Escape The School [Puzzle]

ID: 19857

Do you have what it takes to Escape The School? This fun singleplayer map tests your Minecraft Skills and your ability to solve puzzles! Will you break free or become prisoners like all the other candidates who dared to challenge!


Not long ago you moved house from the big city of Mineland to the small rural village of Blocksville. You have just started your first day at the new school, but immediately realised something was not right.

Now you must escape but it will not be easy! Can you use your Minecraft Skills and puzzle-solving abilities to master each room, avoid the nasty surprises and ultimately escape? Well, we can only wish you good luck, you’ll definitely need it!


  • Do not change any world settings – they are configured this way for a reason!
  • Do not cheat.
  • Only use the resource packs provided with the map. Do not use custom packs or mods.
  • If you are recording for YouTube, Twitch etc, you must give credit to the map creator (The Sonic Master).


  • Built and programmed by The Sonic Master (gaming division of SupDroid Studio).
  • Tested by Death Foxy and white_tiger52.
  • Stock Resource Pack created by The Sonic Master.
  • Texture Update Pack is a marketplace pack available for free.

The School: Finding Sophie (Horror) [Adventure] (Puzzles)

ID: 19842

The Story of a father who lost his daughter

In this game you are a father with a daughter named Sophie.

Your Daughter went to school but something wrong happen to your daughter.

And you are here to search for her.

You will become a detective in this game

  • You can run but you can’t hide
  • You can run forever but you can’t escape
  • Do not give him a chance to get you and kill you
  • Explore the building and solve the mystery

Expore the vent

Find two gears

Free yourself from evil

Find different type’s of keys to unlock different type’s of doors

Find the way out

This game is a little bit difficulty

You will need a lot of patience to finish this game

This map is based on my dreams

Not all scene’s is part of my dream I just added them to make the game more challenging

Estimated gameplay time: 15-30 mins or more

Thanks you!

ID: 19368

Thank you for choosing our application! We are happy to work on our application and prepare new updates for you!

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us by mail:

Together we will make the best app!

GMC City V3.9 [Cosmetics Update]

ID: 19114

Welcome to GMC! We are a small community of builders in the creative world who continue to upgrade our neighborhoods with new builds and features. 300+ assemblies with interiors and score! For version 3.9, we decided to put in order such places as Presidential Square, the old shopping center and even SkyVillage! Oh, and we missed a few map tips for V4.0. We hope you enjoy this small, detailed update! The change log is presented at the bottom of the page.

Abandoned Military Base

ID: 19109

On a tropical island in the middle of the vast ocean, there was once a top-secret military installation. However, it was abandoned and overrun by the natives, falling into ruin. Download this map, and explore the secrets within.

Featuring a village, built over the ruins of the base!

Ocean view!

Explore the interiors of different buildings

Have fun!

Karma Roadster 1

ID: 19076

Представляем Карму R1. Абсолютный зверь, когда дело доходит до бездорожья, а также когда дело доходит до его милитаристского дизайна и высокой скорости! Идеальный пакет для всех ваших военных и внедорожных потребностей!

История авто
Как и мой предыдущий аддон, он основан на приобретаемом транспортном средстве «Карма» из Block City Wars.

Детали автомобиля
У этого транспортного средства есть 2 места, контейнер (где вы можете положить вещи) и высокая скорость. (Может звучать многократно, но я, честно говоря, не знаю, что печатать больше).

Цвета автомобилей

-Имеет 4 цвета, цвета следующие;


Военный Зеленый



Это все цвета, которые (мне) показались подходящими для этой машины. Если вы хотите добавить новый цвет, прокомментируйте его ниже выбранного цвета, и я с радостью добавлю его (:

Desert Mobs Add-on (Dmobs)

ID: 19020

Do you feel like something is lacking in the desert biome? Do you want more challenging and interesting mobs? Well, this add-on is for you then and I hope you enjoy!

This add-on adds 3 new mobs these mobs can only spawn in the desert biome.

These mobs are…

Cactis: This mob hides in the desert perfectly camouflage in the sand. It will reveal itself and attack you once you get too close.

Cactis (Hiding):

Lurker: The lurker a snake type mob that hunts in the desert. Once it sees you it will dive into the sand and charge and jumps on you.

The last and final mob is the

Scorpion: The scorpion is a dangerous mob in the desert with its big claws and a stinger. Once you get close it will attack you by stinging you.

This is my first time making custom mobs with complex animation and I’ll be making more in the future. Hope you enjoy this add-on! 😀

Spectator Mode Function Pack

ID: 535

Pack Features:

The function pack’s spectator mode grants you the following abilities:

  • 1.Night Vision: So you can see everything clearly while spectating.
    2.Regeneration: So you won’t get hurt while spectating.
    3.Invisibility: Nobody will see you and they will do their own work.
    4.Weakness: Prevents you from hurting others and mobs.
    5.Water Breathing: Allows you to see everything happening in water.
    6.Mining Fatigue: Prevents you from breaking blocks.
    7. Fire Resistance: Prevents you from burning while spectating.

The function pack also allows the player to fly in survival or adventure mode thanks to the education edition toggle.

The function pack also has on and off toggles to you can jump in and out of spectator mode!

How to use the pack?


To switch to spectator mode in your world:
  • 1. Switch to Survival Mode
    2. Open the chat and use the following command without the quotes:
        “/function spc_on

To switch back to the default gamemode in your world:
1. Go and land on the ground in spectator mode.
2. Open the chat and use the following command without the quotes:
    “/function spc_off“


To switch back to the default gamemode in your world:
1. Go and land on the ground in spectator mode.
2. Open the chat and use the following command without the quotes:
    “/function spc_off“