Are you looking for a Minecraft Mansion? Well you’re in luck, because I built a Vintage style one just for you.

The house is already decorated but you can change and improve it to suit your own taste. And just outside are more vintage style houses.

You can use this map as an idea for a look for a server & have fun with your friends. You can copy everything as long as you give me some of the credits for my creation.

The map was created in Minecraft PE, it is not created in java.

Vintage Mansion:

External Looks

This is the outside look of the Mansion.

It has a pond with some suprise builds in it.

Internal Looks


A brewery for the ones who likes brewing.

Enchantment Room

A place where you can enchant your gear to make it more powerful.


Grab a snack to fill your stomach & to suffice the hunger of the player.

Secret Lever

A little bit of redstone to unravel a hidden room.

Nether Room

A place where everything is Nether themed.

 A bloodish red color for the extra fierceness.

Vintage Village:


A home for the animals you caught.

Butcher (Villager)

A themed house for a butcher villager. It has it’s own butchering place.

Farmer (Villager)

A themed house for a farmer villager. A farm is built within a close proximity of the house.

Fisherman (Villager)

A themed house for a fisherman villager. A pond and a semi bridge is in front to give the feeling of breeding area for fishes.

Librarian (Villager)

A themed house for a librarian villager. It has a library like look on the side for the complete feeling of a book lover villager.

Cartographer (Villager)

A themed house for a cartographer villager. A little map is on the side. the librarian’s house and cartographer’s house are connected with a wirelike fence with lanterns below it.

Fletcher (Villager)

A themed house for a fletcher villager. Enhance your bow skills with the help of the fletcher villager and his challenge.

Shepherd (Villager)

A themed house for a shepherd villager. Some animals are placed in the fence beside the villager’s house.

Leather Worker (Villager)

A themed house for a leather worker villager. A staircase going up to it’s house to give the aesthetically feel.

Cleric (Villager)

A themed house for a cleric villager. A netherwart farm to emit a witchlike feeling.

Stone Mason (Villager)

A themed house for a stone mason villager. The stones beside the house gives off the vibe of a stone designer.

3 Blacksmith (Villager)

A themed house for armorer, toolsmith & weaponsmith villager. It has its own armory, tools & weapon making items inside the house to have a tinkerer’s feel to it. It also have a redstone door that shuts off when it’s night time.

Bird’s Eye View

An overall view of the village from above.


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