Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft PE

ID: 23261

What is new in Pixelmon Mod?

This update is rightfully considered one of the best in this field. First of all, it is worth noting that it adds more than 20 Pokemon. Each of them has unique abilities, and the level of graphics is simply amazing.

By the way, the authors of Pixelmon Mod offer players interesting mechanics of interaction with these characters. The Minecraft PE hero will have at his disposal five variants of new types of armor, each of which has unique protective properties.

Start an exciting adventure in the cubic world based on the famous story.

Choosing a Pokemon

As soon as the user gets into Pixelmon Mod, a message appears on the screen that he needs to choose a Pokemon that he will control. To do this, there are three options to choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

After that, a special menu button will appear, with which the Minecraft PE player will be able to control the ward. By the way, there are many different creatures in the Inventory of Creative Mode, as well as Pikachu, Eevee, and many others.

The beginning of the battle

The mechanics of Pixelmon Mod competitions are quite simple, it is enough to choose two Pokemon and start the battle in the menu that appears. Thus, Minecraft PE players will be able to find out which of the characters is stronger and develop his abilities.

New items

In addition to a large number of different Pokemon that will try their best to show all their unique abilities, Pixelmon Mod also has many different items.

For example, players can defend themselves with new types of armor and incredible weapons. In addition, unique variants of various ores will appear in Minecraft PE.

Pixelmon BE Combat System Test 2

ID: 23253

The Pixelmon Mod is probably the most enjoyed and downloaded mod of all time on Java Edition. However on Bedrock Edition there are only a few addons about Pokémon and none of these implements a deep combat system like the Java Edition Mod. With Scripting API we can get trough this limitation but these are supported only on Windows 10 so I decided to start creating it now to make it grow enough to have a lot of content when the APIs will be supported by all platforms

Development status

The development of the addon will go through several phases. The first is Combat System Test so NO legendaries battles, NO pokémon building(Exp, IVs, EVs), NO catching mons, … The main focus are combat system mechanics:

  • Attack moves – Implemented
  • Moves secondary effects – not implemented
  • Priority moves – partially implemented
  • Status moves – partially implemented
  • Team battles – not implemented
  • Stats modifier – Implemented
  • Moves accurancy- partially implemented
  • Team battles – not implemented
  • Multiplayer Battles – Implemented
  • Trainer Battles – Implemented
  • Wild pokémon battles – not implemented
  • Pokémon animations in battle – not implemented

How to play

When a player join for the first time a world can choose one pokémon from those which are implemented.

To change the starter you can craft a PC with glass and iron, place it and left-click it to open the starter selection menu

To start a battle you have to find a wandering trainer and left-click him or you can do the same thing with another player!

The battle system is inspired by official Pokémon mainline games so is turn-based and every Pokémon has his base stats and 4 fixed moves. Level is set to 50 for every pokemon, IVs are set to 31 for all stats and EVs to 85 for all stats

Pixelmon Bedrock v1.1.0 – Beta 3 (Shiny, Mega Evolution, New Ores Update!)

ID: 23248

Did you want a Pokemon with the same quality as the Pixelmon Mod in Java Edition?

For you, Pixelmon has come to Bedrock Edition.

Raise a Pokémon with great quality!

Meet and catch various Pokémon in the wild, and stay together!

As soon as you apply the add-on and create a map, you will have to decide on the starting Pokémon.

Starting Pokémon | bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle

If you choose the starting Pokemon, you will have an item called Menu.

You can apply for a battle and summon Pokemon using the menu.(Battles between users are not possible)https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.579.0_en.html#goog_53707809

How to Change Slots | Right Click On Computer And Press On Screen If On IOS/Android.

How to Eject Pokémon | Sneak + Try Slot Change

Pokemon | Loot

Bulbasaur | Vine(100%) : 1~2

Ivysaur | Vine(100%) : 2~3, Stick(50%) : 1

Venusaur | Vine(100%) : 3~4, Stick(100%) : 1~2

Charmander | Blaze Powder(100%) : 1~2

Charmeleon | Blaze Powder(100%) : 2~3, Blaze Rod(50%) : 1

Charizard | Blaze Powder(100%) : 3~4, Magma Cream(100%) : 1~2

Squirtle | Lily Pad(100%) : 1~2

Wartortle | Lily Pad(100%) : 2~3, Prismarine Shard(50%) : 1, Sea Lantern(10%) : 1

Blastoise | Lily Pad(100%) : 3~4, Prismarine Crystal(66.67%) : 1~2, Sponge(6.67%) : 1~2

Caterpie | String(100%) : 1~2, Web(50%) : 1

Metapod | String(100%) : 1

Weedle | String(100%) : 1~2

Kakuna | String(100%) : 1

Beedril | String(100%) : 1

Rattata | Rotten Flesh(100%) : 1, Cooked Mutton(50%) : 1

Raticate | Rotten Flesh(100%) : 1~2, Cooked Mutton(50%) : 1

Pikachu | Glowstone Dust(100%) : 1~2

Growlithe | Blaze Powder(100%) : 1~2, Bone(50%) | 1

Arcanine | Blaze Powder(100%) : 1~2, Bone(50%) | 1

Gastly | Ghast Tear(100%) : 1, Soul Sand(50%) : 1

Haunter | Ghast Tear(100%) : 1~2, Soul Sand(66.67%) : 1

Gengar | Ghast Tear(100%) : 1~3, Soul Sand(66.67%) : 1~2

Eevee | Rabbit Hide(100%) : 1~3

Mew | None

Dialga | None
Palkia | None
Giratina | Ender Pearl(100%) : 1~2, Soul Sand(50%) : 1

Arceus | None

All Pokémon appear as Shiny Pokémon with a 1/4096 chance.

(You can use the command ‘/tag @e[family=pokemon,c=1] add shiny’ to turn the nearest Pokemon into a Shiny Pokemon.)

How To Battle?

  1. Specifies the Pokémon to battle

 2. After that, press the wild Pokémon you want to battle against and the battle will begin.

Mega Evolution

There is a chance of Mega-evolved boss Pokémon appearing.

If you defeat the boss Pokémon, you will get a Key Stone and a Mega Stone.

Mega evolution is possible when equipped.

All Apricorns

New Ores

Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Silicon and Crystal Ores

All Recipes

Capture Rate | X1

Great Ball

Capture Rate | X1.5

Ultra Ball

Capture Rate | X2


(How to use PC?)https://www.youtube.com/embed/yOiatZM262A

All Pokemon

  • Bulbasaur
  • Ivysaur
  • Venusaur
  • Charmander
  • Charmeleon
  • Charizard
  • Squrite
  • Wartortle
  • Blastoise
  • Caterpie
  • Metapod
  • Weedle
  • Kakuna
  • Beedrill
  • Rattata
  • Raticate
  • Pikachu
  • Growlithe
  • Arcanine
  • Gastly
  • Haunter
  • Gengar
  • Eevee
  • Mew
  • Giratina
  • Palkia
  • Dialga
  • Arceus
  • (More will be added later)

Neighborhood The Guy From 8

ID: 23244

Have you ever seen the tv show this map is based on? If so, you already know what TV program it is.

The guy from 8 and all the details of his neighborhood on this map.

This map recreates all the details of the neighborhood from the TV show of the guy of 8.

All the houses of the characters are detailed 

In this map I paid a lot of attention to the details and all the houses are well worked in addition to 2 hidden Easter eggs.

first yard:

Second yard:

jamito’s house

Ramon’s House 

Clotilde’s house:

And the other houses

Safe House (Map)

ID: 23240

In this map you will find a modern and safe house construction. The house has anti mobs and anti troll players protection. It is worth mentioning that the house is modern and has a very nice decoration.

The functions of the house are as follows:
(All these functions you can observe with the menu item).
get the item with this command: /give @s add:menu

– No fire or lava can be placed
– Anti explosion
– Creeper detect
– Other players will not be able to destroy
– Anti mobs protection: only the owner and those with permissions (OP) can enter the house.
– Laser door protection
– Lava contour protection
– Rock house protection
– Electric cage protection
– Security camera protection

In your inventory there will be 2 eggs one with the name of: OP and one with the name of: DEOP.
If you place the egg with the name “OP” very close to any player or mob, it will get permissions to access your house. If you place the egg with the name: “DEOP”, very close to any player or mob, it will be removed the permissions to access your house.


Huge Modern House & Redstone Built v1.2 (Updated!)

ID: 23234

It has A Huge House With Modern Decoration. And Some Mind-blowing Big Redstone Builts. There Is Two Different Worlds. The World Has Neither Garden, Safest Vault, Hidden Chests and Bases, Texture, Realistic Water, Achievement On! So What Are You Waiting For, Download It And Explore!

Welcome to TMM Studios another build.

A house, a huge house. With decorations. And some cool redstone built. After seeing those you would be mad to download this map. So let’s start……

The major features of this world:

1. Huge

2. Modern Decorative…

3. Many hidden bases and cheats. (You have to find them)

4. Fountain..

5. Automatic Light..

6. Good texture..

7. Play on survival(Achievement On)

8. Item Shorter(Redstone)

9. Upper world….

10. Most Safest Vault ………. (Redstone)

11. Beautiful Neither portal Garden.

12. Huge tree, Enchantment Table & Becon

And also many more. Explore….

Modern Safest House in Minecraft. Hello there it is a great modern house. The house is decorated very beautifully. It has security turret and much more enjoy….

Modern Decorations:

The house is decorated with many items. It has Two bedrooms, library, bathroom, Two living rooms & kitchen. They are shown in pictures.

Item Shorter(Redstone Built):

A item shorter is made in the back.

Do you have many items. Don’t worry just put them on item shorter. And they will be shorted by items. Download and check it. Shorter(Redstone Built):

Hidden Bases And Chests:

There are many hidden bases inside the house. I will not tell you about it. You have to explore and figure out it.

Automatic Light:

The house is surrounded with lights. So you don’t have to worried about the night. The lights will on and off automatically. 


There is a fountain in the in front of the house. It makes the house more beautiful.

Good Texture And Realistic Water :

We’re using Autumn Pack To Make the Built More Beautiful. 

Play On Survival(Achievement On):

You can play the map on survival and get achievements. Never go to creative or achievements will turned off.

These are a little built of the overworld. There is also a upper world in the map.

Upper World:

There is a sky world in the map. It it a huge place. There is the safest vault and Neither portal garden. It is a working project, so many further updates will come.

Most Safest Vault(Redstone Built):

There is a vault In the upper world. None can break it in the survival. There are some traps to stop outsiders. And much more.

Beautiful Neither Portal Garden:

It’s the most beautiful built in the map. A really fantastic built. It looks cinematic at the night.

Huge Tree, Enchantment Table & Becon:

I have added enchantment table and becon in the highest level. So you get the highest things. The table and becon are in a Huge Tree.

Huge Nether Portal:

I have added a huge Nether Portal in the upper world. There are all size Nether portals. So enjoy.

More Structures Addon v1.2 (Naturally Generating)

ID: 23226

This addon adds 14 naturally-generating structures to your Minecraft world, including houses, spawners and more. You can also load them up yourself with a structure block if you don’t want to look for them

Introducing the More Structures Addon. This will allow you to find 14 new naturally-generating structures in your Minecraft world, they are quite rare, but coming across one has its rewards.

v1.2 Update released!

The latest update has dropped, adding six new houses into the addon, all naturally generating. These are all from my Human Addon which I regularly update. Scroll down for pictures of some of the new structures.


These aren’t all the new structures, but just a few of them. Each house spawns a human or two and each come with their own loot.



OAK HOUSEhttps://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.579.0_en.html#goog_3344966321.2MBest games like Animal Crossing

Here are some pictures of the older structures-



Some of you may just want to spawn the structures yourselves, which you can do by following the steps below-

1. open a world that has experimental gameplay on

2. give yourself a structure block with /give @p structure_block

3. place the structure block and go to the load tab (you must be in creative mode)

4. type the structure you want to load and press load

Here is a list of the added structures so far-

HOUSES- oak_house, birch_house, spruce_house, small_house, oak_house01, oak_house02, spruce_house01, spruce_house02, desert_house01, desert_house02

SPAWNERS- spawner, creeper_spawner

OTHER- tower, desert_dungeon


This is the human, which I borrowed from another addon I created. He can trade and can drop quite a bit of loot if you end up killing him.

These humans were taken out of the earliest version of my Human Addon. Its my biggest addon that I update about every week or two. It includes several professions, taming and better AI. It can also be used simultaneously with the addon as well.

If you would like to use the human addon at the same time as this addon, you will need to put the Human Addon above the More Structures Addon as shown below

Anyways, feel free to subscribe if you want to receive notifications on new posts and updates on old posts. Leave your suggestions below and thanks for checking it out!

UPDATE- The update requires you to now have a resource pack as well. Download and use both if you would like the full experience. Thanks!


Fantasy Village

ID: 23221

Fantasy Village is a map made up of several houses and created from scratch in creative mode. 

With the first update, more structures were added that make up the town, of which we highlight the cultivation area with an orchard, the house with its own farm, an island with a small fort that acts as a lighthouse and 2 houses with the function of the nurseries.

With the second update, changes to the structures were added and new constructions were added: structure decorations, a hand-decorated functional mine, a large futuristic structure in the mountainous area, and the terrain was changed by changing the biome from grassland to jungle.

With the third update, Three Japanese trees side by side, A quartz castle, Bridges and a large house with 3 floors have been created to be able to use it as a home. We will also have decorated roads, with cars and vegetation ; and boats have been added along the river and the entire bottom has been decorated with new materials and illuminating the water.

With the fourth Update, various structures such as islands floating in the sky were added, each with a different construction.

The new update several giant structures have been developed.

1. We highlight the giant ship flying over the sky of our world.

2. A huge island with a small temple that serves as a boarding area for our ship.

3. A huge castle or mansion, decorated and set to suit the environment.

4. And two large scale sculptures, a whale rising out of the water and a jackal located near our quartz temple.

Fantasy Village is a map made up of several houses and created from scratch in creative mode.

1. It consists of 4 main houses each with a function (Forge, Wood Warehouse, Food Warehouse and the mill to store everything we want).

 2. On the other hand we have two identical small houses to be able to have a private and quiet place.

3. We also find the hobbit house, with Lord of the Rings style details.

With the update, several structures have been added that make up the village:

1. A water mill and a wind mill located in a farming area.

2. A small island with a fort that is used as a lighthouse.

3. A country house, whose enclosure is used for cattle. (It has the farm function).

4. Two houses that have the function of nurseries for the care of plants.

The 4 main houses have the function of housing the settlers for trade and in their surroundings we will see small commercial stalls, a square with a fountain and small areas for animals and crops.

The village is situated by a small lake and close to a forest and a meadow.

If we look at the sky we will see 3 ships flying over the town of medieval and science fiction style.

In the surroundings of the town we can find 2 new mills, one for water and the other for wind.

Several houses have also been added; two of them have the function of a nursery for plants and resources, and the other serves as an enclosure for animals or also called a farm.

A small island has been added with a fort used as a lighthouse and fishing area, decorated for the enjoyment of each player.

The orchard has also been enlarged to be able to produce on a larger scale.

Everything is decorated and equipped with what is necessary for each player. In addition to that, you can also find armor and treasures hidden around the town.

After the second update we can find different structures and additions to the decoration of the houses.

We can find a rest area made up of a large slime with a meeting area at its feet.

Structure blocks have also been changed, replacing terracotta blocks with concrete blocks giving a better appearance.

On the other hand we will find a mine, created and decorated by hand with all kinds of details.

We can find a wide variety of crafting materials and it is equipped with wagon and chest systems, not to mention the vegetation that has been added in the process.

To make an addition to the concept of structures, a large structure composed of several circular glass rings has been created.

Each ring is made up of a crystal with different colors and its interior is hollow in order to make a futuristic construction.

In the middle we can see a sphere of light energy giving a futuristic touch.

Finally, to improve the colors and the experience of the map, the terrain has been modified by changing the biome from grassland to jungle. Giving a more vivid color and the possibility of creating trees and animals in the area (such as parrots).

In the third update we will be able to enjoy mega-structures where we can highlight several areas.

The first thing that stands out are the 3 Japanese-style trees. Created from scratch and decorated giving them a reddish color and illuminated.

They are located at the entrance of the second structure to highlight, which would be the quartz castle

The quartz castle is a mega structure with the function of being an area for enchantments. It is decorated with vegetation and water, inside which we can see 4 moats.

It has small decorations like a mine next to a crane raising a nether portal and ice spheres simulating magical auras. It is accessed through a door decorated with gold.

In the sky it has a large spherical structure giving the sensation of being a mana zone

A house and some bridges have also been created to facilitate the experience for the player and their ease of moving around the terrain.

Everything has been united by means of paths decorated with lampposts and carts with materials such as wheat.

Boats have also been added in the rivers and have been decorated with new materials and illuminating the background to give a sensation of nature and life (adding fish).

When it is night we should not worry about lighting. An attempt has been made not to overload the environment.

In the fourth Update, structures floating in the sky have been added.

We can highlight several flying islands, each with a different type of construction. Among them, 3 stand out:  The mill, The castle in ruins and a large house.

To access them, it will be done through waterfalls that come from the cultivation areas.

The mill is a large structure, equipped with everything necessary to feed and cultivate.

It can also be used as a storage for food or equipment.

On the other hand, the castle is in ruins, although it hides some small treasure inside. It is decorated and set in a medieval style.

Finally we will have our great house, equipped with what is necessary for each player. Crafting tables and beds, enchanting tables and more; all this without counting on its exterior decorated in detail to enjoy the views.

Note that all the islands are connected to each other and with small islands for greater capacity for cultivation and rest.

At night everything is illuminated without overloading the atmosphere. In turn, all the islands are connected by small collapsed bridges, so it will be necessary to do parkour to go from island to island.

With the new update several giant structures have been developed.

1. Among them we can see a giant ship next to a large island. In it we can find a large temple that serves as an area to access the ship and visit it.

Below, a large-scale whale has been created, simulating that it is coming out of the water towards our futuristic-style ship.

On the other hand we can find a large mansion or castle, located at the other end of our town.

It is decorated and integrated into the map. An area where we can create our base without worrying about space. Its interior is arranged so that each player can create to their liking.

Finally, we will have another structure that serves as decoration next to our whale. This is a large-scale jackal, located near our quartz castle and the Japanese-style giant trees.

Vintage Mansion & Village

ID: 23217

Are you looking for a Minecraft Mansion? Well you’re in luck, because I built a Vintage style one just for you.

The house is already decorated but you can change and improve it to suit your own taste. And just outside are more vintage style houses.

You can use this map as an idea for a look for a server & have fun with your friends. You can copy everything as long as you give me some of the credits for my creation.

The map was created in Minecraft PE, it is not created in java.

Vintage Mansion:

External Looks

This is the outside look of the Mansion.

It has a pond with some suprise builds in it.

Internal Lookshttps://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.579.0_en.html#goog_98028442


A brewery for the ones who likes brewing.

Enchantment Room

A place where you can enchant your gear to make it more powerful.


Grab a snack to fill your stomach & to suffice the hunger of the player.

Secret Lever

A little bit of redstone to unravel a hidden room.

Nether Room

A place where everything is Nether themed.

 A bloodish red color for the extra fierceness.

Vintage Village:


A home for the animals you caught.

Butcher (Villager)

A themed house for a butcher villager. It has it’s own butchering place.

Farmer (Villager)

A themed house for a farmer villager. A farm is built within a close proximity of the house.

Fisherman (Villager)

A themed house for a fisherman villager. A pond and a semi bridge is in front to give the feeling of breeding area for fishes.

Librarian (Villager)

A themed house for a librarian villager. It has a library like look on the side for the complete feeling of a book lover villager.

Cartographer (Villager)

A themed house for a cartographer villager. A little map is on the side. the librarian’s house and cartographer’s house are connected with a wirelike fence with lanterns below it.

Fletcher (Villager)

A themed house for a fletcher villager. Enhance your bow skills with the help of the fletcher villager and his challenge.

Shepherd (Villager)

A themed house for a shepherd villager. Some animals are placed in the fence beside the villager’s house.

Leather Worker (Villager)

A themed house for a leather worker villager. A staircase going up to it’s house to give the aesthetically feel.

Cleric (Villager)

A themed house for a cleric villager. A netherwart farm to emit a witchlike feeling.

Stone Mason (Villager)

A themed house for a stone mason villager. The stones beside the house gives off the vibe of a stone designer.

3 Blacksmith (Villager)

A themed house for armorer, toolsmith & weaponsmith villager. It has its own armory, tools & weapon making items inside the house to have a tinkerer’s feel to it. It also have a redstone door that shuts off when it’s night time.

Bird’s Eye View

An overall view of the village from above.

Technoblade’s Base

ID: 23213

Have you been updated on the recent rise of popularity in the minecraft community? Part of it is because of the DreamSMP, a famous role playing server for content creators which follows a certain plot and improvises from there. This map recreates an important structure of the DreamSMP which is technoblade’s base. He was a special person to all of us, and with not only this story he’s given, he will be remembered forever. 


Their base is surrounded by fences which keep mobs away from their property. Most edges of the hills and land inside their property has been turned into snow blocks so that mobs can’t spawn because of a blizzard that occurred in the plot. 

The exterior of technoblade’s house has a shed in which his horse lays in, which is Carl. The room that he spends the most time in is the living room, which has his tools and equipment he uses time from time and also a place for his polar bear roommate, Steve. The top floor of his house holds his precious channel member bell which he occasionally uses every thirty minutes for endorsement, he also keeps his personal items inside a secret barrel above the walls of the enchanting area. Below the living room is his storage room which also connects outside to Carl’s shed. Beneath it is where he keeps his prized pets he got from Halloween and also his last surviving cow from his old base. And finally the last floor is his villager trading area. 


Now the house besides techno’s house is Ph1lzA’s house which he built himself as an extension of technoblade’s house. Beneath the bridge between their houses is a small pond of water with sea corals and named fishes. His house is mainly for storing building blocks for architecture. Behind their house is another shed built for technoblade’s hound army where he breeds dogs. 

A few meters behind their houses however is a fellow neighbor’s house which belongs to Ranboo. Ranboo’s place has a beacon of light, a wheat farm, a cow farm and his own little mansion. 

And just behind the mountain inside their property is Technoblade’s secret bunker where he used to store his tremendous amount of wither skulls and gear in. 

However, you’re mistaken if you think that’s all there is to his base. Under a lava pool beside Ph1lzA’s house is the entrance for their secret Syndicate Meeting Room. After going through the lava pit, you fall in a water pool and take a boat from the chest to travel through the ice. Coincidentally, their base happened to be directly under a stronghold. 

Through the door, you are in a small room with a button, which will open a flush hidden door in the wall leading down a staircase to the secret syndicate meeting room. The meeting room was created in the stronghold portal room because they discovered the frames were indestructible and could be used for a table. There are chairs and aliases for each member of the syndicate which all have an ender pearl stasis chamber which summons a member when a meeting occurs. In the wall behind the room is their symbol which is a wither, the front of the room contains a sign which speaks their intentions “Sic Semper Tyrannis” which is to stop any government or hierarchy. 

To exit the meeting room, you need to go to the right alleyway in front of the meeting room door, it has not been disclosed yet in the plot of what is inside the left alleyway. Through the right path, you can use the water bubble elevator to go back to the surface next to the house. 

And outside their property are two villages in which they used to trade in a few months ago. You are free to use the map for a video regarding the DreamSMP. Thanks to Creavite for helping me with building the map. 


Ranboo’s basement is now added with his storage and farms replicated, as well as technoblade’s bee farm beside his house. 

The map has now been updated up to his latest stream, where a mysterious forest has suddenly appeared outsde their territory, events happening such as Technoblade’s birthday occurring today and a reveal of an underground training arena under the water pool between the two houses. 


The miniature Technoblade head birthday cake has been added, with minor fixes to the interior and exterior of the facilities according to the latest streams. The Anti Lore room has also been added under Ph1lza’s house with a pumpkin farm and melon farm. The house design has been updated from spruce to dark oak wood, the ender chest has his most prized possessions and finally a complete inventory of his armor and weapon set from his inventory has been added.