Play Mod (BETA) – [1.20.10+]

ID: 30134

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About the Add-on.

Introducing the camera add-on for Minecraft, inspired by a pokeball’s design!


Make sure to enable these settings.

How to Utilize

  • Press the first button to set a position for your current view.
  • Right-click with the camera in hand to access the control panel.
  • Use the “settings” button to further customize cinematic functions.
  • Once you’ve configured your settings, save them and start your cinematic adventure.


This add-on enhances your Minecraft experience by introducing a camera that allows you to create fully customizable cinematics. Let your creativity run wild as you modify time, animations, and more. Scroll down to learn more about it.  

Now compatible with version 1.20.31
Improved camera smoothness.
Bug where the camera disappears from the player’s hand has been fixed.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.30

Boyzzzz7 Lifesteal SMP

ID: 30093

If your character dies in the game, they will lose a heart. However, if you manage to eliminate another player, you will gain a heart. If your heart count reaches zero, you will be temporarily banned from the server until someone revives you. Keep in mind that not all players will be willing to revive you immediately.

Make sure to join the Discord community at

If your character dies in the game, they will lose a heart. However, if you manage to eliminate another player, you will gain a heart. If your heart count reaches zero, you will be temporarily banned from the server until someone revives you. Keep in mind that not all players will be willing to revive you immediately.

Supported Minecraft versions: 1.20.10


ID: 30090


The Citybuild mode was originally introduced in 2015 and has undergone one world reset since then. However, you can still explore the previous versions of the worlds and admire the various builds. The server will update to the latest PocketMine-MP versions once the mode is running smoothly on those updates.
In Citybuild, you have the ability to claim your own plot. You can use the command /p auto to automatically claim the nearest plot or /p claim to manually claim the plot you’re currently standing on. You can also add friends to your plot by using /p addhelper <Name> and share the enjoyment of building together. An exciting new feature is the /p merge command which allows you to merge two of your plots together, creating a larger building area. In total, you can merge up to 16 plots!

Additionally, there is a separate world dedicated to farming items in a vanilla-style environment. This world is regularly reset. In Citybuild, there is a currency system where you earn currency by selling items. This currency can be used to purchase items from the server store or to trade with other players. While claiming your first plots is free, there is a cost associated with resetting or deleting a plot. It’s important to note that this currency cannot be obtained with real money.

The new Citybuild world features even larger plots and more stylish roads while still providing convenient transportation options. You can easily teleport to any plot using the /p warp <X>;<Y> command. The plot coordinates will be displayed each time you enter a plot. The spawn point is located at coordinates 0;0.



Welcome to one of our improved Skyblock islands! To quickly get your own island, simply interact with Batty the NPC in the Lobby. In Skyblock, your inventory is completely separate from other worlds. You’ll have everything you need to generate an endless supply of cobblestone, and ores will randomly appear in the cobblestone generator. You can also invite up to 3 friends to join you on the same island. While the initial skyblock world may appear empty, if you explore diligently, you may stumble upon other islands waiting to be discovered.




Do you have a dispute with someone and feel the need to settle it through a duel? Utilize the /1vs1 command to challenge any online player to a private fight. Do not worry about losing any items during these duels, as they are strictly for fun, even when battling against your friends.


The server organizes seasonal events that provide the exclusive opportunity to obtain special custom food items such as Christmas Chocolate or Halloween Candy. Each year, a new item is released, and past event items are not reintroduced. If you desire these unique items, you will have to acquire them from other players. It’s worth mentioning that custom items are not available in the Skyblock mode, they are exclusively added to your Citybuild inventory.

This server offers a German Citybuild and Skyblock experience, with English translations currently in progress. You cannot make any purchases for items or cosmetics on this server as it is completely free to use. The server requires the latest release version of Minecraft (1.19.80) in order to join. For more information, join the Discord server. 

Minecraft versions: 1.19.80


ID: 30083

TanukiCraft is a top-notch server that provides a unique Towny experience for both Java and Bedrock Crossplay. Immerse yourself in a captivating gameplay environment where you can construct stunning towns in a consistent world, engage in strategic PvP battles, take part in thrilling events, and flourish in a dynamic player-driven economy. Join us now for an incredible Minecraft journey!


Server IP Address



Bedrock Edition: 19132


Console players can connect using our friend bot.

Add tanukicraft1 as a friend in Minecraft and you will find a joinable world on your friends list.


The world never resets, and the server is always updated to the latest version.

TanukiCraft offers an exceptional Towny experience for both Java and Bedrock Crossplay. Immerse yourself in an engaging gameplay environment where you can construct magnificent towns in a consistent world, engage in strategic PvP battles, take part in exciting events, and thrive in a vibrant player-driven economy. Join us now for an unforgettable Minecraft adventure! The server is accessible on any device, including consoles.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.1

Ancient Pots

ID: 30032


There are four new Deepslate Pots that can be found in Ancient Cities:


1. Small Deepslate Pot

2. Deepslate Pot

3. Big Deepslate Pot

4. Large Deepslate Pot

Deepslate Pots have various drops, including diamond armor, books, mushroom stew, golden apples, enchanted golden apples, raw ores, and a new gem that can be used to craft a unique item!

Here’s what happens when you break the pots:


If you’re lucky, you may find a new gem called Amrin inside these pots! By combining Amrin with a Pouch in a crafting table (crafted with 5 Leather and a String), you can create a Luminance Pouch. The Luminance Pouch will cause you to levitate for a short time.

Perfect for a quick getaway!



Luminance Pouch


Some Pictures

 However, be cautious when breaking the pots as it may trigger the sculk sensors!

That’s all! Please let me know if you encounter any bugs on my discord, Chympei#5332

To celebrate the new 1.20 archeology features, I have created an Add-On that introduces four new Deepslate Pots that can be found while exploring the Ancient Cities in the deep dark. This Add-On will be used for an even bigger Add-On that I am currently working on 🙂

• New Pots

• New Gem

• New Items

• New Particles

Minecraft versions: 1.20.12

[1.20.10]Unknown Survival Server

ID: 29856

Hello and welcome to our server! The Unknown Survival Server focuses on pure survival as its main gameplay. The server is maintained by a group of friendly Chinese players. Currently, the server consists of Chinese players but we invite everyone to join and have a great experience. I am the server owner, McPack667.

The server is active from 9am to 8pm during UTC+8 time zone (currently during summer vacation). In addition to the original gameplay, we have added some plugins to address certain areas that needed improvement. Currently, we have transmission and private chat systems, and we are working on the territorial system. The server owner is also the author of these plugins.

A week ago, we replaced the server with a new archive, so everything has started fresh. We are currently in the pioneering stage and the server owner actively participates in managing and maintaining the server’s atmosphere. We hope that everyone can play harmoniously on the server.

To ensure pleasant communication on the server, the plugin has the ability to translate chat content between Chinese and English. However, due to the scale of the project, most of the plugin interfaces are still in Chinese, but we plan to improve them soon.

Now, let’s talk about how to join the server. The server has a whitelist, and the server’s IP address will be provided on Discord. So, please leave your ID on the whitelist channel in the following Discord link:

(Please note that due to regional restrictions, I only check messages twice a day)

You can also add Xbox friends with the server owner McPack667 for private chat, or join our QQ group: 438185675

The server is open 24/7. If you’re unable to connect, please try again in 10 to 30 minutes.

The Unknown Survival Server is a friendly community consisting of Chinese players. We sincerely invite you to join our game. This is a pure survival experience without any DLC, as we use the BDS server.

Minecraft version: 1.20.10

The Questline SMP

ID: 29852

Questline is a small and welcoming server that offers an exciting twist to the Minecraft experience. It boasts crossplay between Bedrock and Java editions, gradually increasing difficulty as players progress, and a challenging restriction on setting respawn points. Drawing inspiration from the beta edition of Minecraft, exploration on Questline may be tougher but the rewards are truly worth it. With custom terrains for the initial 3,000 blocks, stunning Terralith landscapes, an epic Insindium Nether, and a gorgeous Nullscape End, players are in for a visual treat.

Griefing is handled in a unique way on Questline, promoting an authentic and organic SMP (Survival Multiplayer) experience. The server also features an economy system, a comprehensive map overview, and a dedicated team, all aimed at fostering a kind and supportive community across the server and website. In particular, the server strives to create an LGBTQ+ friendly environment, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and accepted. Questline may be a small SMP, but it has a big heart.

This LGBTQ+ supportive server offers a one-of-a-kind challenge accompanied by incredible Bedrock/Java plugins that guarantee an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Gysermc, players can seamlessly play with their friends on the Java edition.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10

HuarizoLand – Survival

ID: 29707

HuarizoLand is a top-notch server that caters to survival and factions players.

Players have the opportunity to claim daily rewards based on the day of the week using commands like /daily or /gifts. There are also challenging bosses like the warden and hoglin. Additionally, you can repair your items using money and server experience through the /fix or /rp command. The server features elevators similar to the ones in Minecraft Java, adding to the immersive gameplay. Take advantage of the daily rewards by joining now. You can access the world menu using the /menu command and find helpful information with the /wiki or /info command. Here is a list of available commands: /menu /hub /lobby /sethome /home /warp /ah /repair /enchant /eshop /daily /gifts /shop /f help /f claim /f sethome /f promote /cape /size /cape /vip /report /kit /lay /sit

What sets HuarizoLand apart from other Bedrock servers?

Discover the unique features and activities in the video below:


The server boasts active developers who regularly address exploits and bugs. Custom plugins enhance the gameplay experience, while reliable hardware ensures smooth performance. With a dedicated moderation team fluent in Spanish and English, you can expect a friendly and supportive community. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join!

Explore the Store for purchasing ranks and more!

HuarizoLand | Shop

Experience the Lobby

Enjoy Daily Rewards

Discover one of the unique mines on the server (PvP Mine)


HuarizoLand is a clan server where players can engage in intense clan battles to claim the top spot. Raid rival clans, defeat enemies, and conquer their land. The server offers various commands in both Spanish and English.

Updates include bug fixes and the addition of new moderators. Take advantage of the daily gifts and the new command /ah. A new raiding method between clans has been introduced, along with the /tienda and /reward commands. Get ready to face new challenging bosses. The server is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.19 and 1.18.30.

For more information, check out these video links:

~Phoenix Crossplay~

ID: 29699

PhoenixSMP is a server that supports both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft, allowing players from different platforms to play together. We are a small and community-focused server that is actively seeking new members. Whether you are interested in events, roleplay, or factions, Phoenix is the perfect server for you. We cater to a wide range of interests, so there is something for everyone.

To join our server, you will need to submit a whitelist request through our Discord. We have implemented locked chests to prevent stealing, and we enforce an anticheat system. Hacks and exploits are strictly prohibited, so cheaters beware!

Our world file features custom generation that you won’t find on any other server. The staff team has created unique biomes that add an extra level of exploration and excitement. Take a look at some examples below and start your adventure now! (or face the consequences)

We have an extensive lore and roleplay system that spans over two years. Our fandom wiki, with over 100 pages, supports the immersive experience. Choose between the two clans, Murex or Malacus, based on your personality. You can even create a subclan with your friends to establish your own civilization or engage in conflict with other subclans. Join the ongoing war for fame and prosperity! (or prepare for the consequences)

We offer a variety of events on a regular basis. From building contests and PvP battles to chess and art contests, there is something for everyone to enjoy and participate in. Event winners can earn special roles, in-game items, and climb the leaderboard. The skill levels of events vary, ensuring that everyone has a chance to win based on their strengths. Have a blast! (you don’t have a choice)

If any of this sounds interesting to you, why not give us a try? Join our Discord community through this link: (join us or face unexpected consequences at 3 AM, not clickbait)

 Please leave a review to help boost our server’s traffic :>

PhoenixSMP is a server that supports both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft, allowing players from different platforms to play together. We are a small and community-focused server that is actively seeking new members. Whether you are interested in events, roleplay, or factions, Phoenix is the perfect server for you.

Join our Discord community through this link:

~introducing some fun threats!!!

~exciting new server images. Stay tuned for our upcoming banner.

~continuous efforts to improve the server experience

~back to sleep for now

Minecraft versions: 1.19.50


ID: 29691

⚔️ FFA Modes:

– Fist (Also LowPing)

– Gapple

– Sumo

– Domain (Exclusive)

– Resistance

– Combo

– NoDebuff


🗡️ Duel Modes:

– Fist

– Gapple

– Combo

– NoDebuff

– Sumo

– Boxing

– BuildUHC


🔥 Events:

– Tournaments

– Meetups

– Mini Battles

– ManHunts


⭐️ Features:

– ToggleSprint (Can be toggled on/off)

– AutoGG (Can be toggled on/off)

– Cosmetics (Includes 25 different options)

– Pets (Includes 10 different options)


👥 Join Our Community:



Email :


❤️ Support us:




🧡 Join Now!

IP :

Port : 19132


Server Images:


Hello player, allow me to introduce you to Zerix, one of the oldest Minecraft Pocket Edition PvP servers. Established in 2018 as Legions, Zerix is now prepared to amaze the community.

Join our server to engage in a fresh PvP experience and improve your PvP skills. Our focus is on fun, and you can participate in daily events such as tournaments, meetups, manhunts, and mini battles.

We await your arrival, warrior..


Minecraft versions: 1.19.60, 1.19.50, 1.19.40, 1.19.30, 1.19.20, 1.19.10, 1.19, 1.18, 1.17, 1.16