Ayden’s Pack IV

ID: 129

Ayden’s Pack IV retextures some of the most important/used items in Minecraft. Items like the tools and food, Blocks are even redesigned. UI and GUI changes are also apart of this resource pack. For now this is in Alpha and doesn’t feature any block, UI, or GUI changes, these will be included in the Betas in the future.

Aydens Pack IV is a resource pack that is currently being developed by Ayden Christopher a.k.a “Ayden Has a Bomb”, equally important this pack retextures some of the most used/important items such as; the wooden, stone, iron, gold, and diamond tools as well as food items, crops, cave blocks and items, and a lot more! This pack also retextures the UI (User Interface) and GUI (Graphical UI). In addition to all of this, there are other versions will be available and can be downloaded in the near future.


1. Aydens-Pack-Alpha-Test-77