Scientists were trying to do a experiment on a player, but it went wrong, the player was turning into a ZOMBIE, and broke out of it’s prison and spread the virus and infected the scientists! And your the only one who can stop the zombie apocalypse!


My addon is finally updated and ready to be released and i finally made my own model for the zombie golem! 

This addon adds new types of zombies like:

Apocalypse Zombie:

  • Unlike regular zombies, theu burn in daylight, and doesn’t spawn in daylight! But the apocalypse zombie can!
  • It is much stronger than a regular zombie!
  • You will get a hunger effect if you get hitted by it!
  • Health: 30
  • Attack: 6 (hunger)

Infested zombie:

  • Infested is much stronger than a apocalypse zombie, it can poison you, but it has lower health!
  • It is stronger than the apocalypse zombie and a regular one! Don’t get hit by it or you will die fast!
  • Health: 20
  • Attack: 8 (poison)

Withered zombie:

  • Withered zombie used to be a regular zombie but got withered by a wither and survived, but it turned into half wither!
  • It is stronger than a wither skeleton! It can also wither you! And deals more damage! Don’t get hit or you will die already!
  • Health: 50
  • Attack: 10 (wither)

Skeleton Zombie:

  • Unlike skeletons they hold a bow, but skeleton zombie holds a crossbow!
  • It is stronger than a stray, and skeleton! It also shots 2 arrows every shot! It even has it’s own arrow (zombie arrow)!
  • Health: 35
  • Attack: Arrows

Ender Zombie:

  • Unlike endermans, they get hurt in water, but the ender zombie can’t! It is immuned to water, but it teleports out of the water, sometimes it doesn’t.
  • It has more attack damage and health than a enderman! It’s similar to the withered zombie, but it teleports!
  • Health: 65
  • Attack: 15 (wither)

Zombie golem:

  • It’s now 10x stronger than the old one!
  • Zombie golem has now been remodeled! And buffed!
  • Health: 500
  • Attack: 25 (Fatal poison)

King zombie:

  • King zombie… The strongest one, the leader of every zombies has came! It has a special weapon that can kill you in a few hits!
  • Don’t even try to kill him with your melee, that’s Suicide! Use ranged weapons to kill him easily!
  • He is 2x stronger than the wither! It can also drop a special weapon! You can use it to defend yourself from the zombies!
  • King zombie’s chance of spawning is the same amount of chance to spawn as a wandering trader!!

King zombie stats:

  • Health: Over 450
  • Attack: Over 65

Soldier zombie:

  • This zombie used to be a soldier who will save minecraft from the zombie apocalypse, but got infected!
  • It used to hold a gun but it’s invisible, i don’t know why, it’s a bug that i can’t fix, but don’t worry guys, still can fix it on the v2!
  • Health: 30
  • Attack: Soldier’s Gun

The C̸̤̈́ò̶̳r̵̻̾r̴̪̽ŭ̸͔p̶͇̅t̶̖̿e̵̢͐d̶̲͗ ̸̡̀Z̶̡̓o̶͕͛m̷̘̾b̵͔̚i̵͉͘e̷̥̚ is very fast and it can teleport in it’s target! 

It can also kill you in one hit! 

Health: 250

Attack: Over 25

New zombified trader! 

Since mojang never added in zombified wandering trader, i’ve decided to add it in on my addon! 

It’s like a zombie villager but has more health! 

Health: 25

Attack: 5 (weakness) 

New mobs! 

Halloween Zombie

Also known as the Jack’O Zombie! 

I couldn’t make it glow at dark but i’ll try my best to make it glow at v4.5

It also has screaming sounds too, it can also give you blindness effect!

Health: 30

Attack: 8 (Blindness) 


It’s the zombified version of a pillager, it’s just like a zombie villager but it has a crossbow!

Health: 35

Attack: Arrows

Haunted Zombie

A very aggressive killer with a bloody wield axe that is aggressive like a zoglin!

It’s a very bloody zombie with more health and alot of attack damage! 

Health: 35

Attack: 8 

Triple headed zombie

It’s like a regular zombie but with 3 heads and 3x stronger! 

Health: 60

Attack: 9

Reaper Zombie 

It’s a aggressive ghost mob with a grim reaper schyte! 

It has a unique ai that avoids sunlight and burning! 

Health: 65

Attack: 12

New additional features!:

Zombie golem has been named to mutant zombie except the id of it! 

New bloody sword! 

It’s just a bloody iron sword that you can get from a additional mob called creepypasta zombie! 

Bloody axe

You can get this from the haunted zombie! 


It’s a new explosive weapon that can help you kill crowded zombies! Just avoit hitting mobs with it otherwise it won’t blow up

Grenade recipe:

Additional Feature:

Soldier’s Gun! 

It can be obtained by crafting it with the following items and recipe! 

You can also use this weapon to defend yourself from the zombies! The gun is very op that you can defeat the king easily! 

If you applied this addon to your world, you don’t have to use /function, they will instantly spawn after you open your world! 


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