventory, you can use these commands:

We think this addon will brighten up your game 🙂