There are four new Deepslate Pots that can be found in Ancient Cities:


1. Small Deepslate Pot

2. Deepslate Pot

3. Big Deepslate Pot

4. Large Deepslate Pot

Deepslate Pots have various drops, including diamond armor, books, mushroom stew, golden apples, enchanted golden apples, raw ores, and a new gem that can be used to craft a unique item!

Here’s what happens when you break the pots:


If you’re lucky, you may find a new gem called Amrin inside these pots! By combining Amrin with a Pouch in a crafting table (crafted with 5 Leather and a String), you can create a Luminance Pouch. The Luminance Pouch will cause you to levitate for a short time.

Perfect for a quick getaway!



Luminance Pouch


Some Pictures

 However, be cautious when breaking the pots as it may trigger the sculk sensors!

That’s all! Please let me know if you encounter any bugs on my discord, Chympei#5332

To celebrate the new 1.20 archeology features, I have created an Add-On that introduces four new Deepslate Pots that can be found while exploring the Ancient Cities in the deep dark. This Add-On will be used for an even bigger Add-On that I am currently working on 🙂

• New Pots

• New Gem

• New Items

• New Particles

Minecraft versions: 1.20.12