Skyblock: Creativity Edition

ID: 22994

Skyblock is a fun game that went popular on servers, making their way to make skyblock better.

In skyblock, you will be in a island with a tree and a chest, and you will need to make a bridge to connect to other islands and obtain loot, and create your dream island!

But in Skyblock: Creativity Edition, You have to defeat the ender dragon! There is also a shop system aswell!


At first, open the chest that has books inside. Take the guide, read and follow the steps.


Then, chop wood, make a bridge to island 2, and then make a cobblestone generator than deal with the skeleton. Find the 2 obsidians and repair the portal. Head to nether, then obtain the ender eye.


After getting the ender eye, use it to unlock location 2, then head to the shop and deal with spiders. Use strings, what spiders drop, to buy Coal & Coal Generator. Use coal to buy iron, and buy iron generator. During the progress, you can build a dream, flat island and plant more saplings.


Before, ender eyes to lit the ender portal, buy lapis generator, and then use bookshelves to upgrade the enchantment table. Soon, enchant youre items and prepare for the ender dragon.


You have to buy ender eyes to lit the ender portal. Lastly, Fight the ender dragon with the diamond gear & diamond sword box in the end.


After buying diamond generator, buy debris and gold to get netherite, then craft netherite armor and tools! After doing all these stuff, congrats, you beat skyblock: creativity edition. You can do your own stuff now! You can also tweet us a selfie of playing skyblock, @JeraldHuang


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