Welcome to the second map that I promised to do on my first one! Today, I made BEDWARS in MINECRAFT! And also Skyblock if ya wanna play in single player.


So, to start off, Bedwars is a game where players go hunt down other player’s beds to make their respawn ded. Plus, you gotta protect your own bed which is harder. Last team standing wins. Anyways, the islands are easy.

Your Island! (Bed Island)

Resource Islands

And, I forgot to mention there is a shop on your island. All the resources you got are for buying stuff at the shop.                                                  Block Shop

                                                                 Tools Shop

Also, the map is not resettable unless you redownload the map. Sorry! =(


Skyblock – INFO

Skyblock is a classic game. Skyblock is a game where you try to survive on an island for a very long time. The island looks like this

Not kidding. Skyblock doesn’t give you much space to work on an island. But there are some resources in the chest that will help you to survive.


1. Bedwarsskyblock