NoTime’s PvP world

ID: 25472

This is a PVP world I created during my free time at school. It features more than 10 kits and a large map with various locations including Floating Islands, Warden Cave, Woodland Mansion, and a cave spider spawner. In Version 1.0, the mansion’s top floor has been designed to look abandoned. Be cautious of holes in the ground as you can also enter the mansion from the top. There are caves connected to a cave with a spider spawner where a ninja spawns. The Warden “cave” is easily recognizable due to its surrounding deep dark environment. Wardens periodically spawn in this area, so it’s best to stay clear of them. Moreover, if you manage to reach the chest inside the cave, you will receive something special that may come in handy. There are also random caves to hide in and spawn kits. The Woodland Mansion on the first floor has a secret cave entrance, so be careful not to fall into it. There is also a Nether crater and a cavern that goes deep down. Additionally, there are a variety of random islands and structures. The library, which was originally intended to be an enchanting area, is now abandoned. The Woodland Mansion, after years of disuse, is now worn down and covered in vines. The Cat Islands are a unique addition to the map, where cats teleport from island to island. Monk’s Farming Island is an island where the monk kit spawns and serves as a farm. There are also desert islands made of both sand and red sand. Each major ore has its own dedicated island. Finally, there are some mysterious elements in the Nether that you’ll need to discover on your own. In Update 1.2, I added more islands, caves, and lore. There are secret places to explore and an increased number of water tunnels. Two new kits were also introduced in this update. Update 1.3 is focused on lore and introduces floating islands. A new Floating End skyscraper has been added and two new kits spawn there. The update also includes a secret laboratory with various rooms and experiments. The map itself is quite large, and to prevent hunger, you will receive saturation periodically.

You are granted weakness and regeneration as a form of protection when you spawn in the game.

Please let me know what needs to be fixed for the next update of this map, if I decide to update it.

Here are some things I might consider adding:

– More kits for players to choose from.

– Making changes to the terrain to enhance the gameplay experience.

Instead of sharing photos, I have created a video to showcase the map. You can watch it here.

For the previous version (v1.1), you can watch the video here.

We don’t discuss the initial version of the map (v1.0) because it was never uploaded here.

Here’s the backstory behind why I created this map:

I originally planned to create a city PVP map using the Miselville City map, which was available for free. However, I accidentally teleported to the woodland mansion area and realized it was a perfect location for a PVP map. So, I transformed it into a PVP map. This map was partially inspired by Kitted PvP, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original world for that map. I also used the weapons mod created by TrueCowBoy, although I wasn’t able to get in touch with the creator. I made this map using the Education Edition of Minecraft so that I could work on it using school Chromebooks. Despite the limitations, I think it turned out pretty well.

Credits for the resources used:

– City Map: /miselville-city/

– Weapons mods:









This is a PVP world that I created a few years ago. It features a large map with a woodland mansion, caves, and 17 kits tailored to different PVP styles. It also includes multiple caves and a special place for the warden. This is my first upload to MCPEDL, so if there are any ways to improve it, please let me know.

Simply click the link and install the map.

Version 1:

There have been no updates yet, as I have just uploaded this map.

Version 2:

In this version, I have added a ravine, 2 kits, made improvements to existing kits, added a backstory, caves, water tunnels, and 2 secret areas.

Version 3:

In this version, I have added a secret lab, expanded the backstory, enhanced the Future Guard kit, and added two end-themed islands. Please be cautious of the door underneath the mansion.

Supported Minecraft versions: 1.20.12, 1.20.10, 1.20.1, 1.20.0

Video links: