DS Advance PE Texture Pack

ID: 411

This texture pack is focused on improving all of the ugly textures in the default pack and make them more good looking. Doors, blocks, flowers – basically anything which previously had noisy textures have been either improved or completely redesigned to blend better with the other blocks. It’s a really good pack for anyone who enjoy the default Minecraft look but wouldn’t mind some improvements.

All Features

  • New paintings
  • Improved textures
    • Beacon
    • Enchanting table
    • TNT
    • Crafting table
    • Comparator
    • Daylight sensor
    • Jack o’ Lantern
    • Jungle door
    • Oak door
    • Birch door
    • Iron door
  • New textures
    • Furnace
    • Note block
  • Fixed the quartz bottom texture to look like its sides
  • Gold block looks similar to an iron block
  • Diamond block looks like an emerald block
  • Lapis lazuli block looks like a redstone block
  • Netherrack, quartz ore and glowstone look less noisy
  • Comparator, daylight sensor and jack o’ lantern
  • Jungle, oak, birch and iron doors have
  • Rose bush, peony and large fern looks more good looking
  • Granite and diorite stones are cleaner
  • Sticky piston is improved

FNAM Universe Addon

ID: 406

This is a collection of some of my fan games like Five Nights At Maxie’s and The Abandoned:Warehouse, and Five Nights In Factory, this addon will add in your worlds the antagonist animatronics from the fan games! 

Becareful the animatronics can chase you anytime!

Each character are from these games: FNAM 1,2,3,4,Overnight and The Abandoned:Warehouse

Five Nights In Factory 

They also have their own spawn eggs they don’t replace any mob and they can’t be found anywhere, you can also summon them with functions, also this addon will get updates you can also download the games here:

The spawn eggs will have some kind of these short words their meanings are this

FNAM:Five Nights At Maxie’s

TAW:The Abandoned:Warehouse

FNIF:Five Nights In Factory

Mountable Spiders Mod

ID: 400

If you are tired of plowing the cubic world into your two, then you need to get a mount. But the horse is a boring choice, because he has been in the game for a long time. Therefore, we offer another option that will provide Mountable Spiders mod.

Thanks to this addition, riding spiders will appear in Minecraft. But besides the standard ones that are already in Minecraft PE, there will be others! We will tell in more detail below.

Addon Features:
The game will spawn:
– Ender Spiders: often spawn in End World. Sometimes spawn in the standard. They move quickly and teleport.
-Ice Spiders: spawn in cold biomes. After them, an ice trail remains.
-Swamp Spiders: inhabit swampy biomes.
How to start driving:
To begin with, we will tame the pet. For this, Cooked Spider Eye is used. Then put the saddle in the spider, like a horse.


Minuscule Texture Pack

ID: 394

We are glad to present you a package of Minuscule textures with a very small resolution (8 × 8), which does not sacrifice the details of the Minecraft world for the sake of simplicity. Minecraft World’s Bedrock Blocks will look both simple and detailed at the same time! This package will surely surprise you! The creator really tried to make this addition look simplistic, but at the same time detailed and pleasing to the eye! We offer you to evaluate everything in Minecraft Bedrock!
 Minuscule Texture Pack Screenshots:

3D Batman Armor Addon

ID: 388

Because of the many superhero films, players want to possess their strength or equipment. Therefore, the developer of the 3D Batman Armor mod made it possible to stay in the place of the Dark Knight.

After installing this add-on in Minecraft PE, players will have the opportunity to put on Batman’s armor. To create it, the author used layering. Due to this effect, the armor has bulges and volume. In addition, the armor does not replace the rest of the equipment.

For the addon to work properly, enable the Experimental gameplay mode.

The Entity 505 [Addon]

ID: 383

A new entity will appear on your world at rare times somewere anywere from unknown origins what do you think about that new error could be? Enemy or friendly? You will find out

How you can see that new error? It’s hard to find him or see him at rare time will spawn on taiga biomes or any forest no matter what difficulty you set he will still watching you..so keep an eye when you exploring the taiga biome or any forest and if you are lucky you will see him walking around…

If you want to get him you can type

Teleports Addon

ID: 378

This addon adds 16 new entities in the game. This addon will give the game ease. I also added some blocks that are necessary to obtain the entities.

I hope you like this addon

Thanks in advance to youtuber Gregory and Games for giving me the complete idea of ​​the complement.

All new entities are equal and serve the same.

There are 16 teleports “that can be craft”

  • First it is crafted with an ender pearl surrounded by wool of one color (that’s why they are 16 one of each color). This will give you a block that by itself does nothing special.
  • Second you have to break the block (in survival obviously), and this will give you a new “block”.
  • Third place the NEW block on the ground, this is the entity .

All entities should be placed 2 in 2, when the entity receives ANY KIND of DAMAGE, it is activated and teleports you to the other of the same color

Important detail the entity works with a radius of 50 blocks, if you want to place two more of the same color you must leave that range


Some crafting recipes and all are the same the difference is the color of wool

Here you can see that the recipes appear on the crafting table

You can also change the color to the BLOCK, NO TO THE ENTITY in the stone cutter

Battle Axes Addon

ID: 372

The dream of any player in Minecraft Pocket Edition is to get a strong and useful weapon. Unfortunately, this is rare. Mojang has not recently added anything new. But a fan developer who introduced the Battle Axes addon came to our aid.

Thanks to this addon, a cool weapon will appear in the game – a battle axe. In addition, they come in 11 species and each deals a different damage. The most powerful is the obsidian ax. For their crafting, the developer came up with four units of new ore. They spawn in the deep, like other vanilla minerals.
Crafting Recipes:

Day of Dragons Addon

ID: 368

The Day of Dragons mod will allow you to turn into one of the three varieties of dragons in MCPE. Namely, it will be the Aether and Black Dragon, as well as the Night Fury from the famous cartoon. Switching between dragon skins in MCPE is very simple. To do this, just go to Minecraft BE settings and switch the textures there.

The Day of Dragons addon is well designed in Minecraft for Android. It works on version 1.14. At the same time, you definitely need to activate experimental gameplay in Minecraft Bedrock. Have a nice flight.


MegaCreeper Addon

ID: 353

In fact, Minecraft is not a difficult game. Especially for those who spent a lot of time in the game. Knowledge of the mechanics of each mob makes it possible not to strain and survive as you want. But it’s boring. Therefore, we propose installing the MegaCreeper addon, which will change this.

After installing this add-on, amplified and enlarged creepers will appear in the game. They will explode three times stronger. In addition, they will become much higher. If you look at the screenshots below, the size will surprise you. We advise you to stock up onions and armor, because in close combat they definitely can not be defeated!