Mega Rainbow Parkour Map

ID: 21913

If you are looking for a complex and interesting map with parkour, where you can pass obstacles in a dozen minutes, then download the map Mega rainbow parkour for Minecraft. On this map, you will find almost 300 stages of parkour, where you will have to go through a huge number of obstacles of varying difficulty. The further you go, the more difficult this map will be. If you are already an experienced player or you just want to have fun, then you will definitely like this card.

Control points will be established throughout the map, thanks to which, after death, you do not have to go through the entire map from the very beginning. In order to activate the checkpoint and save, stand on the yellow blocks that are located on the floor.

Bee Parkour Map

ID: 21908

If you want to do parkour and hone your skills in the Minecraft PE game, then pay attention to the Bee Parkour map, where a lot of difficult tests await you. As you might have guessed, this card is completely made in the bee style, which makes it very beautiful and unusual. If you like not only to overcome obstacles, but also to do it on a beautiful map, then you will definitely like this map.

The main feature of this card, in addition to its style, is its rather high difficulty, so not every player will be able to pass this card the first time.

Parkour Time Map

ID: 21902

Parkour time is an excellent map for Minecraft PE where you have to go through 5 levels of exciting parkour and overcome all obstacles. There are various blocks on this map, some of them will give you very useful abilities, while others can kill you. On this map, you always have to think about which block you should step on, and which one is better to bypass.

The author of this map made it as interesting as possible, moderately complex and at the same time not too long. You won’t spend tens of minutes to complete this map, so this is an ideal map for fast parkour.

Parkour PRO Map

ID: 21897

Want to see a real map for parkour, which uses all the innovations of the Minecraft 1.17 version, if so then download the Parkour PRO map. This is a very difficult, but extremely interesting map, which consists of 11 most difficult stages, which only a true parkour master can go through. If you do not consider yourself an experienced tracer, but want to improve your skills, then you will also like this card.

On average, it takes about 45 minutes to complete this map, if you consider yourself a parkour master, try to complete it in at least 40 minutes and tell us about it in the comments below.

1v1 Parkour Map

ID: 21892

If you want to compete with your friends in the skill of parkour, then download this map for Minecraft on Android which will allow you to do it. This map is a long obstacle course with two tracks on either side of the corridor. Both tracks will be absolutely identical, so they will allow two players to compete in speed and skill at once. This map will be very interesting for those players who constantly argue with friends who is the best master.

PvP is allowed on this map, so during the passage you can fight the enemy using a bow and arrow. Thanks to this, passing the map will become many times more interesting and make it more realistic.

Bedwars + Skyblock – ALPHA

ID: 21885

Welcome to the second map that I promised to do on my first one! Today, I made BEDWARS in MINECRAFT! And also Skyblock if ya wanna play in single player.


So, to start off, Bedwars is a game where players go hunt down other player’s beds to make their respawn ded. Plus, you gotta protect your own bed which is harder. Last team standing wins. Anyways, the islands are easy.

Your Island! (Bed Island)

Resource Islands

And, I forgot to mention there is a shop on your island. All the resources you got are for buying stuff at the shop.                                                  Block Shop

                                                                 Tools Shop

Also, the map is not resettable unless you redownload the map. Sorry! =(


Skyblock – INFO

Skyblock is a classic game. Skyblock is a game where you try to survive on an island for a very long time. The island looks like this

Not kidding. Skyblock doesn’t give you much space to work on an island. But there are some resources in the chest that will help you to survive.

Mini Bedwars Map

ID: 21879

If you do not have many friends who play Minecraft on Android, or it is simply difficult to collect everyone at the same time, then download the Mini Bedwars map. This map was designed for 1v1 play, so even with one friend who plays mine, you can have a great time on this map and find out who is the strongest of you. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a limited amount of resources that you must use wisely in order to destroy the sprinkled enemy.

The main task on this map will be to destroy the enemy’s bed, but until your bed or another player’s bed is destroyed, you and he will respawn an infinite number of times. To win, you can use a special store where you can buy everything you need to win.

Bedwars Map 1 on 1

ID: 21874

If you like mini-games in the Bedwars genre, but you do not have a lot of friends playing Minecraft, then download the Bedwars 1v1 map. This map was specially created so that it would be comfortable for only two players to play on it, but it is nothing inferior to multiplayer maps of this genre. Here, as usual, you will need to destroy the enemy’s bed, and whoever does it first will be considered the winner.

Due to the fact that this card has a rather small size, it is very comfortable to play on it even with such a small number of players. This card will give you a lot of emotions and positive mood, especially if you play it with your best friend.

What’s new?

  • Changed the location of the game
  • Reworked merchant
  • Added new visual effects

Space Bedwars Map

ID: 21869

If you want to play Bedwars with your friends then be sure to download and install the incredible Space Bedwars map for Minecraft on Android. This is one of the best cards in this genre, which can be played by 2 to 8 players at the same time. As in any game of this genre, your task will be to destroy the enemy’s bed and prevent the destruction of your bed.

There are a lot of interesting solutions on this map, for example, trading with villagers who, for a certain amount of valuable materials, will be ready to sell you equipment and armor.

Map features

  • 2-8 players
  • 8 colorful planets for teams
  • Black hole in the middle
  • UFO-themed generators that produce gold
  • 5 emerald generators in the center of the map
  • Ender chests in which you can store your items!
  • Trade, buy useful items for gold, iron and emeralds!
  • A complete reset system that resets the entire game!

Please note that only one player can be in one team and in this game mode you will fight against everyone. If you have problems with the map, then enter the command / function reset which will restart the gameplay.

Map Villa by the Sea

ID: 21864

If you have always dreamed of building your mansion by the sea in Minecraft, but you did not have enough time for this, then download the map of Villa by the sea. This is a great, well-equipped house where you can live, either yourself or invite friends. Also, this house will be of interest to those players who do not want to live in dugouts or in halabudas made of logs at the start of the game.

This house has a landscaped area and even a pool with sun loungers, where you can relax after a hard day of play. If you are missing something in this house or you do not like some design solutions, you can always rebuild it for yourself.