New Textures & Bug Fixes | FuseRealism Resource Pack

ID: 151

This texture pack was designed for people who love realistic styled Minecraft. I decided to create a resource pack with high resolution textures (100+ textures). All textures are in 512×512 resolution.

This Resource Pack Has Hundreds of Ultra Realistic And Seemless Textures Including:

  • Tree barks Including Log Tops
  • Nature Textures Grass, Snow, Dirt Etc…..
  • Tiles, Planks, Floors And Terracottas
  • Plants And Leaves
  • Ambient Sounds Birds Chirping, Wind, Etc…
  • New Colored Glass

If You Dont Hear Any Ambient Sounds Make Sure you have Music Volume On Highest.

It’s highly recommended to use shaders with it. This improves the overall quality of the resource pack.

NOTE: This resource pack is still in development. There are still some bugs so don’t complain in the comments.

You May:

-Modify This Resource Pack For Personal Uses.

-Review/Showcase This Resource Pack On Your Youtube Videos With Appropriate Download Links/Credits.

(Email Me at For More Details.)

Upcoming Features:

  • All Colored Glass
  • Bug Fixes
  • Quartz, Netherrack, Nether Brick Textured

New High Quality Plank Textures Perfect For Houses, Huts, Buildings

-Fixed Logs And Now Made Them More Round!

-New Textures Sdded Such As Dark Planks, Grass Path [Fixed], Brushed Iron, And New Sand Texture.

-Improved Sand Texture!

Cursed Minecraft Texture Pack

ID: 150

Hello fellow minecrafters! Today I’m going to publish my first texture pack in mcpedl! This texture will also useful at trolling people, or even confusing yourself. If you try having challenges in Minecraft, this texture pack is for you! Go check it out now!

This is a cursed texture pack in Bedrock edition, which follows the recent trends showing triple recipes, among other things. Every block and item is confusing your brain and it should be designed into a weird texture pack. You should try to play Minecraft with this texture pack, and try your best reached the end dimension to beat the ender dragon.

BombErik’s Texture Tweaks

ID: 138

This texture pack slightly tweaks the vanilla textures so that they make more sense. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. This is my first texture pack so please give feedback!

ESBE 2G Shader

ID: 144

ESBE_2G is a shader pack for Bedrock platforms makes your world more beautiful works on both mobile and pc.

You don’t have to preparation powerful device (iPhone 5s is enough to).

Enjoy your beautiful world!





  • Lightweight depiction
  • Tone map using NTSC weighted average method
  • waving leaves & water reflection depiction
  • Sparkling stars, Enhanced dusk
  • Beautiful clouds & aurora
  • Brightness varies depending on the direction
  • Compatible with both Mobile and PC(Win10)
  • No useless code

    FOV 70° brightness 50 recommended

Ricardo Golem: Bedrock Edition

ID: 140

The legendary Ricardo Milos finally came to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! Try this impressive resource pack and you’ll never want to go back to old, boring iron golems ever again! Trust me!

First time when I wanted to download Ricardo golem resource pack, I was genuinely surprised that no-one has done it for Bedrock Edition yet. So I’ve used the opportunity to make this amazing resource pack for all of you, my lovely hamsters

First of all – the golem. New beautiful texture for them.

But wait, that’s not all! Pumpkins have also received a brand new texture to match the beautiful iron golem!

It also creates this weirdo…

Simple Tweaks

ID: 133

This texture pack was made originally only for me since I didn’t like some of the default textures is Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but I decided to share it with you guys since I think you might like it.

These blocks/items’ textures were changed since I didn’t quite like them and it irritated me so much that I decided to make a whole texture pack for it. While some were okay, just a little bit annoying, I still changed them since I thought I could improve them, but any suggestions would be taken into consideration.

Here are the blocks/items changed!

Closer look:

New Textures:

Ayden’s Pack IV

ID: 129

Ayden’s Pack IV retextures some of the most important/used items in Minecraft. Items like the tools and food, Blocks are even redesigned. UI and GUI changes are also apart of this resource pack. For now this is in Alpha and doesn’t feature any block, UI, or GUI changes, these will be included in the Betas in the future.

Aydens Pack IV is a resource pack that is currently being developed by Ayden Christopher a.k.a “Ayden Has a Bomb”, equally important this pack retextures some of the most used/important items such as; the wooden, stone, iron, gold, and diamond tools as well as food items, crops, cave blocks and items, and a lot more! This pack also retextures the UI (User Interface) and GUI (Graphical UI). In addition to all of this, there are other versions will be available and can be downloaded in the near future.

AlphaCraft Bedrock Edition v1.9

ID: 125

This resource pack brings back the textures and sounds from the original Minecraft Java alpha to your current game. This is a great way to relive memories or see what Minecraft was like back then without sacrificing any current features.

This resource pack:

  • Adds all old sounds back.
  • Adds back many old block textures and some alpha style recreations of some new ones, just some of them can be seen in the picture below.
  • -Replaces some new blocks and textures with alpha like textures. Some flowers and foods also have alpha like textures.

-Brings back the Rose, Cyan Flower and removes the poppy and corn flower, also brings back the old dandelion.

-Gives the Spider and Enderman it’s original eyes back.

Currently some items and blocks that don’t have old textures will use there current one (whichever pack you use underneath this one), however I may eventually replace new items with alpha like textures. This pack will be updated.

P.A’s Resurrection Texture Pack

ID: 121

This is a discontinued java pack that I’m reviving in honor of a very talented textures creator who is no longer working on Minecraft anymore. This pack is simple yet detailed like my minuscule pack. Its light ,cheerful ,and easy on the eyes! Give it a go and tell me what you think below! 

Note : beta is not supported! ( beta breaks texture packs )

Report any bugs, or give your review in my discord

This pack is one of my personal favorite texture packs because of how versatile it is. It combines simple textures and detail in one great blend. The original creator( P.A. ,To whom I give all credit to) said this before he left. “I wouldn’t classify it as a simple pack, smooth pack, or bucket fill pack. Simple packs are usually very flat and dull. Smooth packs make the game look smooth and textureless. Bucket fill packs are both, and none of them have any shading. This pack isn’t any of them, it is more of a noiseless pack that doesn’t aim to make the game simple, but bright and happy. This pack was meant to resurrect noiseless packs and to make them less dull and drab.” And that’s what he said! So try it out below and tell me what you think! Ps; yes, the current update is supported.

Easy to See Texture Pack

ID: 117

Have you ever found it difficult to see the default texture in Minecraft?

I recommend this resource pack to you!

This resource pack will change the color of various blocks!

【What’s changed】

  • glass

    The seam disappeared and it became clear

  • concrete

   It became a clear color

  • terracotta

   It looks like concrete and the colors are also vivid

  • redstone

   It looks simple and easy to distinguish

【screen shot】

The look at Mesa will be very good

Various architecture can be done with this new color

Try this resource pack that looks brilliant!