Try to start survival in Minecraft with a single block of earth and get to the dragon itself. The Minecraft In One Block map presents a unique survival mode in which the user spawns on a lone block of land. Everything will start when the player breaks the block under him.

Indeed, from a single block, the player must get everything that is needed to kill the boss . How is this possible?

After the character breaks the block, others will appear behind him. Cube by cube, the number of blocks will steadily increase. In addition to the blocks themselves, items will also appear, depending on the stage of the passage in which the player is.

After a certain number of blocks, the user proceeds to the next stage , of which there are 10 :

  • Forest
  • Cave
  • snow biome
  • Desert
  • Jungle
  • Ocean
  • Lower world
  • mansion
  • Fortress
  • Mixed

The blocks that appear are phase dependent : for example, if the player is in the forest stage, they will receive blocks of grass, wood, or clay. If it is in the Nether phase, it will get lava, hellstone, and so on. Mobs spawn in the same way. An ender portal

appears at the very end , but it requires ender eyes to activate , so get enough. The build is considered complete if the user slays the dragon .

earth block
block of snow
chest in the sky

Expand your base and terrain.

piece of earth
farm in the sky
earth in the sky

When the phase changes, bedrock appears .

bedrock in the ground

At the beginning of the 10th stage, the End portal will appear .

portal end


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