The Mine-Trucks Add-on adds three different colored trucks to the game. All of the trucks look very blocky and “Minecrafty”. Right now their only use is for driving. But hopefully some more features will be added in the upcoming future. Either way, it’s a pretty useful addon in case you are looking for new ways of transportation in Minecraft.

How to use a truck?

The trucks replace three hostile mobs in Minecraft. This means that if you need to make sure that the game difficulty is set to normal because otherwise they won’t spawn. You can either spawn them using spawn eggs in creative mode or try to find them in survival mode.

  • Blue Truck = Skeleton
  • Orange Truck = Wither Skeleton
  • Purple Truck = Stray

Even though it’s a fairly large vehicle it only has seats for one player at a time.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the truck and press Drive
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the truck to drive

You can control the vehicle using a carrot on a stick. Press on the ground with the carrot on a stick to boost the speed of the vehicle.

Right now it’s quite limited and doesn’t offer any extra features except for driving. Let’s hope he will add storage and some other features in the future.


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