The Citybuild mode was originally introduced in 2015 and has undergone one world reset since then. However, you can still explore the previous versions of the worlds and admire the various builds. The server will update to the latest PocketMine-MP versions once the mode is running smoothly on those updates.
In Citybuild, you have the ability to claim your own plot. You can use the command /p auto to automatically claim the nearest plot or /p claim to manually claim the plot you’re currently standing on. You can also add friends to your plot by using /p addhelper <Name> and share the enjoyment of building together. An exciting new feature is the /p merge command which allows you to merge two of your plots together, creating a larger building area. In total, you can merge up to 16 plots!

Additionally, there is a separate world dedicated to farming items in a vanilla-style environment. This world is regularly reset. In Citybuild, there is a currency system where you earn currency by selling items. This currency can be used to purchase items from the server store or to trade with other players. While claiming your first plots is free, there is a cost associated with resetting or deleting a plot. It’s important to note that this currency cannot be obtained with real money.

The new Citybuild world features even larger plots and more stylish roads while still providing convenient transportation options. You can easily teleport to any plot using the /p warp <X>;<Y> command. The plot coordinates will be displayed each time you enter a plot. The spawn point is located at coordinates 0;0.



Welcome to one of our improved Skyblock islands! To quickly get your own island, simply interact with Batty the NPC in the Lobby. In Skyblock, your inventory is completely separate from other worlds. You’ll have everything you need to generate an endless supply of cobblestone, and ores will randomly appear in the cobblestone generator. You can also invite up to 3 friends to join you on the same island. While the initial skyblock world may appear empty, if you explore diligently, you may stumble upon other islands waiting to be discovered.




Do you have a dispute with someone and feel the need to settle it through a duel? Utilize the /1vs1 command to challenge any online player to a private fight. Do not worry about losing any items during these duels, as they are strictly for fun, even when battling against your friends.


The server organizes seasonal events that provide the exclusive opportunity to obtain special custom food items such as Christmas Chocolate or Halloween Candy. Each year, a new item is released, and past event items are not reintroduced. If you desire these unique items, you will have to acquire them from other players. It’s worth mentioning that custom items are not available in the Skyblock mode, they are exclusively added to your Citybuild inventory.

This server offers a German Citybuild and Skyblock experience, with English translations currently in progress. You cannot make any purchases for items or cosmetics on this server as it is completely free to use. The server requires the latest release version of Minecraft (1.19.80) in order to join. For more information, join the Discord server. 

Minecraft versions: 1.19.80