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Kawaii Items by Cupidnora Posted On MCPEDL by me ( this addon is created by Cupidnora NOT ME ). This addon adds 28 + 2 wallpapers / Anime themed food Or retro-themed foods into your game, Please turn on Experimental gameplay <3 and cheats. To get all the items to type down /function cupidnora_kawaii_items (/give also works too!)This addon is survival-friendly, but you still need experimental gameplay on, the reason I said that is because there are crafting recipes for it. And when downloading, please watch it download for at least 3 minutes before taking action. !Warning!  please refresh your Minecraft before downloading or the pack icon won’t show. 

This addon adds about 28 Kawaii anime/retro-themed food/items and 2 strawberry aesthetic wallpapers made by Cupidnora And needs to have experimental gameplay and cheats on, This Addon Is ( Maybe? ) Survival friendly, The crafting recipes Are Relatively easy. This Addon Adds:


-Vintage phone 


-Peach cake slice


-Blood loli


-Crunchem’s bone 


-Bunny Crunch and cherry Bomb

-Kitty Coffee 



-ice cream 

-Strawberry Parfait 

-Green Tea 

-Donut And Cake 


-Cream Bun ( If Correctly )

-Cookie Cat

-Hot Choco

-Mango Soda

-Melon Pop

-Rain Daze Soda

-Cotton Candy Skies Soda

-Ice Cream Sundae


-Watermelon Soda?

-Strawberry Wallpaper

-Strawberry Cake Wall Paper

Note: The Wallpapers Need Function Commands, They Don’t Drop Anything, And Break Very Quickly 

  • Gamegirl ( not functional Just A Cute decor ) /function pa_nora_gamegirl or /give @s pa:nora_gamegirl

This Game girl Is not Functional But very Cute. The crafting recipes Are bit expensive. 

  • Vintage phone ( not functional Just A Cute decor ) /function pa_nora_vintagephone or /give @s pa:nora_vinatgephone

A Cute Phone with a style like Nokia’s Like the gamegirl, the crafting recipe is a bit expensive

  • Pills  ( not functional Just A Cute decor ) /function pa_nora_pills or /give @s pa:nora_pill

Unfortunately This Cafting Recipe Is VERY expensive 

  • Peach Cake Slice ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_cakeslice or /give @s pa:nora_cakeslice
  • Chocolate ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_chocolate or /give @s pa:nora_chocolate
  • Blood Loli ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_halloween1 or /give @s pa:nora_halloween1
  • Milk ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_milk or /give @s pa:nora_milk
  • Crunchem’s bone ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_halloween2  or  /give @s pa:nora_halloween2
  • Pancake ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_pancake  or /give @s pa:nora_pancake
  • Bunny Crunch and cherry Bomb ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_snack2  or /give @s pa:nora_snack2
  • Kitty Coffee ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_coffee     or /give @s pa:nora_coffee
  • Bread1  ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_bread1.   or /give @s pa:nora_bread1
  • Ramen ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_ramen     or /give @s pa:nora_ramen
  • Ice Cream ( Functional food ) /function pa_nora_icecream or /give @s pa:nora_icecream
  • Strawberry Parfait ( Functional food ) /function pa_noraparfait or /give @s pa:noraparfait


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