Raboy’s Zombie Apocalypse

ID: 30203

Dive into the most realistic and vanilla-friendly Zombie Apocalypse Add-on for Minecraft Bedrock! This immersive addition introduces a plethora of new mechanics to the vanilla game, transforming the landscape and ambiance into a post-apocalyptic environment. Brace yourself for an experience where hordes of zombies freely roam the land, enhancing the challenge and realism of the game. Get ready to truly immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of a Minecraft world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse.

Embark on the ultimate zombie survival experience designed for Minecraft Bedrock and MCPE players! Plunge into a world dominated by the undead, where your survival skills will be pushed to the limit. Immerse yourself in this intense and thrilling zombie apocalypse, navigating through challenges and testing your ability to survive in the face of relentless hordes of zombies. It’s time to prove your mettle in this gripping and immersive adventure.

WARNING! Be sure to enable the following experiment togglesor this add-on won’t work.


1. Raboys-zombie-apocalypse-v1

2. Raboys-zombie-apocalypse-v1

3. Raboys-zombie-apocalypse-structures-v1