Previously, the bed wars mode was extremely popular in the Minecraft community . The developers decided to reintroduce the Medieval BedWars map mode . Players from all platforms will be able to fight each other in multiplayer. The assembly is designed in a medieval style , which will be appreciated by lovers of the classic style. If you still do not know what a battle for beds is, then let’s get it all in order.

How to play?

  • Four teams and four cribs – you need to destroy all other beds and keep your
  • The last person to leave his bed intact is the winner
  • Please note that four users are required to start the game


  • Custom Shop with NPCs inside
  • Working generation
  • Random selection of teams
  • Multiplayer supports 4 to 30 players
  • Working map update system – play without reinstalling
  • Working statistics on live players and unbroken beds
  • Quality constructions

Assembly screenshots

island on land
two houses
many designs
yard of the house
floating islands
islands in the sky


1. Medieval bedwars by pixelpoly digital