Huge Modern House & Redstone Built v1.2 (Updated!)

ID: 23234

It has A Huge House With Modern Decoration. And Some Mind-blowing Big Redstone Builts. There Is Two Different Worlds. The World Has Neither Garden, Safest Vault, Hidden Chests and Bases, Texture, Realistic Water, Achievement On! So What Are You Waiting For, Download It And Explore!

Welcome to TMM Studios another build.

A house, a huge house. With decorations. And some cool redstone built. After seeing those you would be mad to download this map. So let’s start……

The major features of this world:

1. Huge

2. Modern Decorative…

3. Many hidden bases and cheats. (You have to find them)

4. Fountain..

5. Automatic Light..

6. Good texture..

7. Play on survival(Achievement On)

8. Item Shorter(Redstone)

9. Upper world….

10. Most Safest Vault ………. (Redstone)

11. Beautiful Neither portal Garden.

12. Huge tree, Enchantment Table & Becon

And also many more. Explore….

Modern Safest House in Minecraft. Hello there it is a great modern house. The house is decorated very beautifully. It has security turret and much more enjoy….

Modern Decorations:

The house is decorated with many items. It has Two bedrooms, library, bathroom, Two living rooms & kitchen. They are shown in pictures.

Item Shorter(Redstone Built):

A item shorter is made in the back.

Do you have many items. Don’t worry just put them on item shorter. And they will be shorted by items. Download and check it. Shorter(Redstone Built):

Hidden Bases And Chests:

There are many hidden bases inside the house. I will not tell you about it. You have to explore and figure out it.

Automatic Light:

The house is surrounded with lights. So you don’t have to worried about the night. The lights will on and off automatically. 


There is a fountain in the in front of the house. It makes the house more beautiful.

Good Texture And Realistic Water :

We’re using Autumn Pack To Make the Built More Beautiful. 

Play On Survival(Achievement On):

You can play the map on survival and get achievements. Never go to creative or achievements will turned off.

These are a little built of the overworld. There is also a upper world in the map.

Upper World:

There is a sky world in the map. It it a huge place. There is the safest vault and Neither portal garden. It is a working project, so many further updates will come.

Most Safest Vault(Redstone Built):

There is a vault In the upper world. None can break it in the survival. There are some traps to stop outsiders. And much more.

Beautiful Neither Portal Garden:

It’s the most beautiful built in the map. A really fantastic built. It looks cinematic at the night.

Huge Tree, Enchantment Table & Becon:

I have added enchantment table and becon in the highest level. So you get the highest things. The table and becon are in a Huge Tree.

Huge Nether Portal:

I have added a huge Nether Portal in the upper world. There are all size Nether portals. So enjoy.


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