Spider-Man Parkour!

ID: 20423

Become Spider-Man! Use your Spidey abilities to get through this parkour stage. You’re able to jump higher, climb walls, create web bridges, web zip and more! Do you have what it takes to put on the mask and become the Spider-Man?

Spider-Man Parkour puts you into the boots of Spider-Man. You will use Spider-Man’s Web Slinger and your own natural spidey powers to overcome the obstacles of the stage. The map will take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete depending on your skill level. Watch the video below to see all the maps mechanics in play.


  • Scale walls
  • Naturally jump higher and further
  • Create Web Bridges
  • Web Zip across thin air
  • Use your Web Slinger to activate far away buttons

Among Us 2 Airship

ID: 20383

Welcome to the Among us 2 Airship, A Parkour map or you can call it a speed run Parkour. Each level has around 1o or more jumps. This will be my 2nd among us parkour map, but this time its more easier then my other map. This is also celebrating my 2,000 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel.

Among Us 2 Airship Parkour






Among Us: The Airship in Minecraft Bedrock! (Work in Progress)

ID: 20378

Have you seen the new map of Among Us: the Airship? It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Would you like to be able to play it in Minecraft Bedrock? Now you can!!, With this map replica in Minecraft (Still under development). 

This is a 1:1 replica of the new Among Us map: The Airship. The map is built with as many details as Minecraft Vanilla (Or my building skills) can offer. The map is in development, 60% still need to be built, And that’s why this MCPEDL page will be updated periodically (or at least as quickly as my responsibilities allow me to) to add all the progress I will making. 

Anyway, here are some images of current progress:


-Cockpit Aisle:


-Engine Room:



-Main Hall:

In this image you can see well the total progress of the map right now:

TTT/Among Us-Esk Mystery Murder Map

ID: 20373

This is a map I just decided to cobble up out of the blue one day, I had inspiration from Among Us and TTT, hence the title. It ain’t the prettiest or most functional but it gets the job done and its a great deal of fun

What it Has

  1. Piston Foolery (mostly doors)
  2. Mild Tasks: Flip switches task done (note: someone must keep track of tasks, it does not auto-end, chat will show what’s been done
  3. Sabotage: Lights and others tasks can be sabotaged, no safeguard to prevent innocents from sabotage, all are near each other
  4. Meetings: button calls meeting, tp command used
  5. Mild Commands: start round, cheats, /say, etc…
  6. hidden rooms: (;
  7. waiting room after death
  8. vents, not safeguarded

Sonic the Hedgehog [Parkour]

ID: 20361

Sonic the Hedgehog is a speed-based platform game. This is a parkour map for Minecraft Pocket Edition which uses a similar type of level design and it also uses command blocks to give the players different effects such as speed and jump boosts. It’s a pretty fun map to play, and especially if you got some friends which you can compete against.

How to play?

Make sure to let all players join before starting the game. There’s no countdown built in so you’ll need to do that part yourselves. It’s important that you always step on the pressure plates since they’ll enable/disable different speed boosts.


Sonic Addon

ID: 20354

If you like sonic you will definitely like this addon, it has 3 spawn eggs, being them sonic, robotnik and your ship and finally the usable robotnik ship, with it you can fly through your map.

With this addon you will have a lot of fun, in it you can use the robotnik spaceship to fly around the world, or you can also watch the sonic vs robotnik fight they will fight every time you meet, and then? are you ready for this adventure? so download the addon now, install it in your world and have fun !!!


Sonic the Hedgehog: The Chaos Quest

ID: 20340

Since there haven’t been many Sonic games, or many games featuring popular video game characters at all on this website, I’ve decided to make my own: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Chaos Quest, a 22-level 2.5D platforming game which sports its own resource pack, an animated title screen (where Sonic wags his finger, like most Sonic titles), functional rings and monitors (with ring, extra life, and Robotnik varieties), lives (which are lost when falling into pits, the only obstacle in the game), an introduction, two endings (both good and bad), and three playable characters: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles! Sonic is the fastest, Tails jumps highest, and Knuckles is the strongest!

Please note that pictures shown lack the resource pack, since I was unable to make it work.

To start the game (and progress), choose one of the three characters. You’ll be taken to a room with a button. Press it, and you’ll be taken to the first level. The picture shown above is of the room with the button. To select a character, press one of the three buttons at the title screen. To play the game, simply run and jump over obstacles such as walls and pits.

Palmtree Panic Zone Act 1. This game is filled with lots of features: a gallery (containing displays of characters and objects), a level select, and two hidden levels (those being the one-act stages Hidden Palace Zone and Ice Cap Zone). Make sure to conquer all seven (progressively difficult, and three-dimensional) special stages to get all seven Chaos Emeralds, so you get the good ending and turn into Super Sonic, and not get the bad ending. Each of the eight zones, except for two, have three acts, the name for levels. The Sky Base and The Doomsday Zones have only a single act. These zones include: Palmtree Panic, Marble Mineshaft, Bodacious Beehive, Mystic Cave, Volcanic Village, Sky Base, Mecha Green Hill, and The Doomsday. Don’t lose all your lives, or you’ll get a Game Over, and you will have to start over again.

Marble Mineshaft Zone Act 2.

Bodacious Beehive Zone Act 1.

Volcanic Village Zone Act 1. 

Sky Base Zone. To make Sonic: The Chaos Quest function, I utilized scoreboards (for ring and life values) and several command blocks (for teleportation, rings, monitors, and dialogue). It took a little over a month to build this game.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Sonic’s Time Adventure

ID: 20332

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the sequel to the first game. It features 23 zones, 54 levels, 13 special stages and four playable characters. The game also includes new features such as springs, more boss fights, new monitors, cutscenes, music (though you have to play the music first), among other things, too.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 revolves around Sonic’s best friend, Tails, being captured by the infamous Dr. Robotnik. Sonic must save Tails by collecting all seven of the Time Stones and putting an end to Robotnik’s evil schemes.

To collect Time Stones, you must travel to (and complete) seven special stages. Each special stage you complete awards you one Time Stone. You also may collect Chaos Emeralds from the last six special stages, though all they do is unlock bonus content.

One of the major new features added in Sonic 2 is saving. You can create and delete up to three save files. If you unlock a character on one save file, that character becomes available for all save files.

On your journey, you may come across a cutscene. You’ll have to press the button at the front of the room to start the cutscene first, but other than that, it’s automatic. If you don’t want to watch the cutscene, you have the option to skip it.

It took three months to make Sonic 2. At most, I had two people helping with the project.

The following photos are sorted in a chronological order.

The title screen, before version 1.1.

The character select screen.

Chemical Plant Zone Act 1.

Special Zone Act 2.

Frostburn Cave Zone Act 2.

The end of Scrapyard Bash Zone Act 3, before version 1.1.

The More Addon v1

ID: 20319

Hello. If you clicked on this mod, you want an extension for minecraft. You did well because this addon adds new features. This mod adds new biomes, new mobs and soon new structures! Here is the description of the mod.



This biome is a dead and evil biome. Only the pirates, the Wraith and the dead are there. But you can also find dead trees which will give you dead wood which is useful for survival.



The dead have 2 variations. The first is the common dead. This undead is faster, more robust and more powerful than its zombie congener. He has a mutant variant which is even more powerful and robust so be careful!


This hostile mob is a damned soul that has found itself trapped in the body of a human. They will shoot you with fireballs and can teleport.


Survivors are peaceful creatures who won’t attack you even if you hit them. They have two variants, the Steve variant, which has an iron sword, and the Alex variant, which has a bow. You can tame them with an enchanted golden apple and mate them with a golden apple. They will aid you in your survival by attacking hostile mobs nearby. They have the same fixed characteristics as a player.


The pirates are illage sailors who loot villages and steal players. They shoot arrows at players and survivors.

Wither King 

It’s a hostile crowd. This hellish skeleton is the lord of skeletons. He has incredible health, does massive damage, and he’s very fast. If you run away from him, he will shoot you with withered skulls. Pay attention.


This ravage has mutated. Now he’s even more powerful and robust, but it’s slowing down. Be careful, it does a lot of damage!


He is the older brother of the pest. It is more powerful and more robust.


This ancient enchanter has lost some powers but can still wield fire. He will therefore send you fireballs.


The mummy is the corpse of a pharaoh who awoke to attack the desecrators of the tomb. It poisons you and has better health than the common zombie.


This small mammal hunts its prey, and unlike the fox, you can tame it and it will follow you.

Diamond Golem

The diamond golem is, as the name suggests, a golem made of diamonds. It is therefore more powerful than the Iron Golem and does more damage. You can tame it and it will follow you.

The endllager 

This little enderman can trade and you can tame him. It attacks hostile creatures.


The Weeper is a faster, sturdier, bigger creeper and it will shoot you with fireballs.

The Overman 

This creature will attack you and deal a lot of damage to you. He has a lot of horses so be careful!

Now on to the articles: The natural trees of the Deathbiome will give you wood which can be used as a confectioner of dead wood tools which are very good. There is also an enchanted diamond apple, a Netherite ore that appears from layer 20 in the deathbiome. There is also a corrupt diamond which is used to craft a mighty sword. There you have it, that’s all about this mod. Of course, I will improve it later. Thanks for viewing my mod!

BM Tank Аддон v2

ID: 20200

Hello, It’s been so long since the last time I uploaded an addon on MCPEDL. Now, I have made an addon and decided to post it. Lemme introduce you guys The BM Tank Addon!


Version: 2

This addon adds two tanks, BM Tank and Enemy Tank, You can play with your friends or if you are alone, you can still fight with enemy tanks, enemy tanks are controlled by artificial intelligence. Pillagers are spawned along with the enemy tank and it will be riding the tank. This addon features a realistic functioning turret. The tanks comes with custom animations: the wheels, the turret and the gun. Both tanks have a health of 100 hearts. Tanks shoot explosive snowballs. Two tanks are physically pretty similar, the only difference is the color of sight, and it can easily be seen since it glows.

BM Tank:

Enemy Tank: