This addon introduces an abundance of new zombie types to your Minecraft world, adding an element of danger and adventure. It simulates a viral outbreak in your world, transforming it into an apocalyptic setting. Now, survival becomes crucial as you navigate through this zombie-infested environment. While there are protective structures available, their efficacy is limited, requiring constant vigilance to endure the challenges posed by the zombie world.

There is a variety of zombies which includes:

Corrupted Zombie:

Working for secret forces these soldiers turned into extreme flesh eating monsters. They are fast and strong.


The larger zombies featured in this addon have a unique ability: upon striking you, they induce nausea. While they may not be able to breach your base, escape becomes increasingly challenging. Upon their demise, a lingering effect is triggered—nearby zombies and players are subjected to poisoning for a specific duration. This adds an additional layer of complexity and strategy to encounters with these formidable foes.

Undead Stranger:

Zombie Miner:

These zombies look scary and they use a pickaxe as weapon to slay you.


Zombies Disguise:

By wearing this you can look like a zombie. But this is just for style. They will still know you are not a walker.


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