Map: Scale skyblock

ID: 23017

The most classic, but the most interesting skyblock for Minecraft users. The Skyblock 1.18 map includes a lot of interesting things: a variety of biomes, structures and much more . You can live an absolutely normal life on the floating islands and visit almost all known locations in the blocky world.

Naturally, the ultimate goal will be to kill the dragon after researching all possible things.


Island-shaped plains

flower forest

Flower forest in the form of an island


Desert in the form of an island

snowy taiga

Snowy taiga in the form of an island


Jungle Island


Swamps in the form of an island

Dark forest

Dark forest in the void


Savannah in the void

mushroom island

Mushroom island in the void

lower world

Underworld in the void

Basalt deltas

Basalt deltas in the void

Soul Sand Valley

Valley of the sand of souls in the void

warped forest

Distorted forest in the sky

crimson forest

Crimson forest in the sky


Edge in the sky


Mesa in the sky

ice plains

Ice flats in the sky

bamboo jungle

Bamboo jungle in the sky

stone formation

Stone formation in skyblock

karst cave

Karst cave in skyblock

lush cave

Lush cave in skyblock

Preview mansion

  • Coordinates: 304; -62
forest mansion

underwater monument

  • Coordinates: -408; 420
underwater monument

underwater ruins

  • Coordinates: -291; 114
underwater ruins


  • Coordinates: -1; 285

Rogue Outpost

  • Coordinates: 196; 183
Rogue Outpost


  • Coordinates: -300; -448
Hut in the swamp

desert temple

  • Coordinates: -292; 0
desert temple

jungle temple

  • Coordinates: 300; -7
jungle temple


  • Coordinates: -1; -297

Amethyst Geodes

  • Coordinates: -205; 134
Amethyst Geodes


  • Coordinates: 257; 392

Nether Fortress

  • Coordinates: -129; 304
Nether Fortress

Remains of the bastion

  • Coordinates: -134; -398
Remains of the bastion

End City

  • Coordinates: -112; -110
End City

End ship

  • Coordinates: -126; 29
End ship

Map mod

  • Zombies drop gravel
  • Husks drop sand
  • Drowned drop clay
  • You can buy new things from piglins
Three types of zombies


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