If you are tired of plowing the cubic world into your two, then you need to get a mount. But the horse is a boring choice, because he has been in the game for a long time. Therefore, we offer another option that will provide Mountable Spiders mod.

Thanks to this addition, riding spiders will appear in Minecraft. But besides the standard ones that are already in Minecraft PE, there will be others! We will tell in more detail below.

Addon Features:
The game will spawn:
– Ender Spiders: often spawn in End World. Sometimes spawn in the standard. They move quickly and teleport.
-Ice Spiders: spawn in cold biomes. After them, an ice trail remains.
-Swamp Spiders: inhabit swampy biomes.
How to start driving:
To begin with, we will tame the pet. For this, Cooked Spider Eye is used. Then put the saddle in the spider, like a horse.



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