Squid game in Minecraft

ID: 22750

Briefly about fashion

Mod Minecraft squid game contains only one card. But she will also give new sensations from the Minecraft game. It will feature characters from The Squid Game – a robot doll, overseers and survivors. There will also be a tree on which the doll rests. 

The squid game server allows gamers to create their own games with surviving characters, and the doll will shoot fiery projectiles at the players. Therefore, to make the squid game minecraft map passable, stock up on armor and weapons.

Walkthrough recommendations

Map game squid minecraft is difficult to pass, but do not use cheats or creative mode. Play from a third person perspective. Follow the instructions of the doll: move when she speaks and stop at the appropriate signal. 

So the squid game server will help you try on the role of one of the main characters of the acclaimed Korean TV series in the well-known world of Minecraft.

Squid Game (Карта)

ID: 22742

Это карта, на которой вы можете сыграть в несколько игр из популярной серии “Squid Game”. Играйте в одиночку или с друзьями и получайте удовольствие: D        

На данный момент эта карта включает 3 набора:
– Красный свет, зеленый свет
– Соты
– Хрустальный мост

Также на этой карте есть: музыка, эффекты, голоса, модели и анимация для лучшего опыта.

Прочие характеристики:

– Самовосстанавливающаяся карта
– Вы можете выбрать продолжительность игры
– Язык голоса: корейский, английский и испанский.
– Режим зрителя
– Инструкции о том, как играть в каждую игру на карте.

[3D] Squid Game V1

ID: 22737

This is the first version of my 3D Squid Game Addon. In this addon you gonna see Uniforms exemples : Player Clothings, Manager Guard Uniform, Soldier Guard Uniform with or without the Body cam, Worker Uniform with the cooking apron or without. And I have add a GUI with all Squid Game soundboard that you can use for a map or a rp but for the moment the soundboard are in french ! I let you see that in your world and with the images below.I remind I am french so I apologize for the errors of grammar. I hope you gonna like my pack and if there are bugs or you want to change something or you have ideas do not hesitate to let me know !

You can see in the images below, a taste before you download the pack. You can see In Game screenshots of clothings ! We have the Worker, Manager, Soldier and Player. Will you be able to recognize places and references ?

Basic Worker :

Chef Worker :

Soldier with Body Cam :

Manager :

Player Number 000 :

Squid Game Rampage – Mod for Squid Game

ID: 22732

Mod Squid Game Rampage will add heroes from the famous TV series ” Squid Game ” to the game. In particular, the killer doll from the first game, guards and game participants will appear. The creator of the modification has prepared a lot of content for the players.

Guards dressed in pink suits will attack characters in green uniforms. The task is to hide in a safe place, but not everyone will succeed. By the way, the doll also attacks the surviving players and throws fireballs at them.

To spawn characters from the Squid Game mod, you must use Creative Mode. As a bonus, the developer added a huge tree.

Download the Squid Game Rampage mod is recommended for those who want to diversify the gameplay, add spice and action to it. You have to really try hard to survive.

Sleek N Modern Redstone Mansion

ID: 22725

My very first public post. A Sleek and Modern Redstone-cum-command block House, with possibly everything you might need to play survival. Its got a brand new Sea facing, In-a-hill house with the basic layout, ready for you to decorate as per your taste.

The redstone house if packed with redstone running all through the house. The house itself contains, but not limited to:

  • Swimming pool
  • outdoor theatre with Dolby 5.0 speakers,
  • ranch,
  • a magnificent fountain,
  • an underground vault filled to brim with lavishing gold, diamond, emeralds, lapis lazuli and iron.
  • a royal surprise
  • an underground jail accommodated by the lurky monsters.

And a giant surprise,



Bored hanging around in such a lavish mansion? Well, I’ve got it covered for you. All you have to do is proceed to the terrace and hit the rail. You will be taken to a magnificent village-turned-office, where villagers actually work in this big office.

Backpacks & Toolbelts V2.0 (Large Backpacks + Bug Fixes)

ID: 22719

Are you tired of constantly running out of inventory space? Always needing to put stuff away and move things? With this mod you will get backpacks & toolbelts added to your minecraft experience. Read More Below!


Please make sure to enable the following settings for the world(s) which you apply this addon.

Sewing Table

The sewing table is used for crafting backpacks inside of it you will require it because you cant craft the backpacks in a normal crafting table! Here is the recipe!


The backpacks have 27 slots. These are craftable using the sewing table and can be equipped in your chest slot. To open the backpack simply look straight down and interact this will open the backpack showing your storage. The backpacks also come in a variety of colors and can be upgraded to large backpacks containing 54 total slots! Here are the crafting recipes!

Large Backpacks

The large backpacks have 54 slots. These are craftable using the sewing table and can be equipped in your chest slot. To open the backpack simply look straight down and interact this will open the 1st storage pouch but in order to open the 2nd storage pouch you look up and interact! The backpacks also come in a variety of colors. Here are the crafting recipes!

Large Backpack Preview

Look down and interact to open the 1st storage pouch or Look up and interact to open the 2nd storage pouch


The toolbelts have 5 slots. These are now craftable using the crafting table and can be equipped in your leggings slot. To open the toolbelt simply look straight down and interact this will open the toolbelt showing your storage. Here is the crafting recipe!

Bug Fixes!

With this update i  have added a new tier of backpacks but more importantly i have fixed some bugs! Here are the bugs i have fixed!

Explosions Causing Backpacks to Drop The Items Inside

Before any explosion would easily break the backpack exposing all the items in a mess on the ground not anymore!

Now you can build up easier!

Before building up was a hassle but not anymore because i have changed and adjusted the backpack storages making them smaller but still easily accessible!

Squid Game Map – FIXED

ID: 22693

Squid Game Map in Minecraft, this map is based on the series on Netflix called “Squid Game”, me and my friends created this map for you to be able to get the squid game experience in Minecraft, it only contain the Red Light – Green Light game for now due to bedrock edition limitations

In this map, you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode or in solo mode, it’s up to you, but i recommend playing it in Multiplayer mode for the best experience 


•Play in third person mode for the best experience 

•The map is in adventure mode by default

•Don’t cheat / go to creative mode 

Here are some map images

How to play?
You need to stop moving when – The doll stops talking, or else you will die

You can start moving when – The doll starts talking

Your goal is to reach the finish line alive

The map supports Multiplayer Mode, and you can restart the game and play again anytime you want 

Squid Game (Red Light, Green Light) (Map)

ID: 22688

This map is a recreation of one of the games from the popular Squid Game series. I have added several add-ons, music and animations to make it more realistic. Now you can play in Minecraft Red Light, Green Light.

How to play?
Players can advance as long as the dummy talks. If the dummy detects moves later, they will be eliminated.

Reach the goal without being detected by the dummy and win the game.

Important! The doll can detect when you:
– Move forward
– Jump
– Move your head
– When you change your state from crouching to standing or vice versa.


– Play alone or with friends
– Self-repairing map
– Includes music
– You can choose the length of the game
– 2 game modes
– Voice language: Original and Spanish.
– Spectator mode


Squid Game Rampage Addon

ID: 22683

Squid Game Rampage addon is a fun to play addon which will add the Squid Game killer doll, Red Guards and the survivors to your game. This is a very fun to play Minecraft Addon and you can use it in your Minecraft map for more adventure and fun 

This Minecraft Addon will add The Robot doll form Squid Game The Red Guards and the Lone Survivors in the Game

-the giant robot doll will attack the green wearing survivors and shoot fire balls

-Red soldiers too will attack green uniform survivors and they will run away from their enemies to safety

-there is a spawn tree form the squid game series too which I added and is spawn able as well

 You are free to use it in your Minecraft world if credited

Squid Game SkinPack 2.0 [25 Skins ] (Bugs Fixed) – Update!

ID: 22678

Would you like to win ₩45.6 billion? Then download this skin pack, which has 15 skins from the hit Series “Squid Game”. You can now play as most of the characters! 

Change Log: 
The slim skin bug has been fixed

Other variations of the Red guard have been added

“Squid Game SkinPack” is inspired by the Series “Squid Game”. This skin pack  is available for all versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition and is easily downloadable on PC, Mobile and Xbox. Share and comment down below if you want me to add more skins and/or make new skin packs.