The Mine-Wagon

ID: 20224

The Mine-Wagon is the ultimate addon for anyone who need an extra storage container while out on an adventure. It’s essentially like a backpack, except that you will be pulling the chest on a wagon by using a leash. The only disadvantage (which isn’t that bad actually) is that it replaces the creeper.

How does it work?
Wagons is a new type of tool which can be found in most places in the Overworld (since it replaces the creeper). It’s a chest on top of a red wagon. If you find one you can make it yours simply by using a leash to pull it.

iOS / Android: Hold a lead (item), long press on the screen and press Leash to pull it
Windows 10: Right-click on a wagon while holding a lead (item) to pull the wagon
You can either walk or ride a mount (e.g. a horse) while pulling the cart.

You can access the chest of the wagon and use any of the 27 available slots to store your items. It’s really the perfect thing to bring with you on your next adventure.

iOS / Android: Long press on the wagon and press Open to access the chest
Windows 10: Right-click on the wagon to access the inventory


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