The Abandoned (Horror!)(Adventure) | 1.19.40+ [New Gear Update!]

ID: 26355

Creator: LukKasKing1






How To Play?

The environment is dark and you need to use your camera to light your way. Utilize keys, cards, buttons, and levers to open doors and discover new secrets! You can also crouch to crawl between vents and jump on elevators to move between floors. The map includes a detailed tutorial for further guidance. 




You (The Detective James Albert from Municipal Military Secretariat ) are assigned to investigate the case of Sarah Dyello’s disappearance. All evidence suggests that she was taken to the old and abandoned ProyeLife hospital. It’s now your mission to uncover the truth about what happened! 

  1. Download the file
  2. Rename the file by removing “.zip”
  3. Open the file using Minecraft 😉

⚠️Gear Update!!!⚠️

In the latest Gear update, the map has been optimized for better player experience! Several issues related to addons, port mechanisms, and movement have been addressed. The items have undergone significant changes – cards have been replaced by keys, and passage through the pipeline is now instantaneous.

Minecraft versions: 1.19.50

VIllager and Illager Faction Version 5: Piglin Faction

ID: 26137

Outdated Information in V4:  Click here


Join the Villager faction by using the Join Villager Faction item. When you are part of this faction, you will not deal damage to units in the same faction.

Using the Join Villager Faction item will give you the Hero of Villager effect.


Patrol units: A patrol unit, mainly a low-level soldier unit specializing in protecting small areas.

Villager Camel:

This minion can carry an additional ranged minion in the rear.

Statue Villager: A powerful defensive weapon that can summon troops with resources.

Villager Statue:

Units that can be summoned with resources:

  • Emerald block —> Villager baby
  • Emerald ———-> Wandering turtle
  • Iron ingot ———> Villager patrol spear
  • Gold ingot ——–> Villager patrol golden
  • Gold nugget —–> Villager patrol
  • Diamond ———> Villager Soldier
  • Redstone ——–> Villager medical

Units summoned when placed:

  • Villager Soldier
  • Villager patrol
  • Villager patrol golden
  • Villager patrol spear
Villager Soldier Morden: An assault unit that uses modern guns

To obtain these units, the player must steal gun technology from the piglin. This includes the gun blueprint.

After obtaining the blueprint, you need to have an engineer in your faction.

Villager Engineer: 

This unit converts blueprints into guns for the faction. At max level, they can also sell parts to assemble tanks.

How to obtain the unit: Give a wrench to any villager.

Villager Soldier SMG:

How to obtain the unit: Give a ppsh41 gun to any villager.

Villager Soldier Rifle: 

How to obtain the unit: Give a Mosin gun to any villager.

Villager DP27:

How to obtain the unit: Give a DP27 gun to any villager.


Iron Destroyer: 

This tank features an anti-tank gun mounted on a tracked body with two steam engines. The 100mm cannon is capable of firing anti-tank explosive shells.

Note: Use golem gear on the tank to enable automatic movement and shooting.

Villager Soldier SMG and DP27 will automatically find a car with an empty seat to sit on.


Catapult Stand:

This turret cannot be destroyed and can pierce through 4 enemies.

DP27 Machine Gun Nest: 

100mm Cannon:


Join the Illager faction by using the Join Illager Faction item. When you are part of this faction, you will not deal damage to units in the same faction.

<img src="/images/submission_images18.web


Guard units:  These are units specialized in defending the base, and they can be tamed.

Vindicator guard:

This is a protective vindicator unit. It cannot customize armor, but it can customize weapons. It can be tamed with coins.

It spawns from the statue illager using a diamond.

Illager Guard:

This is the protection unit of the illager faction. It can customize armor and weapons. In its crossbow form, it can learn piercing skills and quick charge.

How to obtain these units: Give any sword to the illager weapon smith and give a crossbow to the illager fletcher.

Other units

Illager medical:

How to obtain this unit: Use an iron ingot on the statue illager.


Snake Cannon:


Illager Soldier

Illager Engineer:

Similar to the villager engineer.

How to obtain this unit: Give a wrench to any illager worker.

Illager soldier smg:

How to obtain this unit: Give an MP40 to any illager worker.

Illager soldier rifle:

How to obtain this unit: Give a Mauser to any illager worker.

Illager Soldier STG44:

How to obtain this unit: Give an STG44 to any illager worker.


Ravager Tank:

This is a light tank with fast speed and a fairly fast firing rate. The damage it deals is quite low, but it is an affordable option to consider.

Note: Use golem gear on the tank for it to move and shoot automatically.

Illager soldier smg and stg44 will automatically find an empty seat in a vehicle and sit on it.


Illager Statue:

Can summon units using resources:

  • Gold ingot ——-> Villager baby
  • Emerald ———-> Hoglin Illager
  • Iron ingot ———> Illager Medical
  • Coin —————-> Pillager Brute
  • Bag money —–> Pillager Wandering
  • Diamond ———> Vindicator guard
  • Leather ———–> Pillager Hunter

Summon units when the statue is placed:

  • Pillager Brute
  • Pillager Hunter
  • Iceloger
  • Illager Soldier


Use the item to join the piglin faction. Players will not deal damage to units of the same faction.

When used, you will have the effect of fire protection.

Why does the piglin have a gun? I created the addon based on the idea that piglins are intelligent creatures in Minecraft. They have shown the ability to use swords and crossbows, indicating that they understand the use of tools and can defend themselves. This suggests that piglins have higher cognitive abilities. In my storyline, life in the Nether is harsh and challenging. Piglins have to fight for their survival every day. They needed to evolve in order to survive in such a hostile environment. Creating melee weapons in the Nether is difficult due to the weakness of gold and the rarity of netherite. So they developed guns using materials from gold and gunpowder from Ghasts. These guns became an effective weapon for their survival in the Nether. Additionally, they even developed tanks and machines. The piglins are the only faction in possession of gun and tank technology. When players steal a gun from a piglin and convert it into a blueprint, they can have a gun for their faction (village or illager).

Piglins in the Overworld

Thermal Suit:

The thermal suit helps piglins retain heat when entering the Overworld

You can purchase this suit from a piglin engineer. All piglins can wear it.


Piglin Brute units: The faction’s primary fighters

Piglin Brute Guard:

This is the main defensive unit of the faction. It can be tamed, but it does not follow the player. Instead, it protects its owner.

How to obtain: Give a golden halberd to any piglin worker.

Piglin Brute SMG:

How to obtain: Give a tommygun to any piglin worker.

Piglin Brute Rifle:

How to obtain: Give a MINI14 to any piglin worker.

Piglin Brute Boomer:

How to obtain: Give a piglin boom to any piglin worker.

Piglin Brute Vanilla: Can customize armor and axe.

Piglin: Other regular piglins

Piglin Vanilla: Can be spawned using a gold ingot at a statue.

Piglin Worker:

These are the main residents of the piglin faction. They are particularly aggressive and will use golden swords in combat.

Piglin Trader:

These are wandering merchants of the piglin faction. They sell blueprints.

Piglin Engineer:

They sell all piglin technology.

How to obtain: Give a wrench to any piglin worker.


Piglin Statue:

Units can be summoned using resources:

  • Gold ingot ——-> Piglin
  • Gold block ——-> Piglin worker baby
  • Diamond ———-> Piglin Brute
  • Gold nugget —–> Piglin Wanderer
  • Netherite ———> A team of piglins

Units summoned upon placement:

  • Piglin Brute
  • Piglin Brute SMG
  • Piglin Brute Rifle
  • Piglin Brute Boomer

Piglin Raid:

Place it near an enemy to initiate a raid.


Rapid Gun:

Sniper turret:

Super turret:



This is a medium tank, with good speed and damage. It can even run on lava.

Piglin Machine

This is a fireball machine.

Piglin Machine Cannon

This is a large fireball machine.

Give all of it to the piglin engineer so he can drive it.



The boss is a key part of this addon. It allows players to test their strength by controlling their own army to defeat it.

Assasin ghost
God of war



Videos about the addon: For more details, please watch my video.



If you find it difficult to protect the village alone and think that the iron golem isn’t enough, this addon will add village defenders to Minecraft. These units will help you defend the villages and make it easier to repel raids. Now you can choose from two factions: the Villager Faction and the Pillager Faction, and the Piglin Faction.

Please turn on Add-on Creator before adding the addon to your world.


Version 5:

  • Added the Ice Wand: a weapon that can shoot snowballs and summon icefalls.
  • Added a new weapon, the God Spear: stronger than a diamond spear and used by the God of War.
  • Added ice shards, which can be used to craft the Ice Wand. They can be obtained from Ice Illagers by offering a coin (if you are an Illager) or by killing Ice Illagers.
  • Added the Medical Illager, similar to the Medical Villager but can drink potions. They can be obtained from statues by offering an iron ingot.
  • Added the Illager Guard Melee, who can customize their armor and weapon by dropping items. They can be obtained from Weaponsmith Illagers.
  • Added the Illager Guard Ranged, who can customize their armor and weapon like Villagers. They can be obtained from Fletcher Illagers.
  • Added the Enchanted Random Table, which can give random enchanted books without requiring experience points.


  • Increased the power of the God of War, introducing a new skill called Sonicboom. Increased health to 5000 HP and classic damage to 15.
  • Increased the health of the Assassin Ghost to 2000 HP.
  • Nerfed the Diamond Spear, which is no longer the strongest and is now sold by wandering Illagers.
  • Remade the General, allowing them to summon more units. The summoned units only last 60 seconds.
  • Changed the price of the General.
  • Changed the number of units summoned by the Trumpet, and reduced the countdown time to 3 seconds.

Version 5.1:

New additions:

  • Added the Snake Cannon (Illager Faction): a high-damage weapon that is faster than the Copper Cannon. It has 90 HP and can be purchased from wandering traders.
  • Added the Catapult Stand (Villager Faction): a high-damage, medium-range attack structure. It has 100 HP and can be purchased from wandering traders.
  • Added the Villager Patrol Spear, which can be summoned from a statue using iron or by using a calling horn.


  • Fixed bugs related to spawn eggs in the 1.19.80 update.
  • Changed the method of obtaining the Evoker from using a totem to using a book.
  • Nerfed the God Spear: The regeneration effect is now a skill, and it provides a speed boost when hurt. Damage changed from 15 to 13, and Strength changed from 6 to 5.
  • Increased the explosive damage of rockets.

Version 5.3:

Announcement: New Version – Villager and Illager Faction 5.3: Piglin Faction Hello everyone! We are excited to announce the latest version of our addon – Villager and Illager Faction Version 5.3. This update introduces a brand new faction: the Piglin Faction!

The highlights of this upgrade include:

  • The Piglin Brute has been upgraded with increased health, customizable armor, and a new weapon – the axe. Piglins can now also customize their armor.
  • Introducing the Piglin Boomer, a piglin with explosive skills who can throw grenades.
  • The Piglin Brute SMG is equipped with a Tommy gun, offering a fast fire rate and moderate damage.
  • The Piglin Brute Rifle uses a sniper rifle (gold mini14) with two firing modes – long-range and short-range.
  • The Piglin Engineer is responsible for selling new weapons and vehicles, and can operate Piglin Machines and Piglin Tanks.
  • The Piglin Machine is a piglin-operated robot that rapidly fires blazing fireballs, causing moderate damage.
  • The Piglin Cannon Machine is similar to the Piglin Machine but utilizes larger weapons, firing bigger fireballs and causing explosive damage.
  • The Piglin Tank is the armored unit of the Piglin Faction, a medium-sized tank with moderate firing speed, moderate health, and average speed. It even has the ability to travel on lava.
  • The Piglin Trader serves as the main merchant of the faction, offering various items including the Hoglin Saddle, which can be controlled using a carrot on a stick.
  • The Hoglin has an upgraded taming ability using Nether wart blocks and can only be saddled after taming.
  • We have also added special items such as the Piglin Raid summon, Walkie-Talkies, and the Piglin Raid Transporter.
  • You can now equip yourself with various weapons, including the Piglin SMG, Piglin Rifle, Piglin Grenades, and Special Blueprints.

Upgrades for the Villager:

  • The Villager Soldier SMG is a submachine gun-wielding unit that can search for an empty tank to sit in.
  • The Villager Soldier Rifle is armed with a rifle, offering high damage but shoots one bullet at a time. It is effective for long-range attacks.
  • The Villager Soldier DP27 carries a DP27 light machine gun, which has high damage, a long range, and a 55-round magazine. It can also search for an empty tank to sit in.
  • The Villager Camel is a camel-riding unit of the villager faction equipped with a flintlock gun. It has the capacity to carry one additional rear firing unit.
  • The Iron Tank Destroyer is an armored unit of the Villager faction that boasts high damage, sturdy health, but has a slow fire rate. It can accommodate up to 4 soldiers.

Additional upgrades include:

  • Reworked generals, summoning from afar and engaging in close combat.
  • Villager Patrol + Soldier Crossbow Gear, introducing the Villager Soldier Crossbow.
  • Villager Patrol Golden + Soldier Halberd Gear, introducing the Villager Soldier Halberd.
  • Villager Patrol Spear + Soldier Spear Gear, introducing the Villager Soldier Spear.
  • Increased damage for automatic crossbow towers (Heavy crossbow, small crossbow, and war crossbow).
  • Enhanced stamina for heavy cavalry, resulting in reduced running speed.
  • Increased movement speed for light cavalry.
  • Fixed the penetration bug of the Villager Soldier Crossbow.
  • Increased spawn rates in the village.
  • Changed the price for converting emeralds to gold, now 2 gold = 1 emerald.
  • The Villager Engineer now sells weapon items stolen from the Piglin faction, including tank assembly parts.

Upgrades for the Illager faction:

  • Introducing the Illager Soldier SMG, armed with submachine guns and capable of searching for an empty tank to sit in.
  • The Villager Soldier Rifle uses a hand-held gun unit that offers high damage and a long range.
  • The Rifles to Attack Villagers combat unit uses special guns like the STG44, offering a long range, fairly high damage, and a fast fire rate.
  • The Ravager Tank is an armored unit of the Illager faction, classified as a light vehicle. It has fast speed, a fast fire rate, medium damage, and the ability to launch infantry far when approached. It can carry 1 Illager Soldier.

Additional upgrades for the Illager faction include:

  • The Illager Engineer, who trades in modern equipment stolen from the Piglin faction, with tank parts available at the last level (level 6). *Added Resistance combat unit (Illager Soldier) that appears when placing the object. *Reworked generals, summoning troops from afar and engaging in melee combat.
  • The skin of the Hoglin Illager has been changed.

Changes to coin and emerald conversion: 2 coins = 1 emerald.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10

Video links:,,,,,

The Insane Parkour

ID: 26054


This map consists of 5 challenging levels that you must conquer. Each level is meticulously designed with attention to detail, making the gameplay truly immersive and enjoyable.


I would like to express my gratitude to the individuals who have played an instrumental role in bringing this project to life. I am especially grateful to my friend Lucas Mega Striker, who contributed to the creation of the soundtrack and helped with the decoration of the map. This project is dedicated to all the supporters of my work.

I sincerely hope that you will have a fantastic experience exploring the map and engaging in gameplay. Have fun!


Watch the Trailer




The “Insane Parkour” map is not designed for beginners. It requires exceptional skills and unwavering perseverance to overcome the difficulty level, which is comparable to the infamous Kaizo challenges.

Are you ready to embrace the challenge and push your limits?


  • Compatible with Minecraft version 1.20
  • Command blocks have been updated
  • Texture Pack has been removed
  • Ender Dragon Fight has been removed
  • Decoration and level design enhancements



  • Fixed the issue with downloading via Google Drive
  • Updated file downloads

Supported Minecraft versions: 1.20.12, 1.20.0

Video links:

Survival Reworked

ID: 25568


This add-on is challenging, even on easy mode, so it is not recommended for new or mobile players.


Currently, this add-on does not support the pocket UI. If you’re a mobile player, you must turn on the classic UI in the video settings.

You need to enable every experimental feature.


Trailer of the add-on:


If you need help with the add-on, there is an in-game wiki and a discord where you can ask questions.


There are over 40 entities in this add-on. Here are a few examples:






Bone serpent




Miner illager




Knight blaze


Molten gabbro golem









Artifacts are special items that provide unique effects. Here are some examples (there are over 45 of them):



The molten ingot: automatically smelts ores in your inventory.



The magnet: attracts dropped items to you.


The sculk quiver: allows your arrows to go through blocks.


Heavy socks: create a shockwave when you fall on the ground.


The undying flower: reduces damage taken by 5% during daytime.


Heart in a bottle: increases health by 2 HP (1 heart).




New Progression

The progression in this add-on is different:


Vanilla progression:


Survival reworked progression:



In order to go to the Nether, you need to kill the Abomination, which can be summoned using a strange totem found in some illager structures.


To go to the End, you need to kill the Wither.


However, you will need strong and powerful equipment to defeat these bosses, which is why artifacts exist.



You are not authorized to:

– Claim this add-on as your own.

– Steal content from this add-on.

– Create download links for this add-on. If you want to review this add-on, please provide a link to this mcpedl page.


On the discord, you can find beta versions of the add-on with more content, but also more bugs. You can also submit suggestions there. The add-on is updated more frequently on discord.

Discord link:


This add-on aims to improve nearly every aspect of survival in Minecraft by adding new mechanics (like artifacts or craftable spawners) and changing the progression (for example, you need to defeat a specific boss before going to the Nether).

New content/tweaks:

  • The Sculkling is a new small mob in Minecraft. It has the ability to detect players by sniffing. If you get too close to it, it will become aggressive and deal 7 damage. It has a health of 15. Sculklings spawn in the deep dark when you walk on a Sculk Jaw, which is a new block.
  • There are three new artifacts in the game. The Sculk Portal allows you to summon two friendly Sculkings that will follow you. These Sculkings last for 5 minutes and have a cooldown of 1 minute. You can obtain the Sculk Portal by killing Sculkings. The Supersonic Arrow is an arrow shot with a crossbow that emits a shockwave upon impact. This can be useful for rocket jumping. It can be found in the flying islands. The Bloody Bramble is an artifact that immobilizes and inflicts wither on the nearest monster for 15 seconds. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and can be obtained by killing wither skeletons.
  • There are 14 new decorative blocks added to the game. These include Snow and Packed Ice Bricks, as well as sandy, snowy, and frozen variants of Andesite, Granite, Diorite, and Stone Bricks.
  • A new crop called Cattail has been introduced. Cactails have been renamed to Cattails. Cattails can be farmed like sugarcanes near water. They have 5 stages of growth and can be eaten for nutrition value of 2. Additionally, you can craft a string using 2 Cattails, which resembles making a rope.
  • The Light and Void Armblades now deal -2 damage. The basic Armblades now deal 10 damage. Flyings islands will now spawn more frequently in the game. There is a 4% chance for Allays to become a light one in Void mode, which is an increase from the previous 1% chance. Void fossils will now spawn 4% more frequently than before.
  • There has been an animation overhaul for some mobs in the game. The Brute Zombie has also been retextured. The Bloody Flower no longer requires a Heart in a Bottle, it now requires a Bloody Bramble. As a result, the Bloody Flower, Deadly Flower, and Red Sun no longer grant 1 heart. The Crystal of Youth has also been retextured.

Bug fixes:

  • The Supersonic Arrow will no longer destroy your world if shot at a player or mob. The Wiki book now works correctly.

Minecraft version: 1.20.12

Video link:

Sky limited

ID: 25546

Perfect for creating custom maps and massive builds that reach the height limit. This gives you plenty of space to let your imagination run wild, whether you want to construct space planets or expand your survival world to new heights. With a maximum height of 1024, the possibilities are endless.






Sky Limited is an addon that alters the default height limit of Minecraft. It increases the height limit from the old -64 to 320, to a new range of -512 to 512, providing a total world height of 1024.



Note: Using this addon will transform your world into a void map. Make sure to backup your world or create a new one before using this addon, as it could potentially destroy your existing world.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10

Kobayashi Shader V 1.0.0

ID: 25509



Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals of Minecraft Bedrock Edition with the Kobayashi Shader V 1.0.0. This shader enhances the coloring and lighting in the game, creating a truly realistic world. Compatible with Minecraft 1.20+ versions.

  1. Download the Kobayashi Texture pack.
  2.  Open the Resource/TexturePack [.MCPACK] file.
  3. Select the MCPACK file in your file browser or application.
  4. Apply the pack to your world.
  5. Now, enjoy and have fun!!!!!

I have translated the content from Indonesian to English as per the Administrator’s request to use an international language for the content.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10, 1.20.0

Bedrock Prison by MrCreeperIDK

ID: 25481

Important Information

The adventure begins in a trapped area made of bedrock. Your mission is to find a way to escape. Take note, the last level is a challenging maze. 

Welcome to my Bedrock Prison. I hope you enjoy this compact map that is designed to run smoothly even on older devices.   

Advertisement: Try our new, superdupermega soda! Today only, it’s priced at $728.99 with a free bonus worth $4.99!

Important Notice

This map features narrow spaces that require crawling. Please ensure you are using Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.20 or higher, as earlier versions do not support this feature. 

No changes have been made to the map. 

  1. Highlighted elements
  2. Advertisement text has been crossed out
  3. Nothing has been altered

Supported Minecraft versions: 1.20.12, 1.20.10, 1.20.1

NoTime’s PvP world

ID: 25472

This is a PVP world I created during my free time at school. It features more than 10 kits and a large map with various locations including Floating Islands, Warden Cave, Woodland Mansion, and a cave spider spawner. In Version 1.0, the mansion’s top floor has been designed to look abandoned. Be cautious of holes in the ground as you can also enter the mansion from the top. There are caves connected to a cave with a spider spawner where a ninja spawns. The Warden “cave” is easily recognizable due to its surrounding deep dark environment. Wardens periodically spawn in this area, so it’s best to stay clear of them. Moreover, if you manage to reach the chest inside the cave, you will receive something special that may come in handy. There are also random caves to hide in and spawn kits. The Woodland Mansion on the first floor has a secret cave entrance, so be careful not to fall into it. There is also a Nether crater and a cavern that goes deep down. Additionally, there are a variety of random islands and structures. The library, which was originally intended to be an enchanting area, is now abandoned. The Woodland Mansion, after years of disuse, is now worn down and covered in vines. The Cat Islands are a unique addition to the map, where cats teleport from island to island. Monk’s Farming Island is an island where the monk kit spawns and serves as a farm. There are also desert islands made of both sand and red sand. Each major ore has its own dedicated island. Finally, there are some mysterious elements in the Nether that you’ll need to discover on your own. In Update 1.2, I added more islands, caves, and lore. There are secret places to explore and an increased number of water tunnels. Two new kits were also introduced in this update. Update 1.3 is focused on lore and introduces floating islands. A new Floating End skyscraper has been added and two new kits spawn there. The update also includes a secret laboratory with various rooms and experiments. The map itself is quite large, and to prevent hunger, you will receive saturation periodically.

You are granted weakness and regeneration as a form of protection when you spawn in the game.

Please let me know what needs to be fixed for the next update of this map, if I decide to update it.

Here are some things I might consider adding:

– More kits for players to choose from.

– Making changes to the terrain to enhance the gameplay experience.

Instead of sharing photos, I have created a video to showcase the map. You can watch it here.

For the previous version (v1.1), you can watch the video here.

We don’t discuss the initial version of the map (v1.0) because it was never uploaded here.

Here’s the backstory behind why I created this map:

I originally planned to create a city PVP map using the Miselville City map, which was available for free. However, I accidentally teleported to the woodland mansion area and realized it was a perfect location for a PVP map. So, I transformed it into a PVP map. This map was partially inspired by Kitted PvP, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original world for that map. I also used the weapons mod created by TrueCowBoy, although I wasn’t able to get in touch with the creator. I made this map using the Education Edition of Minecraft so that I could work on it using school Chromebooks. Despite the limitations, I think it turned out pretty well.

Credits for the resources used:

– City Map: /miselville-city/

– Weapons mods:









This is a PVP world that I created a few years ago. It features a large map with a woodland mansion, caves, and 17 kits tailored to different PVP styles. It also includes multiple caves and a special place for the warden. This is my first upload to MCPEDL, so if there are any ways to improve it, please let me know.

Simply click the link and install the map.

Version 1:

There have been no updates yet, as I have just uploaded this map.

Version 2:

In this version, I have added a ravine, 2 kits, made improvements to existing kits, added a backstory, caves, water tunnels, and 2 secret areas.

Version 3:

In this version, I have added a secret lab, expanded the backstory, enhanced the Future Guard kit, and added two end-themed islands. Please be cautious of the door underneath the mansion.

Supported Minecraft versions: 1.20.12, 1.20.10, 1.20.1, 1.20.0

Video links:

Minecraft but you’re a fish

ID: 25284

This add-on is quite straightforward. You’ll need to spend your time in the water, survive, and carry out regular Minecraft activities, all while submerged.

There are three main sections that are guaranteed to make you feel like a FISH. These include:

  • Water
  • Water
  • And More Water



  • And Even More Water




Take a look at these completely authentic individuals. They seem to be having a blast! Or at least one of them does…


In a nutshell, you need to stay underwater. You might encounter some difficulties at first if you didn’t spawn near water, but you’ll find a way.

I’m not sure if it’s even possible to complete Minecraft using this add-on, but to those who attempt it, good luck.

Credit to NVS (user) for giving me the idea of using water breathing potions to breathe air.


Please provide feedback via the comments or something…

Do not share this add-on unless you provide a link to this page.

This is my first ever made and published add-on. I apologize for anything that might not work or cause issues.




Thank you.

(This is a Minecraft mod made by Null Labs)


This Minecraft add-on helps you answer the age-old question: something science has never answered. This question being: FISH?

F I S H ?

Please note that with this add-on, you will experience the 5 stages of grief and possibly invent new ones.

I don’t know what to put here. Just be aware that it uses player.json…

As of V2:

A better system for taking damage has been implemented, so now you actually breathe water instead of taking damage in the air.

Water breathing potions can be used to breathe air for a short period of time.


Next steps:

Fix overpowered turtle helmets

Minecraft versions: 1.20.12