Siren Head Addon V3 (Fear The Creatures Update)

ID: 22377

Siren Head is a fictional character from an artist named Trevor Henderson, now they’re in Minecraft

This boss mob is really tall, the height of it’s about 17 blocks


Health: 8000Damage: 20Will attack players and villagersCan knock player awaySiren head will pick the player and other mob if it think it canSiren head can also throw it enemySiren head will use soundwaveCan spawn naturally in taiga biome at night, but the chance for it to spawn is very rareWill change it skin when the night fallIt’s very hard to see when it’s in the darkThe only way to defeat siren head is ranged weaponThe Boss version will have more skill than the normal oneHealth of the boss is the date siren head was discovered

Siren head using soundwave on the player and also blend in the dark

Siren head picks up the villager and the player

When you’re inside the fog

Siren head inside the fog

The item: They’re plot armor

Sid: Villages, Pyramids and Gorge

ID: 22370

This side provides coordinates for the following structures in Minecraft PE : village, outpost, jungle temple and ravine . And some of them are several here. Here the player will see an interesting generation error: the pyramid spawned inside one of the houses of the zombie village. This should not be missed.

We also warn about the plain when approaching the village: the most courageous travelers fell through there. Do not share their fate.

Looking back immediately: we find the first village and the gorge .

plain seed

Village with gorge
635, 64, 172

desert village
deep gorge

Desert Temple
682, 66, 269

desert temple

238, 73, 127

bandit outpost

Second village and second temple
12, 68, 131

pyramid and village
pyramid in the desert

Sid: 2048971879

Sid: Generation Error, Villages and Ravine

ID: 22366

Often, when generating worlds in Minecraft, mistakes occur : either the village is built in half, or the underwater structures lie right on land. A funny situation arose in this side as well : the earth literally hangs from the mountain here . In addition to this bug, players will visit a rare ice thorn biome, a village and a ravine near the spawn . And for nature lovers, different types of forests are available. Not a bad world to explore and even start survival in a blocky universe.

villages on the shore
villages from above
hole in the ground
spacious plain

Look at this: Floating Islands Mode ?

generation error

LED: -192359240

Sid: Thorns Mesa and 2 Villages

ID: 22358

If you are missing seeds , then we are finally publishing new worlds for Minecraft . In this world, the player will be near a rare biome – a thorny mes . In addition, there are two villages available – one with ordinary villagers, and the other with zombie villagers. Next to these structures and biomes will be located: desert, savannah and dark oak forest . The spawn itself is right at the edge of the biome of the mesa .

mesa next to the plain 1
mesa next to the plain 2

LED: -1957956830

Mushroom village

ID: 22354

Mushroom village

Mushroom village

A small village with a forge, located in the vast expanses of mushroom lands.

How to find?

After entering the world, turn slightly left and walk along between the desert and the normal biome.


Mountain village and forge-pool sid

ID: 22326

Mountain village and forge-pool

Mountain village and forge-pool

A unique seed with a stunning mountain village and an unusual generation feature – a waterfall formed above the forge, which created a small pool on the roof.

How to find?

The village is right next to the spawn site

LED  -1320359977

Buried Temple in the Jungle spawn sid

ID: 22321

A new natural structure that you can only find in the jungle! In this temple you will find valuable treasures for your adventures.

How to find?

As soon as you appear in the world, look around, there will be a Temple nearby.

Hacking the “secret room” is not that difficult, just push the lever and find the correct order, i.e. code.

LED  1805382373

Double Underwater Fortress sid

ID: 22310

A unique seed that generates two underwater fortresses at once, connected into one.

How to find?

Stand as shown in the screenshot and move along the water, you will soon find a fortress.

 LED : -1528394888