Wizard add-on for Minecraft PE – the magic is near!

ID: 17972

Looking for a new form of protection for your village? Meet the Wizard. He is a strong villager with magical powers, strong enough to defeat the robbers!


Health – 30 units
Damage – 3 damage per hit. He has only one form of attack.
Abilities – “Shalker Bullets” and Teleportation. He can shoot Shulker bullets in front of him. It can also teleport randomly.


(The wizard does not attack zombies, since he believes that he is too strong for them)

Drop after death

After death, he will discard 3 Emeralds and 5 bottles of experience. You can use them to your liking.

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“Diamond Slime Addon” for Minecraft PE – a completely new mob

ID: 17900

Have you ever wanted an easy way to get good things?
A way to prank your friends?

Slime can be tamed with enchanted golden apples.

Slime Features

After you tamed it, you can exchange things in this order:

Golden apple = enchanted golden apple
Apple = Diamond Horse Armor
Beef – Cooked Beef
Bucket = Lava Bucket

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Giant Creeper in Minecraft PE – Really Big Threat

ID: 17837

This is an addon that changes the size and behavior of creepers!
It’s scary to meet one in the game! Even when you know about this mod! So this is perfect for raffling friends! That must be fun!

We think it will be fun. So try

And you can download the addon on our website, by the button below 🙂

“Raptors Project Addon” for Minecraft PE – Dinosaur Revival

ID: 17833

With this addon you can get dinosaurs that will naturally appear in your world.


Velociraptors are small predators that appear in deserts and savannahs. They attack the player if they are in a pack or have a child next to them. Adults can be tamed using rabbit stew or cooked lamb. Tamed, they will sleep with the player and sometimes bring gifts

Velociraptor statistics


60 health

6 to 20 damage


85 health

6 to 20 damage

And you can download the addon on our website by the button below 🙂

Addon “Mounting Bees” for Minecraft PE – ride a bee!

ID: 17829

Ever wanted to ride a bee? No? Well … now you can still do it! Give them some honey to tame, and you will go to heaven on a new adventure!

Remember that bees are tamed by honeycombs and that this may not happen the first time (as in the situation with wolves and ocelots)

The bee is small, and you are very heavy, so do not rely on high speed.
Just go down on it from the hill and watch the sunset …

And you can download the addon from us by clicking the button below 🙂

Healer Turret Addon – a weapon that heals

ID: 17820

How it works

This healing tower can give you a regenerative effect by shooting at you with a healing ball (snowflake).
This tower can heal you if you are 6 blocks from it. She treats villagers in the same way.

This addon replaces creepers with such healing towers. As for me – this is much better 🙂

You can call such a turret through the “Spawn Healer Turret” (replaces the creeper’s call egg)

And you can download this addon on our website by clicking the button below 🙂

Ninja Weapons Addon for Minecraft PE – the ninja weapon is now in your pocket!

ID: 17816

Have you ever thought about what will happen if you add a ninja to Minecraft? No? Well then, you’ll find out now 🙂


Bad ninja

He is your opponent, from whom you must defend and fight. He attacks Residents, Player and Good Ninjas. They use shurikens and drop Coins.

Health: 20

Damage: 3

Good ninja

He is your ally, he attacks the “Bad Ninjas” and protects you from monsters. You can hire them using Coins.

Health: 20

Damage: 3

Ninja Resident

He is your ally. He attacks the Bad Ninjas, but cannot be hired. You can trade with it by exchanging coins for various weapons.

Health: 30

Damage: 3




Damage – 16

Golden Katana

Damage – 18 + 2x Attack Speed

Diamond katana

Damage – 22 + 2x Attack Speed


Damage – 3


Damage – 18 + 2x Attack Speed


Used for trading

Addon Presentation

And you can download the addon from the button below 🙂