If you do not have enough realism in the MCPE game then download shaders called Legacy of YamaRin that will make the sun, sky, sun rays more realistic. The author of these shaders tried to make them as balanced as possible, which means that the picture will not greatly change the appearance of the blocks, but simply give them depth and improve the shadows. After installing these shaders, you will immediately notice how good the clouds, the moon and the water surface are now looking.

If you have a fairly budget device, and you are afraid that it will not handle these shaders, this is not a problem, because the author has added a lite version that will work without problems even on fairly old devices.


  • Improved shadows
  • Better 3D clouds (full version only)
  • Reflections of the sun, moon and clouds on the surface of the water and under water (only in the full version)
  • The worked sun and moon
  • Adjusted lighting, colors, contrasts and tone mapping.
  • Colored lanterns
  • Excitement of water, underwater world and plants


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