Have you been updated on the recent rise of popularity in the minecraft community? Part of it is because of the DreamSMP, a famous role playing server for content creators which follows a certain plot and improvises from there. This map recreates an important structure of the DreamSMP which is technoblade’s base. He was a special person to all of us, and with not only this story he’s given, he will be remembered forever. 


Their base is surrounded by fences which keep mobs away from their property. Most edges of the hills and land inside their property has been turned into snow blocks so that mobs can’t spawn because of a blizzard that occurred in the plot. 

The exterior of technoblade’s house has a shed in which his horse lays in, which is Carl. The room that he spends the most time in is the living room, which has his tools and equipment he uses time from time and also a place for his polar bear roommate, Steve. The top floor of his house holds his precious channel member bell which he occasionally uses every thirty minutes for endorsement, he also keeps his personal items inside a secret barrel above the walls of the enchanting area. Below the living room is his storage room which also connects outside to Carl’s shed. Beneath it is where he keeps his prized pets he got from Halloween and also his last surviving cow from his old base. And finally the last floor is his villager trading area. 


Now the house besides techno’s house is Ph1lzA’s house which he built himself as an extension of technoblade’s house. Beneath the bridge between their houses is a small pond of water with sea corals and named fishes. His house is mainly for storing building blocks for architecture. Behind their house is another shed built for technoblade’s hound army where he breeds dogs. 

A few meters behind their houses however is a fellow neighbor’s house which belongs to Ranboo. Ranboo’s place has a beacon of light, a wheat farm, a cow farm and his own little mansion. 

And just behind the mountain inside their property is Technoblade’s secret bunker where he used to store his tremendous amount of wither skulls and gear in. 

However, you’re mistaken if you think that’s all there is to his base. Under a lava pool beside Ph1lzA’s house is the entrance for their secret Syndicate Meeting Room. After going through the lava pit, you fall in a water pool and take a boat from the chest to travel through the ice. Coincidentally, their base happened to be directly under a stronghold. 

Through the door, you are in a small room with a button, which will open a flush hidden door in the wall leading down a staircase to the secret syndicate meeting room. The meeting room was created in the stronghold portal room because they discovered the frames were indestructible and could be used for a table. There are chairs and aliases for each member of the syndicate which all have an ender pearl stasis chamber which summons a member when a meeting occurs. In the wall behind the room is their symbol which is a wither, the front of the room contains a sign which speaks their intentions “Sic Semper Tyrannis” which is to stop any government or hierarchy. 

To exit the meeting room, you need to go to the right alleyway in front of the meeting room door, it has not been disclosed yet in the plot of what is inside the left alleyway. Through the right path, you can use the water bubble elevator to go back to the surface next to the house. 

And outside their property are two villages in which they used to trade in a few months ago. You are free to use the map for a video regarding the DreamSMP. Thanks to Creavite for helping me with building the map. 


Ranboo’s basement is now added with his storage and farms replicated, as well as technoblade’s bee farm beside his house. 

The map has now been updated up to his latest stream, where a mysterious forest has suddenly appeared outsde their territory, events happening such as Technoblade’s birthday occurring today and a reveal of an underground training arena under the water pool between the two houses. 


The miniature Technoblade head birthday cake has been added, with minor fixes to the interior and exterior of the facilities according to the latest streams. The Anti Lore room has also been added under Ph1lza’s house with a pumpkin farm and melon farm. The house design has been updated from spruce to dark oak wood, the ender chest has his most prized possessions and finally a complete inventory of his armor and weapon set from his inventory has been added. 


1. Technobasev5