Teleports Addon

ID: 378

This addon adds 16 new entities in the game. This addon will give the game ease. I also added some blocks that are necessary to obtain the entities.

I hope you like this addon

Thanks in advance to youtuber Gregory and Games for giving me the complete idea of ​​the complement.

All new entities are equal and serve the same.

There are 16 teleports “that can be craft”

  • First it is crafted with an ender pearl surrounded by wool of one color (that’s why they are 16 one of each color). This will give you a block that by itself does nothing special.
  • Second you have to break the block (in survival obviously), and this will give you a new “block”.
  • Third place the NEW block on the ground, this is the entity .

All entities should be placed 2 in 2, when the entity receives ANY KIND of DAMAGE, it is activated and teleports you to the other of the same color

Important detail the entity works with a radius of 50 blocks, if you want to place two more of the same color you must leave that range


Some crafting recipes and all are the same the difference is the color of wool

Here you can see that the recipes appear on the crafting table

You can also change the color to the BLOCK, NO TO THE ENTITY in the stone cutter


1. Teleport