Map: Battle for the Beds

ID: 21300

Previously, the bed wars mode was extremely popular in the Minecraft community . The developers decided to reintroduce the Medieval BedWars map mode . Players from all platforms will be able to fight each other in multiplayer. The assembly is designed in a medieval style , which will be appreciated by lovers of the classic style. If you still do not know what a battle for beds is, then let’s get it all in order.

How to play?

  • Four teams and four cribs – you need to destroy all other beds and keep your
  • The last person to leave his bed intact is the winner
  • Please note that four users are required to start the game


  • Custom Shop with NPCs inside
  • Working generation
  • Random selection of teams
  • Multiplayer supports 4 to 30 players
  • Working map update system – play without reinstalling
  • Working statistics on live players and unbroken beds
  • Quality constructions

Assembly screenshots

island on land
two houses
many designs
yard of the house
floating islands
islands in the sky

Cool Modern House

ID: 21293

This house is big and nice! There is a secret kind of tunnel somewhere connected to the house see if you can find it!  The shaders in these photos come with the map, but I did not make these addons and shaders, so credit to the people who made these amazing addons and shaders!

Modern House [Creation]

ID: 21288

It is a map of a modern house built on a small hill in an infinite world so you can use it in survival game mode.

The house has a room decorated very well as well as a small kitchen and its dining room, the room is suspended in the air and to access it you must use the stairs that are located inside the house.

Seaside Modern House

ID: 21283

On this map, there is a seaside modern house and a yacht on the shore. The house is perched on top of a beach with platforms that are hanging over the water.

The house contains the following:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • living room
  • dining area
  • theater
  • bar
  • studio
  • pool

After loading the world, the player will spawn on a yacht. There is a dock with a path which is connected to the house.

Here are a few pictures of the house.

Dining Area/Kitchen:



Top view:

Night view:


Modern House v2

ID: 21278

Hello how are you, today I bring you my second creation, MODERN HOUSE V2. I uploaded one recently, you can download it too !.

This house is simple and minimalist, last 1 day in just building it, the house has a room with 2 beds, kitchen, dining room and living room. It is two floors and outside it has a pool with several umbrellas to protect you from the sun, you will not be alone because the mods also enjoy a stay in the pool.

The pool has approx. 3 blocks deep and a ladder to get out. Near the house is a river with fascinating aquatic animals such as turtles, octopuses and dolphins.

It has a small dock with 8 boats so you can ride on the river and explore new places.

New creations coming soon.

Large Modern House

ID: 21272

Hello and welcome to the hillside mansion!

This modern structure is made with multiple shades of grey and blue, and includes amenities such as a large front-yard car park situated at the front of the house and amazing views from the inside of the top floor.

The house is two storeys high and the modern themed house is built into the hill. This house includes large open rooms with additional views to them.

The colours i used in this project are all listed below:
Cyan, Aqua, Grey, White and Brown.

Smart Modern House

ID: 21264

This map has a Modern House for people to live in on survival or creative mode. This house is full of Redstone creation and we made it mob proof so it makes a good house for players in survival

This map has a Modern House located near the ocean with the great view we added a lot of terraces and windows, also this house is full of Redstone creation like working shower, on and off lights, working garage, working gates and doors, and a lot more to discover. This map is created by Neena Nyugen 1 year ago and I recreated and add something and also fixed the bug that might affect the map.

The Modern House

ID: 21258

This modern design house has a room with an acceptable size, as well as a dining room and large kitchen, a fun room. A large pool and two small ones.

It also has some incredible little textures that make it look realistic and modern.

Modern Underground House

ID: 21253

Modern Underground House

As this is my third house I made it something special.

A switch that lit up all the lights in the house!

Automatic outside lights💡

I forgot to change the mode to survival so you’ve to do it..

I hope you’ll love this map!

A map made with love❤️

Map created by : Leo

And thanks for downloading the map!🙏🏻

 Bird Eye View : 

Sit back and Relax 

Everything you need to survive in this world.

Modern Kitchen

You see that lever? Use that to turn on all the lights in the home.

Modern Bathroom

Modern House

ID: 21248

This house has a simple, modern and minimalist design, ideal to play and even record great minecraft adventures in it, last 1 and a half days to make and decorate it, it has a simple decoration and has what it takes to play well.

Outside the house there are some small crops to survive. there are 4. potatoes, beets, carrots and wheat.

right next to the crops it has a small pool of approximately 3 blocks deep and stairs to get out. THE BEST! It has a spacious patio where you can add more crops, a pool or horses and thus protect them from dangerous zombies and other monsters.

On the second floor there is a balcony where you can see the wonderful view of the sea and the little boy laughed in front of the house.

Here you can see the parts of the house