Quartz Parkour Map

The Quartz Parkour map consists of over 50 levels in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Not every map boasts so many stages! All levels in Minecraft for Android are carefully designed. And the textures are chosen so that the Quartz Parkour map looks very friendly in MCBE.

Alas, this map is for Minecraft BE only for a single player. Perhaps the author will reconsider his idea, and you will be able to play in this parkour mini-game with your faithful colleagues from the world of cubes.

Aether Dragon Addon

The Aether Dragon addon works in Minecraft Bedrock Edition only on version 1.13. And we said that the Aether Dragon mod gives you the opportunity to tame this dangerous giant in the MCBE? Now you know about it. By the way, it will be very difficult to do this in MCPE.

To get started, you need to find this dragon in Minecraft BE. Fortunately, its model and textures cannot be confused with anyone in the game. And now for the fun part. To get such a pet, you first need to defeat him. And in Minecraft for Android an impossible task.

Place this in a repeating command block:

function aether


Extreme SkyBlock

Welcome to this new and engaging SkyBlock adventure! But that’s not just a normal SkyBlock, this is THE SkyBlock you’ve always wanted to play!

Discover new ways of surviving with a marketplace where you can buy useful items, daily and monthly challenges that give you special rewards and, most importantly, a whole monument to complete!

Discover new Islands, look for hidden treasures, defeat the wither and much more in Extreme SkyBlock.

This is a SkyBlock map with many more added features, like a monument to complete, daily and monthly challenges, and a marketplace.

This is the main lobby, with some sections that are unlockable just by playing the map.

Those are some view of the islands

And this is the monument

~Creator personal note:

This is one of my very first map projects I’ve ever worked on. I’ve completely rebuilt the entire map in a void world (before it was just a superflat with limited void). This has a special place in my heart as I loved working on it once again. I’ve decided that I’ll continue working on this project updating it with new features (also requested by the community) and bug fixes.

Office Creepers (Skin Pack) [WHITE SERIES]

CCSN is happy to present to you: Office Creepers Skin Pack (WHITE SERIES)  

The second chapter to a 3 pack series that began in September, and will continue over the next couple of months.

The office creepers are back.. and it seems they may have gone shopping while they were away. The professional cast of creepers featured in Office Creepers [BLACK SERIES] are back and ready for work! Same drill as last time. You got 15 different colored creepers to choose from; all wearing neat desert white suits by the way!

Skin Showcase: 15 Items

Camouflage Minis (Previously Minuscule Skins)

An 8×8 skin pack that I made just for fun! It features skins that were designed to blend in with your surroundings whether its for PvP or plain survival these skins are for you!

It’s been quite some time since I made a skin so i wanted to make sure i did it right, instead of just making the designs based off of mobs i went with designs based on blocks instead

Raid Zombies

Raid zombies is a 1-3 player zombie survival game. It is quite difficult but fun nevertheless. You can get “perks” and items by buying them with xp! the goal is to escape whatever map your playing on in Raid Zombies.


FNAM:Overnight is a free roam type, you have to stay from 12am to 6am and keep an eye on everything because even the animatronics will chase you at nights!

Also this is a prequel game of Five Nights At Maxie’s

How to play?

(If you read this then good)

You have to survive until 6am which takes around 6 minutes you even must wind up the music box for a single animatronic because if you won’t, well bad things will happen!

Dexy Vanilla HD

Dexy Vanilla HD is a pack that at the beginning can dare to have the impression of being non-existent. In truth, if you approach the blocks you will discover that they are infinitely more detailed and together they give a sharper and rounder feeling!

As I have seen in other packs I will put the link to the site where I found the author to give me the Textures. If you want you can contact him from there.

Now I will try to give you a detailed description of the pack! 

Here you can see how blocks are very HD! 

As you can see the various types of wood, swords, smoker, bookshelf, lanterns, carpets, leaves, composters, glass, pot, flowers … they are all more detailed! 

Even the cobblestone, the trapdoors, the carrots, the farmland, the normal stone and the stone bricks seem unchanged, but they are of a higher resolution!

Wheat, leaves, vines, grass and other vegetables look like real vegetation!

All entities have a better look now! 

The water is much more fluid, and with it also underwater plants and animals!

The wooden logs now have more realistic veins! Note the fantastic new axe!

The andesite mixes much better with the cobblestone, the chests and noteblocks are rounder! The pickaxe is more fluid!

This cluster of chests, noteblocks, barrels and crafting tables now make more sense together! 

And don’t forget the items! I couldn’t show them all (as I couldn’t with blocks), but they’re all very HD right now!

Defend The Villager [Minigame]

Defend the villager! It is a fun minigame where precision is something very important.

 The game consists of defending the villager from zombies. At the beginning of the game you will be given a bow and arrows so that you can take down the zombies before they approach and attack.

 The game has 10 levels with duration of 1 minute each, which change in difficulty as you complete each round.

 Can you defend the villager from all zombies?


Paper Cut-Out Texture Pack [16×16]

You might know how paper cut-out models look like? Imagine that but in Minecraft. The idea is rather unique and the result of that as a texture pack is just amazing. The design makes for a quite simple and clean texture pack. As a whole, it’s a very well designed texture pack!