Fantasy Village is a map made up of several houses and created from scratch in creative mode. 

With the first update, more structures were added that make up the town, of which we highlight the cultivation area with an orchard, the house with its own farm, an island with a small fort that acts as a lighthouse and 2 houses with the function of the nurseries.

With the second update, changes to the structures were added and new constructions were added: structure decorations, a hand-decorated functional mine, a large futuristic structure in the mountainous area, and the terrain was changed by changing the biome from grassland to jungle.

With the third update, Three Japanese trees side by side, A quartz castle, Bridges and a large house with 3 floors have been created to be able to use it as a home. We will also have decorated roads, with cars and vegetation ; and boats have been added along the river and the entire bottom has been decorated with new materials and illuminating the water.

With the fourth Update, various structures such as islands floating in the sky were added, each with a different construction.

The new update several giant structures have been developed.

1. We highlight the giant ship flying over the sky of our world.

2. A huge island with a small temple that serves as a boarding area for our ship.

3. A huge castle or mansion, decorated and set to suit the environment.

4. And two large scale sculptures, a whale rising out of the water and a jackal located near our quartz temple.

Fantasy Village is a map made up of several houses and created from scratch in creative mode.

1. It consists of 4 main houses each with a function (Forge, Wood Warehouse, Food Warehouse and the mill to store everything we want).

 2. On the other hand we have two identical small houses to be able to have a private and quiet place.

3. We also find the hobbit house, with Lord of the Rings style details.

With the update, several structures have been added that make up the village:

1. A water mill and a wind mill located in a farming area.

2. A small island with a fort that is used as a lighthouse.

3. A country house, whose enclosure is used for cattle. (It has the farm function).

4. Two houses that have the function of nurseries for the care of plants.

The 4 main houses have the function of housing the settlers for trade and in their surroundings we will see small commercial stalls, a square with a fountain and small areas for animals and crops.

The village is situated by a small lake and close to a forest and a meadow.

If we look at the sky we will see 3 ships flying over the town of medieval and science fiction style.

In the surroundings of the town we can find 2 new mills, one for water and the other for wind.

Several houses have also been added; two of them have the function of a nursery for plants and resources, and the other serves as an enclosure for animals or also called a farm.

A small island has been added with a fort used as a lighthouse and fishing area, decorated for the enjoyment of each player.

The orchard has also been enlarged to be able to produce on a larger scale.

Everything is decorated and equipped with what is necessary for each player. In addition to that, you can also find armor and treasures hidden around the town.

After the second update we can find different structures and additions to the decoration of the houses.

We can find a rest area made up of a large slime with a meeting area at its feet.

Structure blocks have also been changed, replacing terracotta blocks with concrete blocks giving a better appearance.

On the other hand we will find a mine, created and decorated by hand with all kinds of details.

We can find a wide variety of crafting materials and it is equipped with wagon and chest systems, not to mention the vegetation that has been added in the process.

To make an addition to the concept of structures, a large structure composed of several circular glass rings has been created.

Each ring is made up of a crystal with different colors and its interior is hollow in order to make a futuristic construction.

In the middle we can see a sphere of light energy giving a futuristic touch.

Finally, to improve the colors and the experience of the map, the terrain has been modified by changing the biome from grassland to jungle. Giving a more vivid color and the possibility of creating trees and animals in the area (such as parrots).

In the third update we will be able to enjoy mega-structures where we can highlight several areas.

The first thing that stands out are the 3 Japanese-style trees. Created from scratch and decorated giving them a reddish color and illuminated.

They are located at the entrance of the second structure to highlight, which would be the quartz castle

The quartz castle is a mega structure with the function of being an area for enchantments. It is decorated with vegetation and water, inside which we can see 4 moats.

It has small decorations like a mine next to a crane raising a nether portal and ice spheres simulating magical auras. It is accessed through a door decorated with gold.

In the sky it has a large spherical structure giving the sensation of being a mana zone

A house and some bridges have also been created to facilitate the experience for the player and their ease of moving around the terrain.

Everything has been united by means of paths decorated with lampposts and carts with materials such as wheat.

Boats have also been added in the rivers and have been decorated with new materials and illuminating the background to give a sensation of nature and life (adding fish).

When it is night we should not worry about lighting. An attempt has been made not to overload the environment.

In the fourth Update, structures floating in the sky have been added.

We can highlight several flying islands, each with a different type of construction. Among them, 3 stand out:  The mill, The castle in ruins and a large house.

To access them, it will be done through waterfalls that come from the cultivation areas.

The mill is a large structure, equipped with everything necessary to feed and cultivate.

It can also be used as a storage for food or equipment.

On the other hand, the castle is in ruins, although it hides some small treasure inside. It is decorated and set in a medieval style.

Finally we will have our great house, equipped with what is necessary for each player. Crafting tables and beds, enchanting tables and more; all this without counting on its exterior decorated in detail to enjoy the views.

Note that all the islands are connected to each other and with small islands for greater capacity for cultivation and rest.

At night everything is illuminated without overloading the atmosphere. In turn, all the islands are connected by small collapsed bridges, so it will be necessary to do parkour to go from island to island.

With the new update several giant structures have been developed.

1. Among them we can see a giant ship next to a large island. In it we can find a large temple that serves as an area to access the ship and visit it.

Below, a large-scale whale has been created, simulating that it is coming out of the water towards our futuristic-style ship.

On the other hand we can find a large mansion or castle, located at the other end of our town.

It is decorated and integrated into the map. An area where we can create our base without worrying about space. Its interior is arranged so that each player can create to their liking.

Finally, we will have another structure that serves as decoration next to our whale. This is a large-scale jackal, located near our quartz castle and the Japanese-style giant trees.


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