H SHIELDS : MOBS 4.0.0 Resource Pack

ID: 478

TEAM H is back with another texture pack, which brings your favorite mob to your in-game shields! – Already 19  mobs included in the pack (with your choice). Enjoy it!

Do you remember the “H SHIELDS : BLOCKS” ? TEAM H is here again with another Pack which contains lots of Mob textures for your in-game Shields ! 

        How it looks in game /

                   -AVAILABLE MOBS-

•Creeper   •w Border

•Zombie   •w Border

•Skeleton  •w Border

•Pig           •w Border

•Turtle     •w  Border

•Villager  •w Border

•Chicken  •w Border

•Sheep    •w Border

•Llama     •w Border


•Shulker ( still work in progress, please dont hate ! )

•Wolf ( Still work in Progress , please dont hate ! )

•Wandering Trader  •w Border

•Drowned    • w Border

•illager         • w Border

•Fox               • w Border

•Snow Fox   • w Border

•Phantom    • w Border

•Iron Golem • w Border

how shields look like with borders and without /


1.first tap on the Pack , and then tap on the wrench button

2.Now you can easily switch between textures !

we will keep updating the Pack , new mobs will come soon , but you can comment your favorite mob to be added sooner ! Also , pls let us know if you have found any bugs , just by commenting it here.