Minecrafty Cars!

ID: 20261

I’ve recently been looking through the car addons on mcpedl, and I’ve noticed that there are no addons that use Vanilla MC textures or blocks for the cars. So I decided to make one my self. Introducing Minecrafty Cars!!!! 

This car addon includes 2 car types. An f1 car, and a generic city car. The F1 car has six variants. It has green, blue, red, yellow, orange, and pink variants. It can go 1 block per second. The generic city(small car) car only has one variant, and can go 0.4 blocks per second.



F1 Car:


Generic City Car(small car):






To fly the bi-plane, look up and down.


VAZ 1111 (OKA)

ID: 20256

There’s a bird? There’s a plane? No. This is Russian car – VAZ 1111 OKA. If you like easy and simple city cars – this addon for you. Bruh too many words

• Car info

Soviet and Russian passenger cars of the first group of a particularly small class. The car was developed at the Volga Automobile Plant, produced at VAZ, ZMA and SeAZ in 1987-2008. 700 thousand cars from all plants were produced.

• Addon info

This addon will add 8 colors of this car, it has nice looking textures and model and has animated wheels. omg Mcflower made animated model

OKA has only 2 seats and very smooth movement.

• Colors







Dark red

Light blue

VAZ 2104 Addon

ID: 20251

Meet VAZ 2104 – another Russian passenger car in MCPE! If you like to ride around your world with friends – this addon for you. Really hope that you will enjoy this car add-on!

• Car info

Soviet and Russian rear-wheel drive car of the III group of a small class with a station wagon body. Designed at the Volga Automobile Plant. It was produced from 1984 to 2012.

• Addon info

This addon will give you 8 various types of VAZ 2104. Every car has 5 seats for players, nice looking textures and models snd animated spinning wheels. Every car has 40 HP and good speed for city roads. 

• Colors




Green     no, is not black


Silver         Please don’t ask me what’s the difference between white and silver



Mine-Trucks Add-on

ID: 20246

The Mine-Trucks Add-on adds three different colored trucks to the game. All of the trucks look very blocky and “Minecrafty”. Right now their only use is for driving. But hopefully some more features will be added in the upcoming future. Either way, it’s a pretty useful addon in case you are looking for new ways of transportation in Minecraft.

How to use a truck?

The trucks replace three hostile mobs in Minecraft. This means that if you need to make sure that the game difficulty is set to normal because otherwise they won’t spawn. You can either spawn them using spawn eggs in creative mode or try to find them in survival mode.

  • Blue Truck = Skeleton
  • Orange Truck = Wither Skeleton
  • Purple Truck = Stray

Even though it’s a fairly large vehicle it only has seats for one player at a time.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the truck and press Drive
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the truck to drive

You can control the vehicle using a carrot on a stick. Press on the ground with the carrot on a stick to boost the speed of the vehicle.

Right now it’s quite limited and doesn’t offer any extra features except for driving. Let’s hope he will add storage and some other features in the future.

Tesla CyberTruck Addon

ID: 20241

Tesla recently announced their first pickup truck. They are accepting preorders but they wont start shipping until 2022, so we have to wait for a long time to try out CyberTruck. But today, the wait is no longer needed, I present you the CyberTruck Addon!

This addon adds a Tesla CyberTruck into Minecraft Bedrock Editon. 

front view

back view

side view

Crouch and hit the car to remove.

As it is a big truck, it has an inventory of 27! Feel free to store your goods in it.

It also features turning steer wheel and wheels animations. Custom sounds with custom animations!

Simple Airplane Add-On

ID: 20235

This add-on includes a fully functioning airplane with a propeller animation! There are also minor details added to the interior. It holds one player and is controlled by your basic movements. 

This is a new and easy way of transportation for your Minecraft worlds. In order to enter the airplane right click (or tap on the “Fly” button that will appear when you’re near it in PE). Walking forward will make the plane accelerate, and by looking left, right, up, or down you will make the plane adjust direction.

A special thanks to Ashminggu! 

This add-on was created by ItsDandD

Here is a short video showcase of the add-on. There is a Non-Adfly link in the description:

Here is the crafting recipe:


New tilt animation!

MonsterTruck Addon

ID: 20230

The MonsterTruck is the ultimate vehicle for quickly getting around in Minecraft, especially if your intention is to go off-road (which is mostly the cases anyways since there are no automatically generated roads). It’s quite fast, it can jump (not too high) and it can also withstand fall damage. It currently exists in six different colors.

How to drive the monster truck?

The stray is replaced by a monster truck which is a great type of vehicle to use for off-road driving. It’s immune to fall damage and it’s also quite fast.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the truck and press Let’s move out! to ride it
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the truck to ride it

You can drive it simply by moving forward in the direction you want to go. A really cool feature is the fact that the wheels are spinning when driving.

The monster truck is one of the most robust vehicles you can find. Any fall height and it will be totally fine (and the player too will be alright).

You can sit completely safe inside your truck during the night. Neither zombies or spiders will be able to get to you.

The Mine-Wagon

ID: 20224

The Mine-Wagon is the ultimate addon for anyone who need an extra storage container while out on an adventure. It’s essentially like a backpack, except that you will be pulling the chest on a wagon by using a leash. The only disadvantage (which isn’t that bad actually) is that it replaces the creeper.

How does it work?
Wagons is a new type of tool which can be found in most places in the Overworld (since it replaces the creeper). It’s a chest on top of a red wagon. If you find one you can make it yours simply by using a leash to pull it.

iOS / Android: Hold a lead (item), long press on the screen and press Leash to pull it
Windows 10: Right-click on a wagon while holding a lead (item) to pull the wagon
You can either walk or ride a mount (e.g. a horse) while pulling the cart.

You can access the chest of the wagon and use any of the 27 available slots to store your items. It’s really the perfect thing to bring with you on your next adventure.

iOS / Android: Long press on the wagon and press Open to access the chest
Windows 10: Right-click on the wagon to access the inventory

Tank (Tiger I) Addon

ID: 20219

This addon turns the witch in-game into a tank. The tank model is based on a Tiger I which was a tank used by the Germans during World War II. Players can mount the tank and use it for transportation in their worlds. The bow has been replaced by some kind of rocket launcher which can be used while seated on the tank.

How does it work?

To use this tank you will need a bow. It’s only when you hold this item in your hand that the tank will start driving forward.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the tank and press Drive
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the tank to enter it

You can use the bow while seated on the tank to shoot explosive rockets.

The model of the tank is based on the Tiger I which was a tank used by the Germans in World War II.

BattleTanks Addon

ID: 20214

This addon includes five different battle tanks which design is based on the tanks of five different countries. For example, some of them include a German Leopard tank, an American M1A2 and Russian T90. All of the tanks are by default hostile to other countries’ tanks. Players can ride the tanks similar to riding a horse. However, they have no control of the firing mechanism.

How does it work?

All of the tanks have different stats and you can find all of that further down on this page. It includes five different tanks and each of them will fight one another by shooting explosives.

Players can ride and control the tanks. The tanks will randomly shoot explosives at other hostiles, e.g. other battle tanks.

Tanks Stats

Leopard (German)

  • Health: 50 hearts
  • Shoots fireballs
  • Range: 100 blocks
  • Replaces skeletons

M1A2 (USA)

  • Health: 60 hearts
  • Shoots fireball
  • Range: 90 blocks
  • Replaces strays

Merkava MK 4M (Israel)

  • Health: 65 hearts
  • Shoots fireballs
  • Range: 109 blocks
  • Replaces wither skeletons

T90 (Russian)

  • Health: 43 hearts
  • Shoots fireballs
  • Range: 95 blocks
  • Replaces zombies

Type99 (Chinese)

  • Health: 40-45 hearts
  • Shoots fireballs
  • Range: 85 blocks