Kawaii Items

ID: 22756

Kawaii Items by Cupidnora Posted On MCPEDL by me ( this addon is created by Cupidnora NOT ME ). This addon adds 28 + 2 wallpapers / Anime themed food Or retro-themed foods into your game, Please turn on Experimental gameplay <3 and cheats. To get all the items to type down /function cupidnora_kawaii_items (/give also works too!)This addon is survival-friendly, but you still need experimental gameplay on, the reason I said that is because there are crafting recipes for it. And when downloading, please watch it download for at least 3 minutes before taking action. !Warning!  please refresh your Minecraft before downloading or the pack icon won’t show. 

This addon adds about 28 Kawaii anime/retro-themed food/items and 2 strawberry aesthetic wallpapers made by Cupidnora And needs to have experimental gameplay and cheats on, This Addon Is ( Maybe? ) Survival friendly, The crafting recipes Are Relatively easy. This Addon Adds:


-Vintage phone 


-Peach cake slice


-Blood loli


-Crunchem’s bone 


-Bunny Crunch and cherry Bomb

-Kitty Coffee 



-ice cream 

-Strawberry Parfait 

-Green Tea 

-Donut And Cake 


-Cream Bun ( If Correctly )

-Cookie Cat

-Hot Choco

-Mango Soda

-Melon Pop

-Rain Daze Soda

-Cotton Candy Skies Soda

-Ice Cream Sundae


-Watermelon Soda?

-Strawberry Wallpaper

-Strawberry Cake Wall Paper

Note: The Wallpapers Need Function Commands, They Don’t Drop Anything, And Break Very Quickly 

  • Gamegirl ( not functional Just A Cute decor ) /function pa_nora_gamegirl or /give @s pa:nora_gamegirl

This Game girl Is not Functional But very Cute. The crafting recipes Are bit expensive. 

  • Vintage phone ( not functional Just A Cute decor ) /function pa_nora_vintagephone or /give @s pa:nora_vinatgephone

A Cute Phone with a style like Nokia’s Like the gamegirl, the crafting recipe is a bit expensive

  • Pills  ( not functional Just A Cute decor ) /function pa_nora_pills or /give @s pa:nora_pill

Unfortunately This Cafting Recipe Is VERY expensive 

  • Peach Cake Slice ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_cakeslice or /give @s pa:nora_cakeslice
  • Chocolate ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_chocolate or /give @s pa:nora_chocolate
  • Blood Loli ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_halloween1 or /give @s pa:nora_halloween1
  • Milk ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_milk or /give @s pa:nora_milk
  • Crunchem’s bone ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_halloween2  or  /give @s pa:nora_halloween2
  • Pancake ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_pancake  or /give @s pa:nora_pancake
  • Bunny Crunch and cherry Bomb ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_snack2  or /give @s pa:nora_snack2
  • Kitty Coffee ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_coffee     or /give @s pa:nora_coffee
  • Bread1  ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_bread1.   or /give @s pa:nora_bread1
  • Ramen ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_ramen     or /give @s pa:nora_ramen
  • Ice Cream ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_icecream or /give @s pa:nora_icecream
  • Strawberry Parfait ( Functional food ) /function pa_noraparfait or /give @s pa:noraparfait

Colored Hearts – v.1.4.0

ID: 22644

What Hearts are available?

Currently there’s 26 different hearts you can choose from.

  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • White(outlined to not blend into page)
  • Black
  • Rainbow
  • Red+Yellow
  • Red+Pink
  • Green+Blue
  • Magenta+Pink
  • Cyan+Purple
  • Cyan+Pink
  • Blue+Yellow
  • Purple+White(outlined to not blend into page)
  • Green+White(outlined to not blend into page)
  • Sunset
  • Sepia
  • Pumpkin(Halloween Heart)
  • Ugly Sweater(Holiday Heart)
  • Christmas Lights(Holiday Heart)
  • Snowfall(Holiday Heart), (outlined to not blend into page)
  • Invisible

Pixel Legacy Textures

ID: 21711

If you are looking for an unusual and really high-quality texture pack that will differ from others in special detail then download Pixel Legacy for Minecraft. This pack was originally developed for the Java version of the game, but the author made a lot of effort to transfer it to Bedrock. Now all players of the portable version of the game will be able to try this pack and enjoy the views of the new world.

This mod will change a huge number of blocks, textures and tool models. The changes will affect both the upper and lower worlds, which will look very beautiful and unusual.

Textures by Beroy Vanila

ID: 21708

Textures by Beroy Vanila is a rather interesting and simple pack that takes as a basis the vanilla textures of Minecraft for Android and makes them brighter and more detailed. The author of this pack pursued only one goal, to make the game a little more interesting, due to the slight processing of existing textures. This pack will be of interest to those players who are practically satisfied with the standard package, but want to improve it.

After installing these textures, the blocks and objects in the game will be more detailed and will blend better with the surrounding world of the game. If you are looking for textures that will completely change the look of the game, then you better check out something different!

Shaders Realistic World

ID: 21703

If you are tired of vanilla minecraft, and you want to change the outside world of the game, then pay attention to the Realistic World shaders. The author of these shaders tried to make the highest quality shaders that will change the animation of the leaves, work with the lighting model and the sky, and will also work even on weak devices. If you are the owner of a budget gadget and want to improve the picture in the game, then be sure to download and install these shaders.

In addition to working with shadows, the author also paid a lot of attention to the sky, now it looks more pleasant and realistic. Also, many textures have been reworked and work has been done to improve the global illumination.

Shaders Nevb

ID: 21697

If you are looking for shaders that will improve the standard look of the game and will not require additional resources, then download Nevb Shaders for Minecraft PE. This package is designed to improve the existing shaders that are used in the vanilla version of the game. Thanks to these shaders, the picture on the screen will become clearer, smoother and more realistic. This pack will work with many models and textures, making the game look more attractive.

If you want to make the pictures on the screen more beautiful, but not change the appearance of the game much, then these are ideal shaders that will not turn everything upside down and will not require additional resources to work.

YamaRin Legacy Shaders

ID: 21692

If you do not have enough realism in the MCPE game then download shaders called Legacy of YamaRin that will make the sun, sky, sun rays more realistic. The author of these shaders tried to make them as balanced as possible, which means that the picture will not greatly change the appearance of the blocks, but simply give them depth and improve the shadows. After installing these shaders, you will immediately notice how good the clouds, the moon and the water surface are now looking.

If you have a fairly budget device, and you are afraid that it will not handle these shaders, this is not a problem, because the author has added a lite version that will work without problems even on fairly old devices.


  • Improved shadows
  • Better 3D clouds (full version only)
  • Reflections of the sun, moon and clouds on the surface of the water and under water (only in the full version)
  • The worked sun and moon
  • Adjusted lighting, colors, contrasts and tone mapping.
  • Colored lanterns
  • Excitement of water, underwater world and plants

Shaders Ultra core

ID: 21687

If you want to change the lighting model in the game for the better and change the appearance of textures to more realistic ones, then install the Ultra Kernel shaders for Minecraft. These are very interesting and unusual shaders, which were made on the basis of one popular project, which never saw the light of day, since the developers curtailed all work. Thanks to these shaders, the game world will look very beautiful and realistic, making it much more interesting to play.

These shaders will change almost all graphic elements in the game, including some effects. Thanks to them, the sky, water and even sunlight will look much better.

Vanilla Shaders

ID: 21681

If you want to see the game in completely new colors and with new lighting models, then download Vanilla + shaders for Minecraft. This is a great pack that will tweak the lighting model very finely so that subjects will have depth and sharper shadows. This shader will not only change the light, they will also do a great job on the water model, making it more realistic and adding more realistic swaying of grass and leaves.

Thanks to them, the game world will look much brighter and brighter, and this, in turn, will give players the opportunity to look at the beautiful world of Minecraft in a completely new way.

Minecraft Enhanced Release (1.17 and Birthday Update)

ID: 21629

Hello everyone, good to see you again after almost 3 or 2 months without activity with my texture pack and finally I present the full release of Minecraft Enhanced but this “release” is especially to adapt and announce the update. I call it: The 1.17 and the birthday update which is the update of both the 1.17 but as it is also the birthday update, well it is that June 13 was my birthday and Minecraft Enhanced began to develop it on June 12 and for that it’s called but hey let’s continue with the content that this update brought.

With the arrival of the Caves and Cliffs Update, a lot of things like gameplay, generation, mining, and textures were changed, so I decided to redo various textures over the caves in the texture pack.

The first most obvious change in this update is the stone which has been completely redesigned to make it more pleasant to be in the caves.

The minerals did not stay, these also underwent changes, not all but well

The ores with the most changes are the iron that now uses the texture it had in the 21w08a with fully custom variants made from scratch, copper also had changes but not in its vanilla texture but now it has variants made from scratch just like copper. , the carbon had no variants in the previous version but now if it has all its variants like the rest, the lazuli pencil had a redesign in 2 of its first variants the others were changed in the next update, the diamond underwent incredible changes in its texture with a new color in its texture.

Deepslate ores also had the same changes as normal ores.

Inventory icons have been redesigned again now they use 3D blocks and objects for a better experience when viewing your inventory.

The interface of the fully designed brewing stand is now more convenient to view the potion recipes (by Bedrock Tweaks).

The hearts and hunger were completely changed now they are the same as minecraft vanilla since I am not convinced by their previous design:

Normal Hearts

Wither Hearts

Poison Hearts

Absortion Hearts

Frezee Hearts

An animation was added for all furnaces

Changed Flower Pot

Resprited Bows and Crossbows

Resprited all swords

Improved wood tools

Improved Stone tools

Improved Wither (Decay) Effect Icon

Added new variants for Moss Block

Resprited all dirt blocks

Improved Mysterious Trader Llama texture and resprited Mysterious Trader spawn egg

Clean Tinted Glass

Improved Stone Brick textures

Improved Elytra texture

Improved Netherite Armor and Netherite Scrap texture

Improved and Fixed Rain

Improved Alex and Steve texture

Added variants for Quartz Ore

Added variants for Bookshelf

Improved Torch textures

Added Pixel Consistent Signs (By Bedrock Tweaks)

Improved Charater Creator Background

Improved Title and Panorama