DS Advance PE Texture Pack

ID: 411

This texture pack is focused on improving all of the ugly textures in the default pack and make them more good looking. Doors, blocks, flowers – basically anything which previously had noisy textures have been either improved or completely redesigned to blend better with the other blocks. It’s a really good pack for anyone who enjoy the default Minecraft look but wouldn’t mind some improvements.

All Features

  • New paintings
  • Improved textures
    • Beacon
    • Enchanting table
    • TNT
    • Crafting table
    • Comparator
    • Daylight sensor
    • Jack o’ Lantern
    • Jungle door
    • Oak door
    • Birch door
    • Iron door
  • New textures
    • Furnace
    • Note block
  • Fixed the quartz bottom texture to look like its sides
  • Gold block looks similar to an iron block
  • Diamond block looks like an emerald block
  • Lapis lazuli block looks like a redstone block
  • Netherrack, quartz ore and glowstone look less noisy
  • Comparator, daylight sensor and jack o’ lantern
  • Jungle, oak, birch and iron doors have
  • Rose bush, peony and large fern looks more good looking
  • Granite and diorite stones are cleaner
  • Sticky piston is improved


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