Animated Skins

ID: 26627

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition has recently experienced significant growth in the realm of cosmetics, particularly involving animated cosmetics and resource packs. This pack serves as an excellent addition to enhance your in-game experience, particularly with its animated player avatar features.

Here are some of the included skins:

  1. RickRoll: This animated skin showcases a looped depiction of the initial moments of the iconic Rick Astley meme. The image is prominently displayed in the front, surrounded by a black background.
  2. RGBDream: This skin may seem familiar to many, as it presents an animated rainbow gradient version of Dream’s character skin, with minor modifications.
  3. Galaxy: Within this pack, you’ll find an animated HD skin featuring a catgirl with a vibrant galaxy-patterned shirt, cute cat ears, and an endearing face. The skin changes colors periodically, adding to its visual appeal.
  4. Sans: Much like the first one, this skin is also quite popular. It transforms a well-known meme into another HD skin, with animation specifically focused on facial details such as glowing eyes.


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