Survival Reworked

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This add-on is challenging, even on easy mode, so it is not recommended for new or mobile players.


Currently, this add-on does not support the pocket UI. If you’re a mobile player, you must turn on the classic UI in the video settings.

You need to enable every experimental feature.


Trailer of the add-on:


If you need help with the add-on, there is an in-game wiki and a discord where you can ask questions.


There are over 40 entities in this add-on. Here are a few examples:






Bone serpent




Miner illager




Knight blaze


Molten gabbro golem









Artifacts are special items that provide unique effects. Here are some examples (there are over 45 of them):



The molten ingot: automatically smelts ores in your inventory.



The magnet: attracts dropped items to you.


The sculk quiver: allows your arrows to go through blocks.


Heavy socks: create a shockwave when you fall on the ground.


The undying flower: reduces damage taken by 5% during daytime.


Heart in a bottle: increases health by 2 HP (1 heart).




New Progression

The progression in this add-on is different:


Vanilla progression:


Survival reworked progression:



In order to go to the Nether, you need to kill the Abomination, which can be summoned using a strange totem found in some illager structures.


To go to the End, you need to kill the Wither.


However, you will need strong and powerful equipment to defeat these bosses, which is why artifacts exist.



You are not authorized to:

– Claim this add-on as your own.

– Steal content from this add-on.

– Create download links for this add-on. If you want to review this add-on, please provide a link to this mcpedl page.


On the discord, you can find beta versions of the add-on with more content, but also more bugs. You can also submit suggestions there. The add-on is updated more frequently on discord.

Discord link:


This add-on aims to improve nearly every aspect of survival in Minecraft by adding new mechanics (like artifacts or craftable spawners) and changing the progression (for example, you need to defeat a specific boss before going to the Nether).

New content/tweaks:

  • The Sculkling is a new small mob in Minecraft. It has the ability to detect players by sniffing. If you get too close to it, it will become aggressive and deal 7 damage. It has a health of 15. Sculklings spawn in the deep dark when you walk on a Sculk Jaw, which is a new block.
  • There are three new artifacts in the game. The Sculk Portal allows you to summon two friendly Sculkings that will follow you. These Sculkings last for 5 minutes and have a cooldown of 1 minute. You can obtain the Sculk Portal by killing Sculkings. The Supersonic Arrow is an arrow shot with a crossbow that emits a shockwave upon impact. This can be useful for rocket jumping. It can be found in the flying islands. The Bloody Bramble is an artifact that immobilizes and inflicts wither on the nearest monster for 15 seconds. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and can be obtained by killing wither skeletons.
  • There are 14 new decorative blocks added to the game. These include Snow and Packed Ice Bricks, as well as sandy, snowy, and frozen variants of Andesite, Granite, Diorite, and Stone Bricks.
  • A new crop called Cattail has been introduced. Cactails have been renamed to Cattails. Cattails can be farmed like sugarcanes near water. They have 5 stages of growth and can be eaten for nutrition value of 2. Additionally, you can craft a string using 2 Cattails, which resembles making a rope.
  • The Light and Void Armblades now deal -2 damage. The basic Armblades now deal 10 damage. Flyings islands will now spawn more frequently in the game. There is a 4% chance for Allays to become a light one in Void mode, which is an increase from the previous 1% chance. Void fossils will now spawn 4% more frequently than before.
  • There has been an animation overhaul for some mobs in the game. The Brute Zombie has also been retextured. The Bloody Flower no longer requires a Heart in a Bottle, it now requires a Bloody Bramble. As a result, the Bloody Flower, Deadly Flower, and Red Sun no longer grant 1 heart. The Crystal of Youth has also been retextured.

Bug fixes:

  • The Supersonic Arrow will no longer destroy your world if shot at a player or mob. The Wiki book now works correctly.

Minecraft version: 1.20.12

Video link: