Bedwars Map 1 on 1

ID: 21874

If you like mini-games in the Bedwars genre, but you do not have a lot of friends playing Minecraft, then download the Bedwars 1v1 map. This map was specially created so that it would be comfortable for only two players to play on it, but it is nothing inferior to multiplayer maps of this genre. Here, as usual, you will need to destroy the enemy’s bed, and whoever does it first will be considered the winner.

Due to the fact that this card has a rather small size, it is very comfortable to play on it even with such a small number of players. This card will give you a lot of emotions and positive mood, especially if you play it with your best friend.

What’s new?

  • Changed the location of the game
  • Reworked merchant
  • Added new visual effects


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