Creator: LukKasKing1






How To Play?

The environment is dark and you need to use your camera to light your way. Utilize keys, cards, buttons, and levers to open doors and discover new secrets! You can also crouch to crawl between vents and jump on elevators to move between floors. The map includes a detailed tutorial for further guidance. 




You (The Detective James Albert from Municipal Military Secretariat ) are assigned to investigate the case of Sarah Dyello’s disappearance. All evidence suggests that she was taken to the old and abandoned ProyeLife hospital. It’s now your mission to uncover the truth about what happened! 

  1. Download the file
  2. Rename the file by removing “.zip”
  3. Open the file using Minecraft 😉

⚠️Gear Update!!!⚠️

In the latest Gear update, the map has been optimized for better player experience! Several issues related to addons, port mechanisms, and movement have been addressed. The items have undergone significant changes – cards have been replaced by keys, and passage through the pipeline is now instantaneous.

Minecraft versions: 1.19.50