Addon to the “Lottery” blocks for Minecraft PE – try your luck!

ID: 17960

You wanted to create your own lottery, but did not know how to do it without any complicated redstone mechanisms?

Now everything is much easier! This addon adds “lottery” blocks to the game!

How to get them?

Using the command / give @s drlucky: lucky_block
Creative Inventory

Block setup

Install the chest and place the necessary items there

Install the armor rack on the chest

3. Change her name to drlucky

4. Then install the “lottery” block and destroy it (in survival mode). Then you will drop items from the chest!

5. If you want the process to happen more unpredictably, install more chests this way (as shown in the screenshot)

And you can download the addon from the button below 🙂


1. Custom-lucky-block-addon 1586496633

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