GSV Shaders 2.8 Update (Android)

ID: 19964

GSV Shaders is a simple shaders to make your Minecraft a little more beautiful, with shadows, good lighting and beautiful water

For you to see better let’s go to screenshots:

Landscape (Day):

Landscape (Night):

Landscape Raining (Noon):

Landscape Raining (Midnight):

Landscape Snowy Biome:

Water (Sunset):

Water (Midnight):


Nether normal:

Crimson Forest:

Warped Forest:

Basalt Biome:

Soul Sand Valley:

Asriel’s Atmospheric Shaders

ID: 19959

This shader is a side project made by me with the help of a few more people. Some elements of this shader also comes from a tutorial video serie by KK3310. It is a shader that aims to make your minecraft world more vibrant without ruining other elements of the game.

IIn this shader pack you will receive…

– Enhanced Lighting.

– Vibrant ambient colors.

– Lively trees with waving waters.

– Custom day, rain and night sky colors.

– Custom textures on certain particles.

– Improved Nether

– And many more…

It is also recommended to use the shader with the in-game brightness set to 50 or above.


Voxel Shaders

ID: 19954

Ever wanted to play with Realistic shader but your devices isn’t capable of doing so?

Well worry no more..

Because I’ve created a shader with high quality and vibrant color with special feature you wont find in other low end shaders!!

Voxel Shaders features amazing stuff like glowing ores, vibrant world colors and much more!!

This shader has a lot of interesting features that you can enable or disable in settings file!


Water waves(Can be turned On in Settings file)

Water waves = ON

Water waves = OFF

Realistic Caustic (Can be turned On in Settings file)

Vignette(Can be turned On in Settings file)

Sun Reflection on grass and water(Can be turned On in Settings file)

Sun Reflection on Metallic Blocks(Can be turned On in Settings file)

~All the sun reflection features only appear when sunset/sunrise

Glowing Ores(Can be turned On in Settings file)

KGPE Shaders (Beta V5.5)

ID: 19949

Hey ever looked for shaders that are made for everyone that is what I did this shader aims support for all devices low to high end all you need is a working device with 750 mb ram and Enjoy the game 

This shader will be having 3 variants low medium and high to be honest Each of them coming one by one high one will come by march of next year.


  • Realistic Shadow Rendering.
  • Advance Tonemapping.
  • Volumetric Clouds.
  • Orangish Torch lights.
  • dFd Rendering.
  • Custom Sky.
  • Connected glass
  • Custom textures and more.

(All of these features are in low version)

Supported Platforms:

  • Android
  • I don’t have iOS but it should work.
  • Windows 10 not supported

Picture Gallery:

Carbon Shaders MCPE

ID: 19944

This shader is made for low end devices (2+ GB ram and 1 GB ram too but might be laggy)who want something new and wanna replace the vanilla on their low end device this shader could run easily on those devices with getting 30+ fps

I Hope you like it



-custom tonemap/environment

-waving plant & water

-sun reflection

-normal Shadow & side block shadow

-lighting color

-natural fog

-transparent water (Water colour and transparency has been updated)

-underwater wave

-custom sky color (NEW)

-realistic sun and moon (NEW)

All GPU supported

Supported Platforms


-IOS (not tested)



Osc Shaders V1.3

ID: 19938

These Shaders add a different map tone to your Minecraft making it look much better plus a sky with a different color tone during the day and night plus a rotated sun and moon and movement in the leaves and plants







Realistic Storage Furnitures

ID: 19883

Welcome to the first version of Realistic storage furniture.

Do you feel like your world needs more design and storage at the same time?

Or do you feel like blocks such as the bookshelf should have storage.

Well this addon is for you! Hope you enjoy

These add-on adds craftable furniture storage in your world.

In this first version there is only 5 furnitures that is craftable for now.


Cabinet 4 storage

Small Table 2 storage

Bookshelf 1 storage

Brown Box 1 storage

White Storage 1 storage

How can I place these furnitures?

After crafting you can place it like using a spawn egg.

How can I break them?

For now you can use a stick then right click on them to break.

ID: 19876

Are you tired of using stairs and slabs to decorate your house? Well look no further than the Rage Decor Addon! It adds 100+ furniture and is updated to YOUR requests!

What to expect in this addon:

64х64 Текстур-пак Defscape Texture Pack

ID: 19768

Defscape – это элегантный пакет текстур с очень чистым видом. Очень красиво смотрится как на средневековых, так и на современных типах карт. Каждая текстура блока невероятно детализирована из-за высокого разрешения (64 × 64 пикселя), но детали всегда выглядят очень хорошо и никогда не подавляют. Все, от блоков и предметов до неба и воды, было переработано.

Brutal Guns Resource Pack!

ID: 19532

In this resource pack, the texture, sound and text of the Bow and Crossbow are replaced with EPIC cool guns! Designed for those who want to shoot cool and feel like a dangerous shooter!

This resource pack replaces the Crossbow and everything related to it with a Double Barreled Shotgun! And a bow for a revolver!

All names and textures associated with Bow and Crossbow have been replaced with Weapons. Including sound and text (currently Russian and English).