Minecraft, But Im A Creeper (Morph Add-On)

ID: 26711

How it Works

The process is straightforward. Simply perform a Right Click or Tap & Hold action on the “Become Creeper” item to transform into a Creeper! To return to your normal state, follow the same steps with the “Become Human” item.

While in the form of a Creeper, you are unable to enter creative mode, as this action would lead to a malfunction.

Creeper Functionality

In Creeper form, you will detonate whenever you approach ANY mob, with the exception of the following:

  1. Players
  2. Other Creepers

However, players can also employ Flint and Steel to trigger your explosion.

If you are struck by lightning, you will become charged, mimicking the behavior of real creepers. This results in a significantly more potent explosion.

Enjoy your gameplay, whether it involves playing around with or teasing your friends!


1. Mc but im a creeper bp by juliusscizzor

2. Mc but im a creeper rp by juliusscizzor