A backpack addon without entities and without 3D perspective on the back, it is a backpack that works with item, when interacting with the item you open the inventory. And soon I will make an addon concept of bundles of 1.17.

And in total there are 16 variants of backpacks.

In the next update, I will rotate the backpack table.

This backpack addon features many color variants and a new crafting table to be able to craft them.

These are all the variants that we create.

And this is the table for crafting backpacks.


This is the table to craft the backpacks

And when entering the crafting table of backpacks, if we enter the nature section and deactivate the option above a crafting table, we will be able to witness all the crafting to be able to have them.

You need to craft the brown backpack first so that everything works and be able to paint it.


When crafting your backpack and choosing the color you have to take into account something, once tinted, you cannot change color again, and apart from it it was made to work for multiplayer, in a multiplayer game, everyone has to have a different backpack color, so as not to bug, for example, I have a yellow one, and there are 15 players on the server, none of those 15 players have to have that backpack, if there are no bugs, so choose your color well and be faster That the others.

When crafting your backpack, you will see that it has as name: Kit BackPack (color)

Having the BackPack kit you will only have to put it on the ground with a right click and the kit will appear 2 new objects, it would be 2 more backpacks but with different names.

You take the 2 backpacks from the ground and one will have the name (Spawn This) and the other without anything, you will first take the one that says (Spawn This) and you will put it back on the ground, and this makes that when you put the (Spawn This) on the ground, the backpack function is activated. Once put you can open your backpack with the item.


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